Garmin Echo 101 Fishfinder Review


This model is the best fish finder from Garmin thanks to its advanced sonar features.

This fish finder is built with a state-of-the-art transducer.

Installation is a snap, as the Garmin Echo 101 comes with everything you need to facilitate the task.

The Garmin Echo 101 has a compact, space-saving design.

Find the fish easily with the exceptional fish arch definition and target separation from this fish finder.



One of the Garmin Echo 101 fish finder reviews says the user wishes that the unit came with a larger screen, but the buyer also says the device works well.

One user notes that the owner’s manual seems a bit brief on the explanations for programming and functions of the device.

The one-year warranty and 5-hour battery life may be a bit short for some buyers.

10.1 Garmin Echo 101


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Impressive functionality

With advanced sonar features, the Garmin Echo 101 offers functionality that only the much higher-priced units come with. The device is powerful and simple to use, with HD-ID sonar that offers exceptional target tracking technology. This is an inexpensive option when you want an excellent depth finder that won’t break the bank yet does its job most efficiently.

The Garmin Echo 101 comes with a single-beam 200 kHz transducer capable of delivering transmitting power of 1600 watts peak-to-peak output, and can dive down to a maximum depth of 1500 feet to show you the details that matter beneath your boat, so you can catch more fish or know exactly where they are biting. Truly, the Garmin Echo 101 is the best fish finder with transducer.

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Comes with all accessories you might need

Get power in a single compact package, as the Garmin Echo 101 ships with a dual beam transducer, a quick-release tilt and swivel mount, a trolling motor mount kit and a versatile transom. With all that you need to facilitate setup, the Garmin Echo 101ships as a complete package with all the accessories so you won’t have to first head out to the fishing supply store to make additional purchases. The unit also comes with a 20-foot power cable and the necessary documentation that you can quickly consult before performing the setup process.

10.2 Garmin Echo 101


Easy to use settings and revolutionary functions

The Garmin Echo 101 is the perfect companion for small watercraft thanks to its space-saving, compact design. You’ll love how this 4 inch fish finder comes with an 8-level 256 x 160 pixel greyscale display that shows you the crisp details that you need to see. The unit has a beam width of 60 degrees for a broad sweep of what’s underneath the boat.

Engineered with revolutionary functions and programming to provide intelligent separation and fish arch definition, the Garmin Echo 101 utilizes a state-of-the-art HD-ID tracking system UltraScroll® that displays fish targets at a higher boat speed. The Fish Symbol ID enables you to identify the fish targets, while the onboard AutoGain technology maximizes targets while minimizing clutter. The unit also comes with a water temperature sensor so you’ll know what is probably driving away the fish.



Saving you valuable space while offering the functionality and features that can only come with a higher-priced unit, the Garmin Echo 101 makes every fishing trip worth taking. It comes with a reliably powerful transducer plus advanced sonar features so you’ll know what is beneath the boat. Although the display provides images in greyscale, the Garmin Echo 101 is the perfect alternative for buyers who want simple functionality in a truly affordable fish finder.


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