The materials the Columbia Men’s Bonehead Long-Sleeve is made of make it stand out, since it ensures the wearer superior comfort when fishing.

The design caters to active anglers and comes with a few elements that make this particular fishing shirt hard to resist.

The shirt is available in a large variety of hues and sizes, so you will feel hard pressed not to find the right one for you.

Proper ventilation is ensured by the way the mesh line cape is designed, so anglers will feel cool and dry in all kinds of weather.

Some owners advise that getting the right size can be a bit tricky, since these shirts tend to run a bit bigger than what you would expect based on the size labels.

Not all anglers appreciate the amount of Velcro fasteners, and they say they would prefer more buttons on this type of shirt.

1.Columbia Men's Bonehead Long-Sleeve


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Can keep you comfortable and cool

When fishing, it is very important to feel comfortable, so wearing the right type of clothes counts a lot. The Columbia Men’s Bonehead Long-Sleeve makes things simple, since it is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. Made of 100% cotton, the shirt absorbs all the moisture from sweating and you will not feel clammy even after an entire day spent fishing. You will feel cool and comfortable all the time, and that makes this model a great shirt for fishermen.

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Fly box pockets can keep all essential items you might need

Fishing clothes have their own particularities and this model is no exception to the rule. The fly box pockets are designed for keeping all your essential items easy to access at all times. You will notice that on the left side of the chest there is a rod holder loop you can use for tying up fishing knots. You will also appreciate how easy it is to move in this shirt as an active angler. The outfitted tab keepers on the sleeves will help you roll your sleeves up and keep them in place without a glitch. Keep your tackle in the closed box pockets on your chest for easy access.

One of the biggest challenges for any angler is to find fishing equipment and clothes to fit them well. The Columbia Men’s Bonehead Long-Sleeve takes out the guessing work by offering a wide range of hues and sizes to choose from. While the first is mostly a matter of preference, the latter is a necessity and it is good to know that this shirt comes in all common sizes.

2.Columbia Men's Bonehead Long-Sleeve


Uniquely designed cape ensures proper ventilation

Anglers highly appreciate proper ventilation in the upper back area, as that is the area that is most exposed to sun when spending hours on water. This shirt has a specially designed cape that ensures proper ventilation so you can stay cool all the time.



The Columbia Men’s Bonehead Long-Sleeve is a great recommendation for any angler in search of the perfect fishing shirt. Easy to wear and very comfortable, this shirt ensures proper coolness and ventilation, so you do not feel one smidge of moisture ruining your days spent fishing.


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