Glacier Glove Premium Neoprene Slit Finger Fishing Glove Review


These gloves come with a sturdy construction that is designed to last for years, and the durable material has the added advantage of being able to improve your control over slippery fish.

No matter the weather you don’t want water getting inside your gloves, and this pair has effectively prevented this problem from occurring with a convenient velcro wrist strap.

While these fishing gloves are designed to cover your palms and fingers two of the tips can be easily removed when you need to accomplish delicate tasks.

Finger fatigue can be a problem when you are fishing for long periods of time, and these gloves come with an inventive design that can prevent this issue from occurring.



It should be noted that while these gloves are protective and comfortable to wear, they are not waterproof and may not be ideal for use in all situations.

Some consumers have noted that the material can start to deteriorate over time, but this is generally due to the normal wear and tear that occurs over the years instead of an issue with the gloves’ quality. 

1.Glacier Glove Premium Neoprene Slit Finger Fishing Glove


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Made of durable neoprene

Losing your rod in the water or let a prize fish slip out of your grasp can ruin your fishing trip, and even mean replacing expensive gear. These durable gloves are constructed from sturdy neoprene which is designed to protect your hands from the cold, while still being lightweight and comfortable to wear. The neoprene construction also helps to provide you with a secure grip so you never have to worry about active fish or wet gear slipping out of your hands.

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Convenient Velcro strap

Cold water inside of your gloves can cause you to become distracted when you need to be alert and paying attention to your rig, and it is also extremely uncomfortable. These Glacier gloves come with a convenient velcro strap that effectively secures them around your wrist. This tight closure helps to prevent water from seeping inside the gloves so your hands stay warm and dry even when you are out on a boat.


Glove index finger can be conveniently removed

One of the aspects that sets these fishing gloves apart from other pairs is their innovative design. When you need complete protection from the wind and cold or sharp teeth the gloves can be worn to cover your fingers. When it is time to tie a fly onto the line or perform other delicate tasks the tip of the gloves on the thumb and index finger can be easily removed. Small velcro tabs will hold the tips in place until you need to cover your fingers again.

2.Glacier Glove Premium Neoprene Slit Finger Fishing Glove


Designed to enhance your fingers’ natural moves

Another innovative feature of these gloves is the pre-curved design on the fingers. This helps to improve finger movement, while also reducing fatigue. Hours spent tie on flies and constantly casting can take a toll on your fingers causing minor aches and pain. Since the gloves are already designed to enhance your fingers natural movements, fatigue can be reduced so you can spend more time fishing.


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