Lowrance Elite-5 HDI Combo Fish Finder Review

As stated in the Lowrance elite 5 fish finder reviews this device is designed to be easy to install and use.

With the advantage of the preloaded charts, along with popular fishing spots and lakes it is easy to find the perfect location to throw out your line.

Consider the best fish finder from Lowrance you will appreciate the 5 inch LCD screen that is easy to read in any light.

This fish finder also includes sonar technology, along with a convenient GPS antenna so you don’t have to worry about getting lost on unfamiliar waterways.

Some users reported difficulties in installing the device as the instructions provided seemed a bit complicated and hard to follow. This issue was however solved by contacting the customer support service which was able to offer step by step instructions. 



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Easy to set up and uninstall

You will appreciate how easy this fish finder is to install and set up. The included mount and hardware eliminates the necessity of purchasing additional tools, and the included instructions will walk you through each of the steps. The newly designed case also lets you tilt and swivel the device for easy viewing at any angle. With large buttons clearly labeled and an easy to read menu screen, you will love taking this fish finder with you out on the water.


Durability and reliability

This durable fish finder also includes a waterproof slot for the mapping charts. Preloaded for U.S. fishermen, you will love having access to the best fishing spots and accurate maps of the lakes. The built-in memory is capable of saving waypoints and routes, along with marking specific points on the way. Visit some of the preloaded sites and discover and save your own, with this durable and easy to use fish finder.

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5-inch backlit display

This is the best fish finder with a 5 inch color LCD The 480 x 480 pixel display is easy to read in low or bright light, and the backlight keypad helps to minimize glare. The screen can be tilted to find the perfect viewing angle, and you will love being able to choose how you view the images. See every detail of the bottom, along with any fish in the area. With the ability to clearly read the screen during the day or night there is no limit to what you can fish for with this device.



GPS and sonar

The included sonar technology ensures that you can clearly see every detail before you toss a line in. The sonar will scan the bottom and provide accurate details. See the size and type of fish on the 5 inch screen, along with the depth. You can also view the sonar images side by side or layered together to ensure every detail is crystal clear. Not only will you also know what you are fishing for, but you also don’t have to worry about getting lost with the included GPS feature.



This fish finder is easy enough for first time anglers to use, and it also includes all of the functions that professional fishermen need. The 5 inch display can be clearly read in any type of light, and the included GPS capabilities ensure that you never get lost on the water. With preloaded maps and directions to the hottest fish spots, you never have to worry about having to make up a story to explain your lack of a catch.


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