Furuno GP1870F Review

This chartplotter/fishfinder from Furuno comes with a 7 inch color display that is easy to read.

The controls are clearly labeled for easy setup and menu navigation.

You will appreciate the preloaded base map that will help you get started, along with the SD card slot that makes it easy to add more charts as needed.

With the external GPS antenna you never have to worry about going off course or not being able to find your way back to the marina.

There are very few negative reviews associated with the GP1870F from Furuno except that some consumers have mentioned that they wished a transducer came included with their purchase. While this would be convenient, it does not affect its overall performance.

1.2 Furuno 7 Color GPS


Our Review

One of the first things you’ll notice is the large 7 inch display that is easy to read at a distance. It comes with a sturdy stand to hold it in place so you can keep both hands on your rod, and it can also be tilted for easy viewing at any angle. The screen can be split in two so you can take advantage of the chartplotter and fish finder at the same time. See the composition of the bottom, along with the depth. It will also mark and identify any fish in the area so you know exactly what you are casting for.

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You will also appreciate how easy it is to navigate through the menu, and this also makes setup a breeze. The clearly marked buttons allow you to enter way points and access previously mapped trails. You can also easily make adjustments as needed simply by turning the knob or pressing the arrow keys to scroll through the menu or previous readings.

This chartplotter and fish finder comes preloaded with a base map, and it is compatible with most SD cards. This allows you to add more maps as you go so you can plot the best course to old and new favorite hot spots. Since it is compatible with most manufacturers’ maps, you can easily use the GP1870F almost anywhere in the world, so you really will always know the best place to fish.

1.3 Furuno 7 Color GPS

What really makes this unit stand out is the GPS technology. It comes with an external antenna so you can get accurate position readings, which is always helpful when you are on unfamiliar waters. You can plot a course to new fishing spots and find faster ways to old favorites, and when you are ready to return to land the GPS system will help you get there safely.



Even though you do have to purchase the transducer and maps separately, this chartplotter and fishfinder is still a good value for you money. The large 7 inch color display is easy to read from a distance, and it will clearly display charts, depth and any fish that are picked up by your transducer. Incredibly easy to use, even for beginners, the GP1870F might be exactly what you need on your next trip.


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