Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Combo Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


You will appreciate the 5 inch widescreen that can be easily seen at a distance.

With the built in GPS and preloaded Gold charts you can find your way to popular hot spots even in unfamiliar locations.

The powerful sonar easily detects nearby targets in deep and shallow water, along with structures on the bottom.

The controls are clearly marked for easy navigation through the menu, along with choosing how many pages are displayed.



The Elite-5 has received very few negative reviews but a consumer did mention that some of the mounting hardware was missing on arrival. While this is annoying, Lowrance does have a customer service department that is happy to quickly replace any part that is missing or broken. 

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5-inch widescreen display

One of the first aspects consumers look at is the display, and the Elite-5 doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a 5-inch widescreen that is capable of displaying sonar images, GPS maps and marine charts in crystal clear detail. The high-resolution color screen boasts 480 x 480 pixels so bright sunlight won’t create a distracting glare. The great display quality is also helpful if you decide to try your luck at night fishing.

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Navionics Gold charts and a built-in GPS antenna

Lowrance has combined a 16 channel GPS antenna with Navionics Gold charts so you can easily find favorite old locations, along with new hot spots. There is also a port to attach an additional external GPS antenna for even more precise navigation. There is even a waterproof SD card slot so you can add more maps and charts as you go. The Elite-5 also comes with a built in memory that allows you to save waypoints and routes which makes it easy to go back to favorite spots the next time you are on the water.

While the charts and GPS will get you to the location, it is the powerful sonar that will let you know if there is anything in the water. The traditional broadband sonar will sweep the area and display bottom contours, underwater debris along with bait and target fish. The down imaging sonar will help make the data easier to understand by ensuring that every detail is crisp and clear so you can even tell the difference between bait and predator fish.

1.2 Lowrance 000-11172-001


Easy to utilize and convenient

Even with all of these great features the Elite-5 is still easy to use. The down imaging sonar ensures that you can understand the images, and the buttons on the display are clearly marked so you can easily navigate through the menu. Even the “power” and “light” buttons are easy to find, and you will also appreciate how simple it is to input your GPS data.



If you want to spend more time fishing and less messing with your gear, then you might want to consider the Elite-5 from Lowrance. It is designed to be accurate, fast and reliable, along with being easy to use. The color screen will clearly display the sonar data, and you can even view images side by side to ensure that you don’t miss any of the details. It also comes with an owner’s manual that will walk you through the simple setup steps.


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