Frogg Toggs Amphib Boot Foot Wader Review

Last Updated: 07.07.20


Undoubtedly the best fishing waders for the money, the Men’s frogg toggs Amphib comes with a quality construction that ensures superb wearability in the water and out.

This piece of apparel offers comfort and more than enough insulation so you stay warm in the water even after long periods of being soaked.

The impressive camo pattern is so realistic you can stay undetected by your target while staying comfy.

The integrated bootfoot offers two-in-one functionality so you won’t have to make two separate purchases to engage in fishing and fowling.



The integrated boots run a size larger, so be sure to measure carefully for sizing before placing your order. This should not be a straight drawback since the boots offer a good fit when ordered in the right size.

Using a shell holder with the velcro straps was an issue that one buyer resolved by doing a quick modification using two camo carabiners and a grommet tool to fashion one grommet each on the two shoulder straps for easy connection of the ring and to secure the straps in place. 1.1 Men's frogg toggs Amphib 600


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Durability and strength

These fishing waders are outfitted with a 3.5mm neoprene upper distinctive for its tough poly-jersey shell and liner of stretch jersey. This ensures dependable strength and durability to withstand the elements and the unpredictability of the water. These world-class waders feature triple-finished seams all glued, stitched and taped to ensure they stay in place and the high quality apparel won’t fall apart so easily. You get superior dryness even when you have to be in the water up to your chest. These waders deliver superb leakproofing and incredible durability so you stay dry.

Buy from for ($127.84)


Adjustable neoprene suspenders

Head out confidently into unforgiving territory when water fowling or fishing in these waders. The adjustable neoprene suspenders feature an innovative hook-and-loop attachment to give you a perfect fit every time. The boots come with 600-gram Thinsulate ultra insulation to ensure that your core remains warm even if you have to be out in the water for extended periods. Venture through the muck and cold and go deeper into the swamp to catch your prey. These waders are also comfortable to wear while kayaking and hunting out.

1.2 Men's frogg toggs Amphib 600


Fleece-lined handwarmer chest pockets

The waders have a realistic camo pattern that makes you hard to detect by your target. The knee pads have reinforcements so you can venture into unforgiving territory and not worry about being injured on the terrain. Get superior traction from the Rip track-cleated outsole so you can pursue your prey without worrying about foothold. The fleece-lined handwarmer chest pockets let you keep your hands hidden while protecting them from the cold. Be incredibly concealed with the impressive Max-4 camo pattern.

The bootfoot comes with 8mm wool felt midsole for comfortable support and padding to your feet. Walk all day in unpredictable terrain no matter what the climate or condition. The high-back design of the upper bodice makes the waders ideal for float tubing and deep wading so you can go where the prey goes and ensure a fantastic fishing and fowling experience.



These exceptional waders enable you to make the most out of every fowling and fishing trip by letting you go out in chest-deep water to catch your prey. This piece of apparel offers a sensible and surefire way to catch the fish where they are likely to be so you won’t be stuck with your fishing rod just on the shore of the stream or sea and waiting for the fish to get near.


Buy from for ($127.84)




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