Humminbird 409120-1 859ci Combo Fishfinder Review

Last Updated: 22.08.19
According to the Humminbird 409120-1 fish finder reviews this model features a dual display that is easy to read in any lighting.

This fishfinder combo is designed to be easy to use while you are out on the water.

Consider the best fish finder from Humminbird you will appreciate the faster speed when you are looking for your next big bite.

With the included GPS capabilities you can plot your course while searching the area for different types of fish.

It should be noted that while this is the best GPS/sonar combo, it does weigh slightly more than similar models.

While there are instructions included with the device, some consumers have mentioned that it can still be difficult to set up without the mapping software.

This device will not show the topography of the lake without the purchase of additional software.

5.1 Humminbird 409120-1


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Easy to read display

One of the advantages to this fish finder is the split screen that is easy to read. One side displays the GPS data, while the other locates and tracks fish in the water. Both sides of the screen are clearly visible in bright sunlight, and the split screen feature can be easily turned off when you are not using it. Enjoy sharp clear colors and striking contrasts all displayed on the 7 inch HD screen.


Usability at its best

This device is incredibly easy to use and will accurately pinpoint and map your location, along locating fish. You can quickly scroll through the menu screen to find the functions you need, and with all of the controls conveniently placed within a finger’s reach it only takes seconds to lock onto a position. It also fits comfortably in your hands so you can keep a secure grip on the fishfinder when you are speeding along in choppy water.

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Powerful processor

You have the advantage of the powerful processor which will quickly and accurately display all of the information. See the water temperature, clock your speed, and keep track of the time all with one simple press of the button. This device also features Ethernet capabilities which makes it easy to enter and save information about your favorite hotspots.5.2 Humminbird 409120-1


Internal GPS system

Not only does this fishfinder include accurate sonar, but it also features an internal GPS system that makes it easy for you to plan your route while saving important data. Keep a record of your trip while you are fishing, and the SD cards slots even let you save screenshots so you always have proof even if your big catch got away.



This fishfinder and sonar combo is perfect for your next fishing trip. You will appreciate its easy to use design while you are out on the water, and the included GPS gives you an added advantage. Save photos and information about hotspots, along with plotting your course across the water. Find the best fishing spots when no one else is catching anything, and you will also love its affordable price.


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