Lowrance Elite-4X Sonar Fishfinder Review


It’s one of the most affordable fish finders ever to have been constructed by Lowrance.

Since this is a sonar, users have the freedom to choose between the CHIRP 83 or 200kHz frequencies or take advantage of the DownScan Imaging transducer capabilities and opt either for the 455 or the 800kHz frequency.

The LED screen is easy to read both in direct sunlight and when the moon is shining brightly in the sky.

Since this model features enhanced sensitivity, its readings are precise and accurate.

Reviewers describe it as a game changer given that the unit allows them to catch more fish than ever.

Based on the owner feedback that we’ve checked out, it seems that the instructions provided by the manufacturing brand could have been a bit more straightforward.

1.1 Lowrance 000-11807-001


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Backlit display

One of the core advantages of choosing the Lowrance model is that it comes with a backlit LCD screen. On the one hand, this is advantageous as most fishermen practice their craft and passion while it’s hot outside and the sun is up. Rumor has it that fish often get weary in the afternoon, which gives anglers just the right opportunity to target them. On the other hand, some people prefer fishing at night time just because it’s quieter during the day and as such, they might have more chances of getting their targets home. The display measures 4 inches, which means that owners will be able to look at all the detail they may need.

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In the end, when it comes to buying the perfect fish finder, it all boils down to the frequencies it allows you to use. Single-beam units are slowly becoming obsolete these days, and that’s due to the fact that fishermen like to travel and go on fishing expeditions, where they might fish in lakes, rivers, or even the ocean. This sonar fish finder allows you to target your preferred species both in deep and shallow waters considering that it comes with dual CHIRP frequencies as well as dual DownScan Imaging capabilities.  



From what we have gathered, the Lowrance 000-11807-001 can typically be bought for less than two hundred and sixty dollars. It looks as if this is a reasonable price considering that the unit features a color display and is fairly easy to work with. While it might have fewer cutting-edge characteristics compared to some of its modern counterparts, the Lowrance 000-11807-001 does the trick under most circumstances.

1.2 Lowrance 000-11807-001

Countless applications

Most of the individuals who took the time to review the product say that they’ve used it in multiple situations. While some fishermen prefer covering the model with a transparent bag and using it in their kayaks, others say that they’ve gotten great results by installing it in their fiberglass boats.



While it might be less suited for experienced anglers or people looking for the best in terms of display and design, the Lowrance 000-11807-001 is perfectly capable of doing its job, mainly of allow you to catch more fish.


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