Eagle Claw Featherlight Fly Rod Review

Absolutely begging to be cast, the Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod belongs to an exclusive line of fly fishing rods that offer superbly quick responsiveness to provide the modern angler with durability, feel and forgiveness that is unparalleled under today’s standards. The fishing pole has updated specs that ensure less weight while improving balance and delivering reliable performance complemented with superbly matched components on the rod itself. The fly rod adheres to a renowned family tradition that has easily become the standard in the industry.


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Convenient 2-piece design

From the brand that started it all comes the Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod, which has become one of the best fly rods that can be bought on the market. This 6 feet by 6 inch model is a two-piece item that enables effortless portability as well as easy setup. The 2-piece rod is made of fiberglass, which offers strength, durability and reliability. The fiberglass rod offers quick action, enabling the user to feel the rod load on the back cast prior to transitioning to the forward cast. One can enhance the load phase with a simple flick of the wrist. All the stored energy is nearly doubled and quickly releases when transitioning to the forward cast. The line carries the lure exactly where you want it once the target is sighted.

Hook Setting on the fish is easy since with just a quick wrist flick, you get a bite from a fish ready to do battle so better prepare yourself!

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Fiberglass pole

Fiberglass rods are proven to be kind and gentle, able to catapult lures without any problems, time and again. Fiberglass offers softer action compared to graphite. It enables you to catch more fish instead of losing more of them during the battle. The rod’s soft action prevents it from jerking the lure from inside the mouth of the fish. The butt is also stiff enough to make the most of the line within any given line strength level. The bend of the rod virtually doubles with a fiberglass rod.


Perfect for freshwater fly fishing

The fiberglass rod means the rod blank is also fiberglass, making it perfect for beginners who can make the most of the timing from the back and forward casts. Offering light action, the rod is perfect for freshwater fly fishing and has perfectly matched components including the aluminum with cherrywood reel seat and ceramic guides to complement the entire rod. This item is also great for anglers with intermediate level skills.


2.Eagle Claw Featherlight


Easy to hold

Casting is always a delight with the fiberglass rod, giving you absolute feel for both the forward and backcast, where the fly rod does the majority of the work. Unlike graphite rods that require the fly fisher to put a lot of muscle into casting, the fiberglass rod makes casting easy so the arm is not sore when the fishing day ends as long as the process is done correctly.

The fiberglass rod requires that the casting stroke be slowed down, letting the fly rod work. The weight of the fly line is taken by the rod, bending deeply and sending out casts even 30 to 50 feet out with amazing ease and accuracy.


Exceptional sensitivity

Perfect for distance casting, the fiberglass fly rod enables sending of the backing knot through the top with awesome effortlessness. The line does not easily break, either.

In terms of sensitivity, the fiberglass rod is exceptional. The rod bends over double when the fish takes the fly, making the angler feel every head shake and run that the fish will attempt, making the experience in the water truly enjoyable.


Aluminum oxide guides

The rod proves to be exceptionally better at putting a lot of pressure on the fish, proving to be superbly accurate in typical small stream situations while being able to cast into tiny pockets 20 feet away with awesome precision.

Perfect for bass fishing, the Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod has aluminum oxide guides that can easily accommodate the braids and superlines on the market.

1.Eagle Claw Featherlight

Cork handle keeps residual heat

The cork handle is light and is able to maintain residual heat, proving to be a godsend when fishing in cooler temperatures. It also has low damping capacity so it can transmit vibrations well, providing a greater degree of sensitivity. It also enables secure handling even when wet and will not compress under load. The cork handle fits nicely in your grasp to deliver a secure grip.

The Featherlight Fly Rod ships with a one-year warranty that serves as proof of the manufacturer`s commitment to premium quality and construction.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($35.06)



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