KastKing BlackHawk Ultra-Light Telescopic Fishing Rod Review

Last Updated: 30.05.20

Nobody can argue with the fact that telescopic rods are extremely convenient, as they allow users to carry them around easily and efficiently. There’s virtually no chance of the owner ever losing sight of a part as he or she doesn’t need to insert any part of the rod into another one. The same advantage is offered by the KastKing BlackHawk, one of the top-rated alternatives we’ve come across during our research. This model can be purchased for less than fifty dollars, depending on the online retailer you will choose for your purchase. If affordability isn’t a benefit you want to consider, perhaps the construction and materials of this option might mean more to you. We’ll take them all step by step so you know what to expect if you plan to utilize this excellent spinning rod for both freshwater and saltwater.

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High-quality craftsmanship

First of all, nothing beats the performance of this rod. The unit features 3-point welded guides made of stainless steel that have ceramic inserts. It goes without saying that the stainless steel considerably contributes to the durability of the guides. As for the ceramic inserts, they make it possible for buyers to utilize either braided or mono fishing line, depending on their personal preferences and the species they are trying to catch. As previously mentioned, thanks to the high-quality materials employed in the construction of this product, it can be used both in saltwater and in freshwater, as it is completely corrosion-resistant. All users have to do is give it a good rinse after having utilized it in saltwater.

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A portable and lightweight option

Another reason you may feel tempted to choose the KastKing BlackHawk is that it is significantly more lightweight and easier to store compared to some of its competitors. Even if you want a larger size, you’re likely to notice how easy it is for you to collapse the rod and stop worrying about losing any precious piece.

All fishermen know that using a rod composed of multiple segments can be quite a tricky thing to do, as one has to pay extreme attention to storing all the individual parts as carefully as possible. Otherwise, they might end up with an entirely useless product. The weight of the KastKing BlackHawk depends on the size you prefer. For example, the 5’10” size weighs in at 10.4 ounces, whereas the 10’10” weighs in at 1.1 pounds. Since this is a matter of personal preferences, we couldn’t assess whether the KastKing unit is indeed the lightest telescopic rod out there or not.


Can be used with any spinning rod

If you want to practice various fishing techniques using the same rod, you might need to be aware of the fact that this would be possible only if you were to choose a smaller size. For example, attaching a fly reel to this rod is possible but the whole ensemble may prove to be too heavy to swing around. The KastKing can be used with any type of spinning rod. Some buyers have used it with baitcaster reel with the same great results.

4.KastKing BlackHawk


Premium rod design

With a premium fishing pole design and a construction made of high-density carbon fiber and E-Glass composite, it’s safe to say that the KastKing BlackHawk is worth considering if you’re prospecting the market for a well-balanced rod that does the trick and helps you catch more fish.


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