Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C DI Fish Finder Review

Last Updated: 03.07.20


The Humminbird 409690-1 can show accurate detail on its 3.5-inch LCD display.

It can be mounted using a gimbal mount or in-dash mount.

The unit comes with a dual beam sonar and down imaging.

It’s one of the most affordable alternatives we’ve come across during our research.

It does wonders both for beginners and well-seasoned fishermen alike.



Unfortunately, the Humminbird 409690-1 doesn’t come with the cutting-edge features of a modern fish finder, and therefore its capabilities are somewhat limited. 

1.1 Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C


Our Review



One of the first things about the Humminbird 409690-1 that doesn’t fail to impress is its ability to display the location of fish with as much accuracy as possible. Based on the user feedback that we have come across, it looks as if this model can actually help you catch more fish given that it’s extremely good at what it’s been designed to do. Packed with a wide variety of useful features, the model seems to offer plenty of value for the price.

Buy from for ($249.99)




Yet another reason for considering this option consists of the fact that you won’t have to break your budget in order to purchase it. From what we have gathered, it looks as if the Humminbird 409690-1 can typically be bought for around one hundred and fifty dollars regardless of the online retailer you may want to use. Since it comes with a crisp display and does the trick under most circumstances, it goes without saying that the product is critically acclaimed for good reason. While the interface might take a bit of time getting used to, the Humminbird 409690-1 is reasonably priced and fairly easy to utilize.


Dual beam transducer

In the end, it all boils down to the performance and efficiency of the fish finder you want to buy. Fortunately, since the Humminbird 409690-1 has been equipped with a dual beam transducer, you won’t have any trouble fishing in deep or shallow waters, depending on where your adventure takes you. Frequencies include 200kHz/28, 455kHz/16, and 455kHz/74.

1.2 Humminbird 409690-1 PiranhaMax 197C


While many fish finders are water resistant because they need to withstand the elements in order to keep doing their job, some of them are not. Therefore, it is worth noting that the Humminbird 409690-1 has received the IPX7 waterproof rating and won’t let you down when there’s rain pouring all over it or when a higher wave has managed to get it soaked up.


All in all, the Humminbird 409690-1 seems like a perfectly capable unit that’s highly recommended both to beginners, first-time fish finder users, as well as experienced anglers. If you have no intention ruining your budget over purchasing such a device, perhaps it’s high time you checked out the specs of the Humminbird 409690-1. It seems to offer more than enough value for the money, as emphasized by the many individuals who took the time to write favorable reviews about the performance of this unit.


Buy from for ($249.99)



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