Glacier Glove Alaska River Flip-Mitt Fishing Glove Review

Last Updated: 20.10.19

No matter what the season it is cold when you are fishing in Alaska, but with the fleece lined construction of these fingerless gloves your hands will stay warm even when it is only 30 degrees outside.

Fishing poles can be slippery especially when wet and while some gloves do not take this into consideration, this pair comes with a textured grip on the palms.

When it gets too cold outside and the Alaskan wind starts to pick up you can easily keep your hands warm simply by flipping the top mitten part down.

If you are worried about the mitten getting in the way when you are casting or retrieving, this won’t be a problem thanks to the sturdy velcro closures.

Some consumers have noted that the stitching can quickly start to come apart, and while this is an inconvenience in most cases the manufacturer will replace the pair if it is within a relatively brief period of time after your purchase.

There have been mentions that there is a strong “rubber” smell associated with the gloves, but this is due to being enclosed in packaging and will quickly dissipate once the gloves have been allowed to air out.

1.Glacier Glove Alaska River Flip-Mitt Fishing Glove


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Made to keep your hands warm

Alaska is cold when you are on the water, even during the brief summer, but this is not a problem with these fingerless fishing gloves. The gloves are lined with G-Tek 2mm fleece which can effectively block cold wind from cutting through to your palms, and you won’t even notice that your fingers are exposed so you can easily complete your tasks.

These Glacier Gloves take into account that your gear will be slippery when it is wet, and the last thing you want to do is fish your rod out of the frigid water. The palm of the glove is constructed from durable neoprene so you can easily hold onto your gear. When this is combined with the fleece lining, even 30 degree temperatures won’t freeze your hands.

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Constructed using wind-resistant materials

Even warm sunny days can quickly turn cold and windy in Alaska, but you are prepared for this with these fishing gloves. The top part of the glove easily folds down into a mitten, complete with a convenient thumb hole. Constructed from the same wind resistant materials as the rest of the glove, you can easily keep your hands warm on almost any Alaskan fishing trip. When you need to tie bait on the line or accomplish other small tasks, the mitten top can be just as easily folded back over to reveal the fingerless gloves.

2.Glacier Glove Alaska River Flip-Mitt Fishing Glove


Convenient Velcro strap

While the mitten top is a convenient feature that is almost a necessity in Alaska, you might worry that it can get in the way when you are trying to reel in your catch. Glacier Glove thought of this problem and designed a simple and effective solution. They come with a velcro strap that will hold it firmly in place around your wrist so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way or cold wind blowing up the gloves.


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