Humminbird 409380-1 398ci Fishfinder Review

Last Updated: 12.08.19
Using one of the best color displays this fish finder is easy to read even under low and dim light conditions. Delivering a perfectly clear image, the Humminbird 409380 is the best 3.5 inch fish finder you will ever find and use.

The model comes equipped with accurate GPS system that integrates with its extensive map set in order to deliver the most accurate and precise course plotting systems available on any fish finders today.

It features a great sonar capable of down and side scanning. Perfect for both fresh and saltwater fishing, its sonar can detect fish and underwater obstacles pinpointing fish banks and offering excellent new fishing opportunities.

It is easy to use and configure. It features an intuitive interface and superb controls, helping the user to accommodate fast and start using it right away.

We love all about the Humminbird 409380, from its ease of use to its compact design and excellent GPS navigation capabilities. This model is the best fishfinder from Humminbird we used and tried. While not particularly a game breaker its screen resolution sometimes makes small fish spotting a bit difficult. Knowing that no fisherman desires to get the small ones, we find its functionally perfect for what is meant to do, helping us catch the big fish.

8.1 Humminbird 409380-1


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Having a clear and visible screen is a must for good fish finders. Helping with the navigation, course plotting and fish spotting, its accurate display is clearly visible even during low visibility due to its powerful LED backlight. For those who love to fish at sunset or early in the morning, this capability will greatly improve their effectiveness giving them the best chance at making a big catch each day.

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While the sonar and fish finding is its main function, the Humminbird 409380 comes with an impressive GPS navigation system. Accurate and precise, using its internal maps, this device can replace with ease a GPS getting you to the desired fishing spot and back with ease and perfect comfort. Using an additional memory card, new maps can be uploaded with ease, making it the best best chartplotter/fishfinder combo device money can buy today.

Delivering an excellent visual representation of the underwater environment, together with obstacles and fish hiding places, this sonar greatly increase your fish catching chances. Featuring one of the most compact sonars on the market, this fish finder is also capable of detecting the movements of fish banks, helping the user choose the right casting spot.

8.2 Humminbird 409380-1

Praised by all the Humminbird 409380-1 fishfinder reviews for its ease of use and excellent customization options, this model comes with an excellent array of functions and options to suit any taste. Simple to configure, featuring an excellent interface with plenty of options, this fish finder is praised by all for its practicality and comfort.



Designed to help during both navigation and fishing, the Humminbird 409380 manages to deliver excellent results in both fields. The GPS and plotting features help you save your favorite fishing spots and find them every time you go out on the water. The sonar is highly capable and accurate, being able to scan both bellow the boat and around it. The excellent screen provide useful information about underwater obstacles and is very good at identifying fish or fish banks.


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