Fishing Regulations in Wyoming

Last Updated: 26.05.20

Although one of the largest states in the country, Wyoming is the least populated state, probably also due to its mainly mountainous geography. The state population slightly exceeds half a million people, with the largest city counting for only around 60,000 people.

Due to its spread mountain areas, the state manages to offer breathtaking landscapes and a diverse ecosystem including national forests, national forests, fish hatcheries, and wildlife refuges.

Wyoming is a quite popular fishing destination, providing plenty of opportunities for all avid fishermen across the country. Its numerous lakes, ponds, and rivers count for numerous fish species and other aquatic wonders waiting to be discovered.

If you are planning your next fishing trip in Wyoming, we consider you should be aware of the following rules, regulations, and applied state laws.


License and permit fees

Wyoming provides quite affordable fishing rates for all its permits issued to residents. It is recommended you buy a year-round license to have access to all fishing areas. A fishing license for residents costs $24, while a one-day permit is sold for only $6.Nonresidents have to pay nearly $100 for a year-round permit, as well as $14 for a fishing day.

By comparison to other states, the fees imposed by the state of Wyoming are significantly larger for nonresidents to the detriment of residents. Also, in order to be declared a resident of the state you have to stay within the borderlines for at least one year, as opposed to only six months in other states.

Children aged 14 and below do not require a fishing permit if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid license.


Creel limits

The daily bag limit refers to the maximum number of fish you are allowed to fish one day in all Wyoming state waters, including lakes, rivers, and ponds. Those who are fishing on private domains are subject to the administrator’s rules and regulations.

Thus, you are not allowed to possess or fish more than 6 trouts (no matter the species) in the lakes and 3 in the streams. Lake trout, whitefish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, as well as channel catfish,  should not exceed six items per days.

The maximum creel limit for common fish (including but not limited to crappie, rock bass, green sunfish, perch or stonecat) is 50 items per day.

Free fishing days

Just like any other state, Wyoming also allows for a free fishing day per year, usually held at the beginning of June. During this day all passionate fishermen including newbies, both residents and nonresidents are allowed to fish in all state waters without requiring a license, permit or stamp, but without exceeding the daily maximum creel limit.


Forbidden Actions

It is unlawful to snag fish, as well as seine or trap fish without having a valid permit.

It is strictly forbidden to fish without a valid permit, license or stamp.

It is forbidden to wound, take or destroy game fish using arrows, crossbows or regular bows.

It is strictly forbidden to possess, trade, ship, transport, import or export any aquatic invasive species or to introduce this species into the state waters.

It is unlawful to provide game fish for another person who doesn’t have a valid permit.

It is unlawful to use corn as fishing bait. However, most recent studies have acknowledged the fact that there is no danger in using corn as a bait for fishing as corn is not associated with any dangerous effects on fish species.

You are not allowed to mark or tag fish and further release it into the state waters without a firm permit from a representative authority.



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