How to Dress For Fishing In The Heat

Last Updated: 20.10.19


Summer is a great season for fishing but if you choose the wrong garments or forget your Greek fisherman hat at home, your experience could be very unpleasant. It is important to wear clothes that will protect you from the heat and we have showcased all the items that you need, from waterproof fishing pants to sunglasses, in our in-depth article below.



The base layer

When fishing in the heat, the base layer should be comprised of a very thin t-shirt that offers good breathability and anti-odor properties. You can consider getting one of the garments that are treated and have a 50+ UPF rating. There are also many fabrics available nowadays that can wick away moisture so that your skin remains dry and cool.

Most fishers prefer going with water repellent fabrics for their base layer since such a choice allows them to handle the outdoor elements better. Seeing as the base layer will be right next to your skin, it is very important to choose a fabric that you know for sure you are not allergic to so that you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable after just a few hours of fishing.

Similarly, the reason why you should get a t-shirt that is breathable has to do with the fact that if sweat is allowed to dry on your skin, you will start to feel unpleasantly cold, not to mention that dried sweat can leave unpleasant odors. Thus, the ideal base layer should allow moisture to escape from your body.


Shorts and shirts

There’s no need to get pants during the summer since a long day in the heat will be much easier to handle if you are wearing shorts. If you want to be prepared for anything, you can consider purchasing a pair of pants that can be converted to shorts using zippers.

This way you will be able to wear the shorts during the day, and when the weather gets cooler you can add the legs back on. Similarly, make sure that you get pants that have enough pockets for you to store all your smaller equipment.

When it comes to shorts and shirts alike, choosing a stain-resistant material is recommended as that will allow you to keep your garments clean from fish guts and blood. For the shirt to work well with your base layers, you should look for garments made of 100% nylon since that fabric dries quickly and is breathable.

If you are fishing in shallow waters, the color of the shirt is also important and light blues and grays will blend the best since you will want to look as similar to the sky as possible. You can also look for brands that offer an SPF factor to their shirt material; this feature allows the garment to dry quickly and can prevent overheating during the hot weather.


Hats and sunglasses

For the best protection against overheating, sunburn, and overexposure to the sun you should get a wide-brimmed hat. The reason why this is recommended against a cap is that it can protect your head, neck, face, and ears all at the same time.

Similarly, you should make sure that the hat is made from a breathable material so that you don’t have to worry about your scalp getting sweaty.

For sunglasses, you should get a pair that can protect the eyes not only from sunlight but also from the bait and hooks that can pass in close proximity of your face. It’s important to get a pair of sunglasses that are designed for fishing since the standard choice might not be able to offer the protection your eyes need.

If you want to get a pair of sunglasses that you can use in any weather condition, you should get a pair that features a copper shade.


Protect your face and hands

For some people, it might seem strange to cover their face during the summer, yet if you want to skip applying sunscreen on your face, a facemask is a good alternative. For warm conditions, the facemask that you want to get should be made of stretchy microfiber polyester as this material can wick moisture and is highly breathable.

You can wear the facemask as a headband, neckerchief, scarf, or balaclava. What’s more, since you can use it for many other outdoor activities, it is a purchase that you can easily justify.

Wearing gloves in the heat may also seem counterproductive but you do need protection against the sun since the skin on your hands is very sensitive.

The gloves will also make you feel more confident when casting the rod, and as long as you choose a light and comfortable material, your mobility won’t be affected. For the best results, it is recommended to get gloves that come with built-in UPF sun protection.



Don’t forget the sunscreen

During the summer when the UV radiation can reach dangerous levels, protecting your skin using a quality sunscreen is mandatory. For the best performance, it is advised to get a sunscreen that is sweat proof and that will soak into your skin immediately so that you don’t have to worry that it will start to run down and get in your eyes.

If you don’t plan to use gloves, you should get a sunscreen that won’t leave a greasy residue as that could affect your grip negatively. To prevent that, you should get an oil-free formula that is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Finally, no matter the weather outside you should never forget your life vest, even if you are a very capable swimmer. The vest should be worn on top of all your other garments and as long as you go with a quality one, it will hardly be noticeable and it could end up saving your life.



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