Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit Review


This is often considered the best fly fishing combo by novice and experienced anglers.

With its shorter design and durable construction the rod is capable of making accurate casts.

You will appreciate the smooth performance capabilities of the reel, especially if you are used to operating one with your right hand.

Designed to be comfortable and convenient to use, everything you need to start fly fishing is included in this kit.

Capable of landing small and medium size fish, this rod and reel combo can be used in a variety of locations.



It should be noted that while this fly fishing rod and reel combo is priced to fit almost any budget, it is constructed from a durable plastic which might not be able to withstand the weight of larger fish.

While almost everything you need for a successful fishing trip is included in with this combo, you do have to purchase the backing separately. 

2.Crystal River Fly


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Priced to fit any prospective buyer’s budget

Crystal River understands that not everyone is experienced at fly fishing, which is why the company created this rod and reel combo. Priced to fit almost any angler’s budget, the lightweight and sturdy rod and reel can help beginners control their casts. The guides on the rod line up for easy assembly and rigging, and even serve as convenient reference points for experienced anglers. The combo also comes with instructions on basic fly fishing techniques, which is always an advantage for first time and skilled anglers. To ensure the fishing trip is a success, you also have the benefit of the guide which will teach you how to tie 5 commonly used knots.

Buy from for ($159.99)


Lightweight and flexible pole

The rod is constructed from a durable material that is lightweight and flexible. This helps to give more control to your casts so you can accurately place the lightweight lure in the water. It only measures 8 feet in length which also makes it easier to control, and since your casts are shorter there is less of a risk of your line getting caught on low hanging branches. Strong enough to land small and medium size fish, you will appreciate its performance capabilities whether you are experienced or just starting out.

1.Crystal River Fly


Smooth performance

This combo also comes with a lightweight reel that is constructed from durable plastic. The reel is designed to provide you with a smooth performance, and to easily release the line during your casts. It slips easily into the graphite seat, and the stainless steel hoods give the combo a professional appearance while also helping to protect the reel from damage. The right hand retrieval also makes it easy to bring your line in.


Quick assembly

While the reel features a right hand retrieval for convenience, the rod is designed to provide you with a comfortable grip. The thin foam padding also helps to prevent the rod from slipping out of your hands when you are fighting to bring a fish in. So you can get started fishing right away, the rod can be quickly assembled and the two included flies and line ensures you have everything you need but the backing. The included instructions will give you helpful tips, along with teaching you how to tie 5 of the commonly used fishing knots. Perfect for beginners and experienced fishermen, it’s easy to see why this remains a top rated combo.


Versatility at its best

Since this is an 8 foot slow action rod and reel you have the advantage of its versatile design. Its shorter length makes it ideal for casting on narrow streams and rivers, along with near trees and low hanging branches. The flexible construction of the rod lets you bring in a variety of bass, trout and other small fishes, and it can also be used safely in salt water. Versatile, durable and comfortable to use, this fly fishing rod and reel combo might be exactly what you are looking for.

3.Crystal River Fly


Beginners will appreciate how easy it is to control their casts with the slow action rod, while experienced anglers will appreciate its performance capabilities. The large reel is capable of holding 6 to 7 weight line, so you can easily go after larger bass and trout. The rod is designed to be comfortable to grip and cast and its dark coloring won’t reflect light that could startle nearby fish. The combo also includes instructions on knot tying and helpful tips on fly fishing so you can get started. Designed for beginners and experienced fishermen, there really isn’t anything not to like about this affordable rod and reel combo.


Buy from for ($159.99)



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