Flying Fisherman Cape Horn Polarized Sunglasses Review

High quality anti-glare polarized lenses significantly reduce any unwanted light reflections allowing the wearer to enjoy a perfect fishing day even under the brightest sun.

The lenses are made from scratch resistant triacetate, making them both lightweight and extremely durable.

Using the original AcuTint chromatic filter, the sunglasses allow for a near perfect color correction for better accuracy even under non-ideal light conditions. This color filter enhances the clarity and contrast of the water making the fish more visible from the background.

Keeping the eyes safe from harmful ultraviolet light rays, an additional coating ensures perfect UVA and UVB ray protection.

With its superb design and lightweight frame, these fishing sunglasses are an instant favorite among all fishermen.

The AcuTintColoring System Layer may be confusing in the beginning, and it may take a bit for the eye to adjust to the new enhanced colors. Give it couple of minutes and you will find out that you can spot the fish way easier and further away.

Their modern style may not be suited for all tastes and some may prefer a more classic look.

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Durability and comfort

Performing at the same level as professional high end models, these excellent fishing sunglasses earn top marks for durability, comfort and light protection.

Additionally, with their new AcuTint Color System, the Flying Fisherman Cape Horn gives the user the possibility to spot the fish faster and more accurate than ever before. Perfect for the sunny days, this new system filters out some of the colors and reflections, making the water clearer and transparent and the fish way more visible.

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Made to withstand the test of time

Using scratch resistant triacetate lenses and high density plastic frame, these superb sunglasses are built to last a lifetime. Where some sunglasses are fragile and need special care, this model is as rugged as it can be. Scratch and impact resistant, the Flying Fisherman Cape Horn is one of the most reliable fishing sunglasses you will ever use.


UVA and UVB protection

Making eye protection a priority, these high quality sunglasses manage to deliver in full, keeping all UVA and UVB rays away. These high and low intensity ultraviolet rays may be potentially harmful to the eyes, causing a number of problems ranging from temporary vision loss to lifelong eye damage. No more headaches and eye fatigue after a long sunny day, an excellent anti-glare filter allows these sunglasses to offer a near total eye protection. Reducing the overall brightness and glare also increases the vision accuracy and allows the eyes to rest even under intense light conditions.

Lightweight and stylish, these sunglasses are favored by many anglers, as the large number of positive reviews shows.

3.Flying Fisherman Cape


With their excellent price, superb UV protection and perfect clarity, this model is one of the best choices available for anyone who wants reliable high quality fishing sunglasses right now. Perfect for any type of fishing, whether saltwater or not, the Flying Fisherman Cape Horn offer unrivaled quality for the price. Comfortable, durable and with superior light filtering technology, these are by far some of the best fishing sunglasses you will find for purchase this year.


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