Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Fish Finder System Review

Last Updated: 29.02.20


It’s one of the most versatile and user-friendly fish finders out there.

It features a large color display that can be used to visualize the user’s potential catches, without sacrificing anything in terms of accuracy.

The model features a built-in GPS.

Loading the info is quick and easy given that the Humminbird 999ci features a new high-speed processor.

Reviewers say that it’s well worth the money.

It’s significantly less affordable than various other alternatives in the same line.

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The Humminbird 999ci is packed with useful features that can take your fishing experience to a whole new level by allowing you to find out the location of your targets without too much effort. The neat thing about this model is that it features a large 8-inch color display of which the clarity has been praised by many buyers who reviewed the product. In addition, what makes it possible for the unit to provide excellent readings is the fact that it also features Side Imaging and Down Imaging Sonar. Since this model has a LED screen, it goes without saying that it can be used both when the sun and the moon are shining in the sky.

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Another noteworthy characteristic belonging to the Humminbird 999ci consists of its water resistance. We all know things can get a bit too wet when fishing in a river, lake, or wherever your adventures might take you. That’s why the manufacturers were inspired by the needs of both beginning and well-seasoned fishermen, in that they ended up making this product waterproof.



What’s more, the Humminbird 999ci comes with a built-in GPS navigational system but it is entirely different from other ones we’ve checked out while doing our research. For example, the GPS system of the Humminbird comes with a 50-channel receiver and provides ContourXD mapping. Besides, you’ll have more than enough freedom to customize the interface and program up to 45 routes and 2,500 points of interest into the system. The maps that are already included in the fish finder consist of three thousand US lake locations, as well as roads, interstates, ports, and other markers that might come in handy at some point or the other.

1.1 Humminbird 4091901

Depth capability

The depth capability of the unit can be customized depending on the waters you’ll be fishing in, considering that it comes with a dual beam frequency and allows you to select between a 200 or a 50 kHZ transducer frequency. It’s also worth noting that the transducer belonging to this fish finder comes with a transom mount.



All in all, if you want to invest in a dependable, convenient, and entirely functional fish finder that does the job every time, perhaps you ought to consider the Humminbird 999ci. Regardless of the fact that it doesn’t come with a touchscreen display, it does what it’s supposed to do and is water-resistant.


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