Humminbird 798ci HD SI Combo Review

Last Updated: 20.05.19
The model comes with a large 5-inch color LCD that offers customers a more than satisfactory resolution of 640V x 640H.

This fish finder comes with its own GPS and navigational map system.

The item features a bright display that works both in the middle of the day and during nighttime fishing.

Customers claim it’s easy to setup and install.

Both the wattage and the frequency of this unit are exceptional and can be used for fishing in shallow and deep waters.

Some owners reported that they did encounter some minor errors with the GPS function. They couldn’t get a correct reading on some inland rivers but didn’t find that enough of a problem to give up using the unit.



Our Review

When it comes to purchasing fishfinders, customers have to be on the lookout for the screen size. This is one of the most important features to consider, and it’s also one that will affect the way people see their catches. After having performed a thorough research, we recommend this product as the best 5 inch fishfinder on the current market.

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Sooner or later, most buyers start dreaming about fishing in deep waters, and deep waters are usually far from home. All things considered, a GPS system is important when you want to get back home safely. Fortunately for individuals who are afraid of getting lost, the model comes with its own maps and navigational system. Furthermore, this is obviously an advantage for anyone living in areas that are frequently affected by hurricanes and other natural hazards.

Backlit LCDs are sometimes hard to come across particularly because they’re featured by more expensive units. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an affordable fishfinder that you can use both by day and by night, this is the one for you.


Ease of installation is a tricky matter for users who aren’t well acquainted with the technology involved in fishfinders. This one might as well be the best fish finder from Humminbird, considering the amount of positive ratings it’s gathered simply because it is easy to setup. Software updates are a breeze with this product, and to do this customers are able to use their own SD cards.

It’s a pity that the item’s been discontinued, since it’s one of the most powerful units out there. It is a whopping 500-watt device, which comes with a customizable frequency. Buyers can choose between the 83 KHz or the 200 KHz frequency. High wattage isn’t a must for fishing in shallow water, but if you’re practicing your game in the ocean it’s definitely a requirement.



If you have a higher budget on your hands, it sure would not hurt to have a look at the Humminbird 798ci HD SI fish finder reviews. After all, the product has gathered some of the most remarkable ratings and is considered to be an option worthy of consideration, probably because it features a trans mount transducer that has its own temperature gauge.


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