Humminbird 597ci HD Fishfinder Review

The 5-inch color display creates crystal clear images thanks to its size and to the sonar technology.

The device comes with its own GPS, which allows users to set waypoints and routes.

The fishfinder’s maps include detailed geographical charts of the U.S. coastline, rivers and lakes.

The item comes with its own sonar technology, which is responsible for sonar processing and for providing in-depth detail of the area you want to visualize.

For a color 5-inch fishfinder, the item can be purchased for a more than reasonable sum of money.

The item does not come with its own battery and customers have to buy one on their own.

The displayed image may take some time to load if you intend on using maps from the SD card.

Some buyers have complained about the lack of information coming from the manufacturers. The item is accompanied by a CD and a Quick Start Guide, but in-depth instructions have to be printed by the buyers, as there is no available Humminbird printed manual.



Our Review

When it comes to getting the best fishfinder from Humminbird, screen size matters a lot. This 5-inch item will do what it’s supposed to do, partly because of its actual size and because it features the latest technology in sonar development. The display is backlit and will work even when it’s dark, allowing users to enjoy a little nighttime fishing.

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Unlike older models, this might very well be the best chartplotter/fishfinder combo, as it comes with its own GPS and gives a free hand to customers who would like to find their way back home easily. Buyers can set waypoints and preferred routes thanks to the software the fishfinder comes with.

Maps include a variety of chart information related to the Great Lakes and other areas of interest in the United States. Users can consult any directions from rivers and lakes to the American coastline.

Humminbird has developed a Sonar Echo Enhancement that allows users to visualize fish and bait in detail. The same system is responsible for providing information related to the depth of where the fish are located.


Considering the fact that this is an older model, the brand is selling it at a remarkably friendly price. On Amazon the item can be purchased for less than $600, making it one of the most affordable fishfinders for people who know their game. Customers claim the item offers great value for the its price, and the neat thing is that on sale it can even be bought for less than $575.



Judging by the Humminbird 597ci hd fishfinder reviews, this is one of the most acclaimed devices of the line. Buyers speak highly of how easy it is to use and of the high quality of the displayed images. Some individuals have emphasized that after buying this product they’ve developed a hobby for nighttime fishing. Others have pointed out that the GPS works great if you want to get back home safely and quickly.


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