HT Enterprises IB-18 Ice Rod Review

Last Updated: 17.06.19

Easily the best ice fishing rod on the market, the HT Enterprises Ice Rod offers value for money thanks to its super affordable price. Engineered with medium action, this ice fishing rod is available in various lengths to suit every preference.

3.HT Enterprises Ice Rod, 18-Inch, Ultra Light, Blue


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The Rod: Construction and Characteristics

Geared with an exciting blue color, the HT Enterprises Ice Rod has dark blue guide wrappings as well as an orange-colored tip. Those two components contribute to easy visibility. As a medium action rod, this ice fishing pole provides a bit more casting distance. It also guarantees sufficient hook setting power. Like most other medium action rods, this model can be used for fishing methods that involve the use of treble hooks, along with topwater lures, crankbaits and a host of other reaction baits including spinnerbaits.

The medium action ensures that the treble hook will not bite to as great a depth as that obtainable using a single worm hook, making the treble hook more effortless to tear out of a tough fighting fish. This will also facilitate easy pull out of the lure from the mouth of the fish before the creature completely swallows it. Do keep in mind to match the action of your fishing rod with the type of lure you choose.

The HT IB-18 ice blue rod has an exclusive Corkalon handle, which combines the best of both worlds to deliver a sure grip. The handle is made of EVA foam and cork and is designed not to exhibit the weaknesses of either material while carrying the strengths of both.

2.HT Enterprises Ice Rod, 18-Inch, Ultra Light, Blue

Thanks to the cork material, the handle is lightweight and is able to keep residual heat stored longer so it can stay warm to the touch even on a cold day. The handle also has a relatively lower damping capacity compared to pure EVA foam grips, giving it a better ability to transmit the vibrations from the fish nibbling at the tip of the fishing line. This will translate to greater sensitivity. The cork material offers the angler a stronger grip as well, since it is not as slippery when wet while also resisting compression effectively even under load.

The integrated EVA foam material contributes to the fishing rod’s unbeatable price while ensuring reliable durability of the unit. This can prove to be really instrumental if the fishing rod is placed in a beach spike or rod holder for extended periods. If the rod gets dirty with slime, fish oil or protein, it can simply be scrubbed using detergent. It is recommended that the handle be wiped down carefully after every fishing session using a rag moistened with warm soapy water. The black rings offer a secure grip for the reel.

The blue-colored blank not only offers high visibility along with the fluorescent orange tips, but also ensures product strength. An EZ-ice out design is featured on the line guides made of chromed steel, so the fishing line doesn’t get obstructed with formed ice when angling in extremely cold temperatures. The lightweight stripper and snake guides provide an exceptionally hard substrate for the coating to attach to.

The guides offer a smooth surface to create less friction against the line when casting and retrieving, so as not to cause abrasion that could lead to line breakage. This is due to the lower amount of heat produced, especially when reeling in a particularly tough fighting fish. The guides are evenly distributed along the rod shaft to ensure accurate casting into the water. This will also help the rod to bend more consistently throughout itsentire shaft so it can use all the power efficiently during retrieval.

1.HT Enterprises Ice Rod, 18-Inch, Ultra Light, Blue

As one of the most sensitive rods in the HT Enterprises product line, this ice fishing rod is equipped with a sensitive rod tip that resembles a spring bobber to provide the angler a strong feel of even light nibbles from the fish. It offers great hook setting.

The 18-foot long fishing pole comes with three guides plus one tiptop to ensure that the line is laid out securely and consistently along the length of the rod.

Constructed of fiberglass, the fishing rod offers suitable action and sufficient strength, making it one of the top rated products in this category. It is excellent for throwing crankbaits as well as for other fishing methods where a rod with slow to medium action is essential.

The HT Enterprises Ice Rod is constructed of premium quality materials and using efficient fishing rod engineering, so anglers can pair it with a reel of their choice to enjoy the most fantastic fishing experience every time. It offers the same performance as any other high-priced rod without costing too much to purchase.


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