Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod Review

Last Updated: 13.07.19

The Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod is equipped with a duotone double-raw metal spool that allows big water heavy-duty angling thanks to the awesome capacity and strength needed to accommodate specialty lines. Boasting high elasticity, this best bass fishing rod is lightweight and also has a thick bail with a metal bail nut for superb durability. The collapsible handle is made of metal CNC and is outfitted with attractive UV golden decorations for a distinctive look. The rod’s line capacity is 1.6/100, or 1.6 mm per 100 meters of line on the reel.

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Fishing Rod Construction and Characteristics

The Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod conforms to leading international standards with its X45 degrees of cross carbon fiber technology. It boasts 98 percent carbon fiber content, which makes it usable for virtually any fishing situation.


Flexible and lightweight design

The carbon fiber technology endows the fishing pole with enhanced sensitivity so the angler can feel the soft bites of the fish. It provides a lightweight and flexible design that effectively transmits the vibrations through the rod to the hand, which is a result of the fish biting the hook. Much lighter than either fiberglass or graphite rods, the carbon fiber rod delivers much needed sensitivity when angling in heavy cover or deep water where weight and sensitivity are must haves.

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Sturdy construction an angler can rely on

Thanks to its exquisite workmanship, the fishing rod offers ten times the tensile strength of a steel bar, with the carbon filament being evenly distributed along the length of the pole to prevent breakage.

The rod uses Germany-sourced NM piano baking varnish and uses the latest vacuum coating process to ensure a smooth, neat look and superb-looking surface that looks high-end without the high price. This rod saves you money without looking cheap or like a clever knock off.

2.Goture Portable Carbon Fiber


Lightweight, efficient ceramic guide rings

The SIC ceramic guide rings have exceptional hardness while staying lightweight and delivering superior heat distribution so as not to create line breakage in the event of a big fight from the fish. The low friction coefficient makes the guide rings resilient to damage or breaking. The rod utilizes advanced epoxy resin adhesive that keeps the rings securely in place to prevent them from falling off.

The reel seat is characterized by imported adjustable full-metal screws that offer a rich-looking texture. It can be moved up and down easily so the angler can fix the reel at a convenient and practical position.


Non-slip handle

The rod has a heavy-duty non-slip handle that offers an ergonomic design for effortless gripping. It operates telescopically on a lever mechanism to accommodate the full weight of the rod and reduce hand fatigue especially when doing battle with a particularly large catch.

The telescopic design enables effortless carrying in a backpack for problem-free portability.


All the strength and durability you might need

Suitable for both boat and sea angling, the Goture Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod carries first-class workmanship and materials and offers ultrahard power for extreme durability and strength you can rely on every time. When fully extended, it is a full-sized rod that is nearly 9 feet long. It packs small but is guaranteed to be solid when extended. No reel comes in the package but many users have been able to use old ones with the unit without any issues on compatibility with the reel seat. The installed reel won’t move around or jiggle, ensuring a secure fit.

2.Goture Portable Carbon Fiber


Portable and convenient

The fishing line will glide smoothly against the straightly aligned guides during use. Offering no perceivable resistance, the line guides deliver exceptional retrieve. Designed for anglers who want compactness and portability in one device, the telescopic fishing rod measures just 16 inches long when folded up and weighs an amazing 6 ounces only, making it the perfect travel fishing pole. .

The fishing pole offers superb flexibility, reliable casting performance and easy retrieval. It is evenly balanced and sturdy and comes with a silicone guard covering the tip and the distal guide rings, providing protection during transport. It even comes with its own nylon carrying bag to facilitate portability.



This solid fishing rod is a convenient fishing companion for bass fishing adventures that are sure to deliver success without compromise and satisfaction to the angler who demands the best gear to have on hand to enjoy the sport fully every time. It should last for years thanks to its solid, premium build and reliable craftsmanship. The fishing rod offers sensitivity, responsiveness plus the toughness that anglers expect from their outdoor gear.

Enjoy the best that bass fishing has to offer with this awesome piece of equipment that guarantees great fishing adventures out in the water!


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