Humminbird 788ci HD DI Combo Fish Finder Review

The 5 inch high resolution viewing screen will clearly display any nearby fish even in murky water.

Considered the best fish finder from Humminbird you will appreciate having access to thousands of lake maps.

As stated in the Humminbird 788ci fish finder reviews you have the advantage of dual beam and real time sonar.

This device is designed to be easy to use on the water, and includes all of the features you need to make your fishing trip a success.

Some owners mentioned that the GPS function of this device is sometimes inaccurate while traveling at higher speeds. However, the unit does seem to catch up with your correct position in a matter of seconds and most users didn’t find this to be a deal breaker.



Our Review

One of the reasons that this is considered the best combo fish finder & GPS is its 5 inch display that can be clearly viewed in almost any lighting. The high resolution display easily identifies any fish in the area, and you can also split the screen to zoom in on different areas. The touch screen is simple to navigate, and the amazing color and contrast make it easy to identify fish and any other underwater features.

This fish finder also includes maps of over 3,000 lakes located in the United States. Scroll through thousands of lakes and rivers, along with a few areas that aren’t listed on other maps. The mapping system also includes major highways and intersections located close to the fishing area so you don’t have to worry about getting lost on the way. Chart your course and save some of your favorite fishing locations with the convenient mapping and GPS system, and always know your exact coordinates when you are out on the water.


This fish finder and GPS combo also includes real time and dual beam sonar. With almost instant sonar updates you always know the exact location of any fish, and it only displays the current information that you need. The dual beam sonar technology gives you the advantage of being able to choose how you see the information, and also gives you a complete picture of the area. Use the narrow beam for accuracy, and the wider one gives you an idea of the type of fish in the area. When you blend the two beams together you can clearly see all of the details.

Everything you need to have a fun and successful fishing trip is included with this device. The buttons are clearly labeled and make it easy to control the fish finder when you are on the water, and this device also Ethernet capabilities. The SD slot lets you expand the memory to hold even more favorite fishing locations, and the included mount is always a convenient accessory.



This fish finder and GPS combo is perfect for almost any freshwater fisherman. It is designed to be easy to operate, and includes all of the functions you need to make any fishing trip a success. With the included mount and one year warranty, it is easy to see why so many freshwater fishermen rely on this fish finder to make their fishing trips a success.


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