Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


This may very well be the best map base transducer from Lowrance due to the impressive LED color display.

The transducer boasts user-friendly features.

It offers optimal fish finding coverage.

The Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer has impressive power rating.

Operation of the fish finder is straightforward and simple.



Some owners did mention that the operation of the Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer may be a bit difficult to master and that it certainly takes some time to learn to maximize the fish finder’s features, especially for inexperienced users. 1.Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer


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Bright display

Plenty of users love this best rated map base transducer because of the LED color screen. The display provides the best viewing ability no matter what the boating condition may be, so you can use it with confidence in rough water situations. People love that the color display is super easy to view, even in bright sunlight. The Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer is the best fishing buddy to bring along as it won’t leave you befuddled with the details on the sunlight-readable screen.


User-friendly interface

Why make do with confusing controls when you can enjoy the easy-to-learn user interface of the Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer? This device finds the fish and shows you the bottom so you can enjoy every fishing trip with a better catch every time. The index on the 30-page manual simplifies use of the guide. The menus and controls offer simplicity in use. The user-friendly features include the Quick-Release Tilt and Swivel bracket that allows easy mounting using the included wire in the package. The menu controls allow fast, one-hand operation so you can keep the other hand on your fishing rod.

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Comes with most of the maps you might need

The Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer offers the fish finding data you need for inland lake and coastal sailing. It comes with the cutting-edge Navionics+ micro SD map chip that covers the whole US coast as well as the US and Canadian Great Lakes. The customer also gets a free download of other inland lakes for an entire year. Offering dual 83/200KHz operation, the transducer is compatible with Navionics® Premium and Gold, as well as Fishing Hot Spots®. You have up to 120 degrees of fish finding coverage, with much better details than other units with older Navionics Gold charts.

2.Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer


Ultra-fast readings

The Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer is engineered with a high 2,200 watts peak-to-peak power. Since the power of this kind of equipment is dictated by the wattage, the Lowrance Elite-4 can display readings faster with its impressive wattage rating. This also allows the device to take deeper readings every time. Drawing low power from your your battery, the compact device ensures peace of mind for the user on the possibility of ending up with a flat battery unlike much larger units. The transducer offers fish finding depths up to 1,000 feet, so you can see what’s way down there and differentiate between the fish and area details.

The accompanying manual guides the user toward being able to use the fishfinder optimally. The controls are user-friendly and the map-based design enables easy use on the water landscape.



The Lowrance Elite-4 Map Base Transducer allows you to maximize every fishing trip with better fish finding capability. Don’t head out without this transducer mounted on your boat. The GPS feature even lets you bring the device along when you’re not on a boat. Convenient and useful, this compact device helps you strategize out in the water.


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