Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel Review

Last Updated: 25.05.20

What makes the Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel the best ice fishing reel money can buy? If you’ve been trying to figure out which product to purchase and have found it difficult to settle on just one, this Eagle Claw one might be worth considering. Let us see what makes it so special and why it has gathered so many positive reviews over time.

2.Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel


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A reasonably priced option

First of all, the Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel is among the most affordable ice fishing reels that we have come across during our entire research. While some online marketplaces sell it for close to fifty dollars, Amazon offers it for a much fairer price.

A low price does not mean low quality in this case, as the Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel has been built according to the quality standards set by the manufacturing brand. As the product description claims it, this one is inexpensive but makes no compromises when it comes to doing what it is supposed to do.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($22.59)


Simplicity and smoothness

Who knows if you won’t be as lucky as get it for forty? The price is variable according to the size that you end up picking. There are two main size that a user can choose from: ECILIRB and ECILIRBL.

The model is smooth and simple, yet provides more than enough power one might ever require. It has been specifically designed to deal with the challenges fishers might encounter, one of which is hard water.

1.Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel


Aluminum handle with a non-slip grip

Both the reel and spool body of this model have been constructed with nylon. The handle is made of aluminum, but features a non-slip grip. The handle is, in fact, one of the most acclaimed characteristic of this unit, as it is said to be the right choice for fishers who wear gloves or for people with cold hands. As is the case with baitcasting reels, this one features a double handle.

The 2:6:1 retrieve rate of the reel is probably the feature that eventually convinces prospective buyers to go out and get this model. This type of retrieve rate makes it possible for the users to fish in deep water for gamefish while giving them a helping hand when it comes to stopping jig spin.


Usability at its best

Yet another noteworthy characteristic of this product is the free spool. Basically, what this does for users is allow them to let a jig drop down the hole without having to peel line off by hand. The free spool can be adjusted according to light or heavy jigs and according to the preferences of the person using it. The line goes out right after the button has been pushed, so the free spool of the Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel takes the cake regarding usability.

Any angler knows the golden rule of separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to buying a new unit: the higher the number of bearings in a fishing reel, the better. Fortunately, this one has more than enough, considering that it features 4+1 ball bearings.

In addition, the Teflon star drag and audible line clicker make this product worth having a look at, considering that it might just as well be the perfect tool for trolling crappie lakes.



A highly appreciated reel

If you’re still not convinced of the high quality of this reel or of what it might do for you, just have a look at some of the reviews it has acquired over time. Consumer reviews are available on a large number of websites where the reel is being sold nowadays. Some of the most relevant ones can be found on Amazon, where the item has received a remarkable number of positive reviews. In fact, a big number of customers who have chosen this alternative were satisfied with what they got and ended up writing positive ratings.

Most of the buyer opinions we have analyzed speak highly of the large spool featured by this reel, which seems to be more than capable of keeping the line straight. This is what helps some of the users catch even more fish than they would normally.


Great value for the money

Other reviewers speak highly of the value offered for the price, and some even go as far as state that it is the most affordable ice fishing reel they’ve ever bought. Several buyers found it very hard to hide their enthusiasm and they eventually even praised the good looks of the Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel.

Changing the reel from the right to the left is a tad complicated with this reel, as user has to disassemble and reassemble the real altogether.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($22.59)




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