Frogg Toggs Kikker Guide Boot Wading Shoes Review

Last Updated: 05.08.20


The Frogg Toggs Kikker Guide are a great choice if you like fly fishing, as they are designed with special steel cleats that deliver support to your frame, which is important as you are wading through fast moving water.

The shoes have ultra-lightweight EVA outsole design that is not the same as rubber outsoles, which are more geared for indoor and outdoor sports activities not on the same level as fishing.

The shoes boast tough heel and toe reinforcement to ensure that your feet stay enclosed in comfort and durability no matter what the water may throw at them.

The shoes boast quality construction using only the finest materials for fishing footwear so you can expect superb fit and performance during days in the field.

The wading shoes are guaranteed to carry the American seal of quality as genuine US-made footwear that can withstand the wettest conditions.



One user bewails the fact that the wading shoes do not have replacement cleats available, so when the existing ones wear out, it will be a challenge to keep using the shoes without making a new purchase.However, the cleats are designed tough and should last many seasons of fishing.

Another buyer reports that the sizing of the wading shoes runs in a bigger schematic so finding just the right fit before ordering means being careful about your options. The shoes are designed for men but the brand offers other styles for ladies. 

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Non-slip capabilities

It will be easy for the angling enthusiast to fall in love quickly with the Frogg Toggs Kikker Guide fishing shoes. Built with quality and care, the shoes feature “Wobble Free” steel cleats that provide sure footing on the fishing terrain. These shoes are equipped with non-slip capability so you can maintain your traction on the boat and while wading in the water so you can get closer to your target fish and stay stable while executing your fishing techniques. No trips, slips and falls to worry about!

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Water-resistant EVA outsole 

The EVA outsole offers superior water resistance with its closed cell structure that is impermeable to water and moisture. The material also provides exceptional resistance to corrosion resulting from exposure to seawater, fats and oils, as well as alkali and other chemicals. The outsole is non-toxic, non-polluting and comes with antibacterial properties too. It has superb tensile strength and resilience against vibration, is built tough and provides immense shock cushioning while presenting seamless construction and fantastic sound insulation with its closed foam configuration.

The heel and toe reinforcement ensures a solid and smooth build that cradles the heel and arch to reduce over-pronation while helping lock the foot into the footwear and keep it securely anchored to the midsole. The reinforcement also delivers safety against punctures and cutting hazards that the terrain may unexpectedly throw at your feet while in the water.

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Durable upper mesh

Your feet stay comfortable and dry in these fantastic shoes with a durable upper mesh made with non-shrinking reinforced outskin, perfect for the soaking the wading shoes are sure to get on a regular basis. The cleats are made of tungsten, a tough and long lasting material. Available in a classic deep black color with orange accents, the fishing shoes are built for wading with their wide and extra stable footprint. The mesh collar and tongue are padded to ensure reliable comfort while worn.

Carrying the awesome value, performance and quality associated with the Frogg Toggs brand, these fishing shoes are made by a company located in one of the country’s wettest regions, the state of Alabama. Founded in 1996, Frogg Toggs has delivered on its promise of total customer satisfaction from the traditional sporting segments and expanding to other well-loved outdoor activities.



Embodying the brand’s total commitment to quality, value and performance, these fishing shoes should provide years of exceptional functionality and wearability without compromising on comfort. Use them to optimize your angling experience and enjoy protection down to your feet.


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