Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder Review

Last Updated: 22.08.19
The bright, easy to see LCD screen makes this the best fishfinder from Lowrance.

As stated in the Lowrance Elite-3X fishfinder reviews you have the advantage of two frequencies, along with Broadband sonar.

Not only is this fishfinder affordable, it is also designed to be easy for beginners to use.

Included with the fishfinder accessories is a transom mount for the transducer.

It should be noted that the included mount for the transducer is ideal at slower speeds, it might not always be accurate when the boat is moving at faster pace.

While the bright 3.5 inch screen is easy to see in all types of lighting, some consumers have mentioned problems with its compact size.



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Bright, easy to read display

One of the reasons this is the best fishfinder with transducer is its bright 3.5 inch color viewing screen. The bright colors are clearly visible, and make it easy to detect any nearby fish. The screen features a full color display that is designed to be easy to read in any lighting. Scroll through the navigational menu at night and enjoy being able to see complete details in the daytime.

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Reliable sensitivity

This fishfinder has 10x the sensitivity of other models with the included broadband sonar that also helps to prolong the battery life of the transducer. You also have the advantage of two frequencies which will give you unlimited fishing options. Use the lower 83 kHz frequency for locating large schools of fish, and with 200 kHz you can separate and target the areas that you want. This gives you amazing coverage so you never come home without catching the perfect fish for dinner.


Convenient and highly usable under all angling circumstances

This fishfinder features a full color LED screen and all of the features you normally find on a high end model at an affordable price. Along with its inexpensive price tag, it is also extremely easy to use. The arrow keys make the menu simple to navigate, and you also have the advantage of the fish I.D. function. Perfect for beginner fishermen this function clearly identifies each fish that is displayed. Quickly learn what you want to toss a line in for, and when you should save your bait.



Effective transducer

The transducer helps to locate and identify the fish in a specific area, and being able to mount it makes it that much more effective. The transom mount is ideal for fresh water, and is also extremely accurate and reliable at slow cruising speeds. The bracket is also easy to mount, and all of the necessary hardware is included with the fishfinder.



This fishfinder is designed to be durable and easy to use, and features an extremely affordable price. Perfect for experienced or beginning fishermen it includes an easy to navigate menu, along with a function to identify the type of fish nearby. With the advantage of a bright color screen and two frequencies to cover large areas, you will never have to worry about missing a bite with this fishfinder.


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