Lowrance Elite-3X All Season Fish Finder Review


The item comes with a 3.5-inch color LCD.

The frequency of the product allows users to fish in deep and shallow waters.

The pack contains two transducers.

Lowrance Elite-3X All Season fish finder reviews are remarkably positive.

This is an affordable product of the line.



Some users thought that the difference between the fish mode and non fish mode settings wasn’t really noticeable. They also reported sometimes inaccurate readings as the unit seemed to identify floating debris as fish, but it seems it is a rare occurance.



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Backlit and glare-free display

Every fisherman knows that good display is very important when it comes to purchasing the best all season fish finder. While for some people 3.5 inches might not be enough, for others it might be just what they’re looking for. The LCD is backlit and glare-free, which gives a helping hand to users struggling to get their catch in the middle of the day or at night.


Dual frequency transducer

Buyers can choose between the 83 kHz and the 200 kHz frequencies. It’s common knowledge that the second works best for shallow waters, as it provides an approximate 20 degrees of cone angle. By contrast, picking the 83 kHz frequency will give a helping hand to individuals wanting to fish in deep waters, as it provides a cone angle of around 60 degrees.

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Can be utilized both for classic angling and for ice fishing

Customers are raving about this Lowrance model because it can be used successfully both for regular fishing and for ice fishing. Do you know why that is? The neat thing about purchasing this model is that it comes with two transducers: one that’s especially designed for ice-fishing and a regular transom mount one. In fact, most buyers who have taken the time to leave a review have used it for fishing during the cold season, which means that the unit is versatile enough to be a perfect fit for both winter and summer.



Good value for the price

As previously stated, this product has yet to receive a negative review. Buyers speak highly of the battery life, of which it is said that it lasts a little over 8 hours. According to others, all that the device needed was some minor tuning before working perfectly.

This is the best fish finder from Lowrance particularly if you’re looking for an inexpensive model. It costs around two hundred and fifty dollars depending on the retailer you choose for your purchase, but this isn’t a high price considering it can be used for two types of fishing and it comes with two transducers.



The Lowrance Elite-3X is a basic fish finder that comes with all the necessary features to make fishing a breeze. The backlit color display, along with the adjustable frequency and the two transducers are features that are hard to say no to. If you’ve been having trouble making up your mind about which unit you need to choose, just have a look at this one.


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