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Last Updated: 13.08.20

Delivering excellent fishing performance, the Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel can easily rival a much higher priced best ice fishing reel minus the hefty price tag, of course. This fantastic fishing reel makes angling in the ice a truly enjoyable experience thanks to its robust build and remarkable quality. Made ambidextrous to suit any angler, this model should be in any fishing gear collection.

1.Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel Metal


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The Reel: Materials and Construction

Outfitted with a solid computer numeric control (CNC) machined aluminum body and spool, the Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel boasts an impressively large line capacity. Do not be misled by its ultra lightweight build as this model is capable of providing super smooth performance. The aluminum material generates a protective oxide coating naturally, eliminating the need for the body to be painted or coated with anything else. The strength of the anodic coating also makes the reel quite easy to clean. The aluminum material is also non-toxic to ensure safety in use.

This ice fishing reel can handle 210 meters of 0.12mm line, 150 meters of 0.17mm line and 70 meters of 0.21mm line, ensuring that you will have all the line you need to make successful angling. The six ball bearings ensure smooth casting by enabling effortless loading and unloading, as well as exceptional retrieves. The line capacity of this fishing reel ensures that it can easily handle the depth of the water along with the type of fish that may run with the fishing line. The one-way clutch ensures effortless control at all times.

The super smooth drag system delivers a dependable means of pressure application to the spool, effectively acting as a friction brake against it. This allows a variety of fish to be caught using a single setup. The drag system allows the line to flow off the spool before the weight of the fish or the fight the fish gives causes the fishing line to break. You can safely land large and powerful fish when the drag is properly set.

2.Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel Metal

This model is also equipped with anti-reverse technology. This rare feature ensures that the handle won’t rotate backwards any longer when the drag is used and the line gets pulled from the reel. It enables the fisher to either engage the drag or back reel when doing battle with the fish. This is further enhanced by the high number of bearings and the tight machine tolerances that contribute to the delivery of play-free handling so you can have effortless control in stop-and-go retrieves and making solid hook sets. It also adds security to the bearing system so it can withstand the pressure of fiercely fighting fish.

The free spool release button enables you to engage the reel to retrieve the line when switched on. When turned to off position, the reel is on free spool so you can let the line flow off the reel using the lure or bait. Backlash can be prevented by keeping the thumb on the free spool, thus also controlling the release of the fishing line.

This fishing reel is also fitted with a non-slip EVA foam soft grip that ensures comfort during use. The EVA foam grip is quite easy to clean of fish oil, protein and slime by scrubbing using detergent. Unlike other types of materials, the EVA soft grip is long lasting and tough, quite resistant to chipping and dents when mistreated.

The precision machined high strength brass gear delivers dependable toughness and extended functionality. There are five stainless steel bearings plus one roller bearing working smoothly with the anti-reverse system of this fishing reel to deliver matchless stability and smoothness. The stainless steel construction of the five bearings ensures resistance to corrosion and chipping.

The reliable 2.6:1 ratio means that for every 360-degree revolution of the handle, the spool turns 2.6 times, enabling faster casting and reeling in of even big fish.

3.Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel Metal

The Fiblink Inline Ice Fishing Reel comes in a protective bag that facilitates portability while keeping the unit shielded during transport, especially its most essential components.

The ice fishing reel has shiny red accents on its primary parts, giving a nice contrast to the smooth aluminum exterior and silver finish. It is sure to serve your fishing needs for years to come. The components are quite easy to disassemble for cleaning and then put back together again. The light weight and top quality components ensure reduced fatigue so you won’t have to be worried about holding the fishing reel for long periods. The line capacity ensures that the fishing line works optimally without stressing out the parts of the spool.



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