Costa Del Mar Brine Polarized Sunglasses Review

Last Updated: 03.04.20

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs” auto=”no”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Pros[/tabtext] [tabtext]Cons[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]Perfect for any type of water, these sunglasses come with some of the best polarized lenses on the market. These lenses assure the best visibility while blocking any unwanted glare that may impede the vision.

Having slightly larger lenses, these sunglasses offer an enhanced peripheral light protection that is the main cause of eye strain and headache.

With a lightweight frame and durable lenses, this model offer superior comfort allowing the wearer to move freely and fully enjoy their fishing experience. Durable and comfortable to wear, these lenses will last forever.

Praised for their design, these fishing sunglasses come with an impressive look, making them both stylish and functional, as well as the perfect choice.

Additionally, their smart design allows the wearer to use them together with their regular prescription glasses. This feature is greatly appreciated by all those fishermen who want to enjoy a great fishing day without any possible discomfort caused by the lack of their regular glasses.

[/tab] [tab]Some users report that the nonslip surface may fall off after a while, while others seem to like the glasses better with the nonslip pealed.

While the company provides a great lifetime warranty, there are some additional repair costs involved. This is a standard procedure at these high quality models and the repair costs are substantially reduced while under the warranty. [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

1.Costa Del Mar Brine Polarized Sunglasses


Our Review


A user-friendly, lightweight design

Regarded by many one of the best models from Costa, these are some of the most popular and highly praised fishing sunglasses money can buy today. With their high quality lenses and superb lightweight design, these sunglasses are the preferred choice of many fishermen. Designed to cover the entire eye, the lenses offer a superb lateral light protection, giving the wearer a perfect cover from any unwanted side glares. Together with the polarized coating that reflects away the frontal glare, these lenses offer a complete protection and a perfectly clear vision of the water.

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Functionality and style

With their superb modern yet classic design, the Costa Del Mar sunglasses are also a statement in style. Making no compromise, these fishing glasses offer both style and functionality at the highest standards, allowing them to become one of the most wanted and loved models available on the market today.

Durable and extremely resistant, these fishing sunglasses are made to endure a lot of wear and tear, allowing their wearer to use them for years. While other models may easily break or scratch, these fishing glasses are designed to last a lifetime, offering the same excellent eye protection as on the first day.

2.Costa Del Mar Brine Polarized Sunglasses


Stable and comfortable

Our review cannot be complete without mentioning their superb comfort and stability. Using a curved frame, that perfectly fits on anyone; these high quality fishing glasses deliver maximum comfort while allowing their wearer a full range of movements. This extra stability makes them stay on the head even when bending over or turning fast, making them the best fishing sunglasses you will ever wear.

Since the user can use them with their prescription glasses, it comes as no surprise that these sunglasses for fishing are so much appreciated.



Great looking and functional, these sunglasses rank higher among all models. Durable, comfortable and offering a great protection from glare and side reflections, this model is a must have for all those who want to buy the best quality fishing sunglasses.


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