De-Stress with Fishing and Boating

Last Updated: 20.10.19


It is always recommended that you go fishing prepared and that means, among others, investing in a good backpack – if you want to read our opinions on the matter check it out here. Fishing and boating go hand in hand and are two activities that reduce stress, help the angler to enjoy the beauty of nature, make friends and feel happier. 

Fishing is a fun recreational activity that many enjoy. If you are in search of new reasons why you should plan your next fishing trip, keep reading, as we have prepared a list of arguments about how anglers relieve stress while practicing their favorite hobby.



You get away from the stress of everyday life

As we are sure you know, going on a fishing trip means taking a break from the pressure of work, life decisions and the responsibilities of adult life. Spending time away from the big city is a good way to rewind and recharge. This way, the minute you get back from your break you will feel better and ready to take on the world.

Furthermore, going fishing on a boat is also a great way to break your addiction to your phone, tablet, and laptop. Taking a few days off from all the notifications that keep you busy and on your toes is a great opportunity to experience a simpler kind of life. 


You get to enjoy nature

Once you are away from your busy life in the city and you find yourself with a rod in your hands on a boat, you also get the chance to enjoy nature in all its beauty. Oftentimes, many of us do not know how to stop and admire all the beauty that surrounds us. 

Going fishing is, therefore, an opportunity each one of us has to reconnect with wildlife. In nature, you also have the necessary time to spend with yourself and your thoughts.

In these moments of pure serenity, we can assess our decisions and we can look back at all the things we did. Also, while fishing, we can put some order in our own thoughts and decide on what we want to do next with our lives.


Bond with friends and make new buddies

There is nothing more appealing than spending time with friends. If you have friends that also like to fish, going on trips with them is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and spend quality time with them. This way, you get to catch up and make new memories that will surely last a lifetime.

Plus, while fishing, you also get to make new friends. Fishing is a hobby that many share, regardless of their chosen career. By connecting with new people and making more friends, you get to surround yourself with people that you might not have otherwise met in day to day life.


You become more focused

Those who have never fished in their lifetime often think that this activity means spending your time doing nothing and just waiting around until a fish bites the hook. However, this is a minimalistic view of this activity that does not do it justice.

As seasoned anglers know too well, the allure of fishing comes from the fact that it demands one’s full attention and concentration. Just like in that old Hemingway novel, fishing means giving it your all and fighting for every catch. 

To catch something, you have to pay attention to nature and, in order to do so, you have to leave behind all your worries and frustration. To truly understand the craft of angling, one has to immerse himself/herself fully into it.

Therefore, if you fish regularly, you start to understand the true meaning of being patient and you get to learn what genuine investment means. This is a lesson that you can then use in your daily life.



It makes you feel successful 

Nothing beats that feeling you get when, after a day of intense concentration, you go home with a sizable catch. One of the biggest advantages of fishing is that it makes anglers feel successful and fulfilled, something that our regular days in the city cannot deliver. So, if you feel like you need that win, it might be time to dust off your rod. 

Moreover, planning a fishing trip and the anticipation that precedes it is a way to boost one’s levels of happiness. We often choose to go fishing in places that are unfamiliar to us and, consequently, we get to travel to new areas. This way, we get to explore new cities and countries.


It helps those suffering from PTSD

A study carried out in 2009 has shown that those who suffer from post-traumatic stress can turn to fishing as a way to relax. After three days on a fishing trip, the participants in the study declared that they felt more relaxed and less hostile and guilty.  

Even more so, the same participants said that they felt more relaxed and overall happier a month after the experiment ended. So, it seems like taking a fishing trip every month is a great way to deal with the paralyzing symptoms of PTSD.


It tires you out

In this busy, busy world that we are living in, we often get home, climb into bed, but we have trouble actually falling asleep. If this scenario seems familiar to you, it might be the right time to pack up your fishing kit and go out on your boat. 

After a day outside in nature, just you and your rod, you will most definitely feel drained out and ready for sleep. This happens because fishing is both a physically and mentally challenging activity. 



It does wonders for your mental health

A study published in BioScience Journal has shown that spending time in nature, including on a boat, is a great way to reduce stress levels and improve one’s self-esteem. To enjoy these benefits, it is sufficient that you spend seven hours outside, in nature. 

Fishing is also a great way to deal with depression and to decrease the risks of high blood pressure and various kinds of cancer. Spending time outdoors can also help improve your memory and it can make you feel truly happy.


It is a form of working out and feeling happy

As we all know, working out is a way of releasing serotonin, that chemical in our brains that makes us feel content and happy. A day spent fishing means working out your entire body and, consequently, releasing that much-needed dose of serotonin.

For instance, when you are casting and rowing, you are using various muscles in your arms and shoulders, while fighting to stand up straight against the currents in the water means tightening the muscles in your abdomen. This hobby also helps you improve your hand-eye coordination.

When you go fishing, you also work out your legs. You do so without even noticing when you are walking to the fishing spot itself, or when you are balancing on slippery rocks. At the end of the day, fishing is a physically challenging activity that makes people happy.


What to do if you are a novice

If all these arguments were all you needed to pick up this hobby, and you need some tips on how to prepare for your first fishing trip, we’ve got you covered. To start, you have to purchase a state fishing license. All anglers between the ages of 17 and 65 have to have one. You can buy one online and avoid having to go to a retail establishment.

Next, you need a reel and a fishing rod that you can also get online. There are numerous models that you can find and plenty of guides that can help you pick the right type of equipment as a novice.

You also need between four- and twelve-pound monofilament fishing line, fishing weights, hooks, and a cork or plastic bobber. Finally, just before you leave on your first fishing trip, be sure to purchase some bait.

If you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you go to the selected location with a friend. This way, he/she will be able to teach you the basics of fishing. This part can be somewhat tricky to learn by yourself or by watching countless Youtube videos. On top of that, by doing so you get the opportunity to spend some quality time with him/her.

If, by chance, you do not have friends that fish, you can always take a course or you can enroll in a fishing program for beginners. 


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