COED Sportswear Its all about Fishing T-Shirt Review

If you are looking for a t-shirt that looks great for fishing, as well as everyday wear, the COED Sportswear Its all about Fishing is one fine choice.

Available in all possible sizes, as well as very attractive colors, this shirt can be custom printed, which makes it a very appealing option for anglers.

You will feel very comfortable even when engaged in highly active fishing, due to the design and superior materials this model has.

The manufacturer preshrinks these t-shirts so the size does not get smaller when the material gets wet.

The array of colors available may not be as large as some people would desire, and buyers are restricted to a few hues.

Some sizes may not always be available.

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Comfortable to wear on a regular basis

Fishing shirts are part of an angler’s equipment, such like a rod or a pair of waders. However, you may feel tempted to express your love for fishing even when you are not on a fishing adventure. The COED Sportswear Its all about Fishing can be worn on an everyday basis, without looking much different from a regular t-shirt. Many believe this to be a great plus, since they can wear their nice looking t-shirt wherever they want to go, especially during out of season.

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Can be custom printed

The shirt is made of good quality cotton and it is available in many different sizes, from the smallest – Youth S-small – to the largest – 3X-large, so no angler will feel left out. The colors available for this t-shirt are black, white, navy, grey and moss green, all hues that go well with a fishing adventure in the great outdoors. One of the selling points of this model is that it can be custom printed, based on the buyer’s preference. In case you opt for a lower resolution, the total cost will be lower, as well, so this may be something you want to keep in mind.

This t-shirt is designed for highly active fishing, as it does not hinder your moves and it lets plenty of air flow to cool your body. It is very important to have comfortable clothes when fishing, since this kind of activity can really put your muscles to work, at least from time to time, when the fish is biting. Because it is made of high quality cotton, the shirt absorbs moisture and it does not allow any discomfort to put a damp on your fishing trip.

2.Its all about Fishing - Fishing T-Shirt


Can be cleaned in the washing machine

The manufacturer proves that they pay attention to details, and sells these t-shirts pre-shrunk so they do not get deformed when washing them. Besides the fact that the t-shirt is machine washable, it maintains its beautiful colors even after washed regularly. All in all, this is a great choice if you are looking for a cool looking, convenient and comfortable t-shirt to bring out the fisherman in you.



The COED Sportswear Its all about Fishing is a great choice for all anglers who want to display their love for fishing without looking geekish. Made of good quality materials, the t-shirt is very comfortable and it can be worn everyday without a problem.


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