Garmin Echo 551dv Fish-Finder Review

Last Updated: 09.07.20


Amazing screen clarity which allows you to clearly see underwater and identify obstacles and fish.

It’s easy to use thanks to the well thought out controls and simple menu.

Easy to set up and the instructions manual can guide your every step.

It’s waterproof so it can handle some spills and light rain without any problems.



It doesn’t have a GPS, and this bothered some people who expected a little bit more functionality while out on the water. Fortunately Garmin also sells this model with an included GPS feature for those who simply must have one.

3.1 Garmin Echo 551


Our Review


High-resolution display

The problem with most fish finders is that they don’t offer very clear images at all. Depending on the model, you might not even be able to figure out where the fish is, and this leads to lots and lots of frustration. Well, this won’t be something you’ll experience with this particular model, because it was designed to offer the best image you’ve ever seen. In fact, the image you’ll be getting is so high quality that it will appear almost as if it’s a picture, giving you remarkable details of what’s going on underwater.

It achieves all of this because it has high resolution screen, with VGA color display. In addition, its screen is also quite bright, making it very easy for you to see. Finally, the screen is just the right size, making this model the best fish finder from Garmin.

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Easy to set up and uninstall

One thing that can be quite frustrating with any sort of device is when it’s extremely difficult to use. Indeed, in such situations, you’ll probably going to become quite frustrated, making the entire experience a negative one. Now, when it comes to fishing, the stakes are even higher. The last thing you want is to have to stop what you’re doing and take about half an hour just to change one setting. We’re willing to bet that if you were to go through this, you’d probably gladly give up using the fish finder all together.

Well, the great news is that this model is very easy to work with, as many Garmin Echo 551dv fish finder reviews have mentioned.


Makes fishing a more rewarding experience

Another thing that could get you terribly frustrated is having to spend a long time installing a fish finder. Think about it: you’ll be outside, in the sun or in the rain, hoping to be able to start fishing as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to be stuck trying to figure out how to set it up, and have most of the day pass you by without you even getting to do what you actually went there for.

3.2 Garmin Echo 551

Once again, this won’t be the sort of experience you’ll have with this model, because it’s very easy to set up, which is just another reason why we consider it to be the best fish finder with transducer.


Waterproof construction

Fishing involves you being around water, we’re sure you know this. Of course, it also means that the devices you’ll be using while fishing will be close to water, which means that you might get them wet. This is a huge problem for most devices out there, but luckily, not for this one. Indeed, this model is waterproof, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting fish finder accessories to keep it dry and safe.



If you’re looking for a fish finder that will give you an unbelievable image of what’s happening underneath your boat, this is the one to get. This Garmin unit offers clear images of the underwater environment and potential catches.┬áIn addition, it’s also very easy to operate efficiently, as the setup process is quite straightforward and the controls nicely laid out.


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