Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire Surf Cast Reel Review

Last Updated: 20.01.20

Still looking for the best surf fishing reel? The Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire Surf Cast Reel fits the bill, and for many reasons. This conventional surf reel beats any spinning gear hands down. This model has had a proven track record of world-class performance, having been hailed in many European casting competitions. Engineered particularly for maximum casting distance in the surf, this cast reel is built in the Japanese factory of Daiwa to ensure that it conforms to maximum quality control standards.

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The Reel: Construction and Materials

The Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire features an impressive high-performance spool, which can easily reach speeds up to 30,000 rpm to accommodate even the fiercest fighting heavy fish species. This reel is always up to the job, enabling the angler to effectively and quickly slow the spool down when the lure and the bait slow down. It has a system that easily and quickly gets the line spool in and out of the reel. It has a reliable anti-reverse system designed to work infinitely so as to prevent that annoying and often heartbreaking bird’s nest that can make you lose that trophy fish.

This revolutionary surf cast reel won’t leave you disappointed. The impressive anti-reverse system ensures that you need never settle down and waste a half hour of fishing time untangling the line and loop while your fishing buddies land one fish after another.

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Flawless magnetic braking

Thanks to the cutting-edge Magforce Z, the reel applies a flawless magnetic braking as the spool gets nearer its maximum speed, thus preventing overrun. The braking system backs off as the spool slows, keeping the reel spinning for longer. You can enjoy instantaneous spool starts and faster buildup of speed with this awesome fishing reel that empowers you to adjust the amount of control to match varying angling conditions as well as your specific casting style.

1.Daiwa M7HTMAG


Seven ball bearings

Featuring an exceptional seven-bearing system, the Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire is able to ensure smooth line retrieval while delivering the bait back in and providing the stability and support that any reel is expected to give. The fact that this reel has more ball bearings of high quality only means you can expect the investment you make on this product to pay off in the long term. It boasts five corrosion-proof ball bearings, one stainless steel ball bearing that is also resilient against chipping and corrosion, plus one roller bearing. All of them come together to deliver the smoothest retrieve experience ever.

The corrosion-resistant ball bearings last up to 12 times longer compared to standard stainless steel ones.


Perfect for targeting both bass and walleye

The fantastic 5.8:1 gear ratio means that with just a single 360-degree turn of the handle, the spool has turned 5.8 times, pretty close to a high speed of 6:1. This makes the fishing reel easily capable of delivering heavy/medium heavy action so you can reel in plenty of large fish such as walleye and bass. Offering superior performance in terms of light-line applications, this surf cast reel is also perfect for techniques requiring a certain level of finesse including jigging.


Used by professional anglers everywhere

The Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire has been used by professional fishermen all over the world. Tested for quality and durability, the fishing reel has an aluminum frame and sideplate that contribute to the light weight of the entire system. The counter-balanced power handle ensures problem-free control and easy adjustment.

The Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire has a 15/330 and 20/200 line capacity, a dual function that many professional anglers find useful. It can hold 330 yards of 15 pound monofilament test line, as well as 200 yards of 20 pound monofilament test line. You can’t find better off-the-shelf products that will deliver maximum casting distance than the Daiwa M7HTMAG Millionaire.

3.Daiwa M7HTMAG


Durable body that can withstand the abuse of big catches

This fishing reel has a rigid, one-piece frame forming a unibody that is built to withstand the rigors of surf casting. The smooth star-adjust 11-pound maximum drag set, pretty vital in controlling the reel once the fish is hooked on, is a terrific feature you will surely find quite useful with every catch made. It helps you reel in the big fish even when they fight harder than the others. It makes the reel just strong enough to deliver a good hookset while enabling the angler to increase the drag a bit with the fish on.

The Daiwa M7HTMAG is equipped with a high-grade brass drive gear along with a stainless steel pinion, both high quality components that ensure reliable long life for the fishing reel. Solidly constructed, this fishing reel can easily handle a 50-pound fish without requiring the angler to use a heavy braid line. The fact that it uses monofilament line means the fishing reel won’t give you problems on bird’s nest occurrences.


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