Camo Coll Tactical Outdoor Fishing Camouflage Bucket Boonie Review

Last Updated: 15.07.19

The camo color variants this fishing hat comes in cater to a large variety of anglers, so you can rest assured that one of these camo combinations is the right one for you.

This hat is excellent against sun rays and it provides great protection when spending a lot of time in the great outdoors.

The Camo Coll Tactical Outdoor Fishing Camouflage Bucket Boonie is made of polyester and cotton, offering great advantages to the wearer.

Four ventilation holes make sure that your head does not become overheated when exposed for too long to sun rays.

An adjustable drawstring helps you keep your fishing hat on, even when the wind blows really hard.

One of the things that some buyers did not appreciate about this fishing hat is that the brim is a bit on the large side.

Another aspect noticed by a reviewer is that the hat can be a bit small for someone with a larger head.

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Outstanding sun protection

Camouflage is paramount when you are fishing or hunting because you do not want your prey to be able to spot you. The Camo Coll Tactical Outdoor Fishing Camouflage Bucket Boonie comes in several camo color combinations that help you achieve this while looking stylish. You can choose from gray, pink, khaki, blue and army camo colors, depending on your preferences. These combinations will make sure that you are blending well with the nature surrounding you, so the fish does not become scared of you.

One of the most important aspects of this fishing hat is that it provides really great sun protection. The large brim shadows your face so that no UV rays can reach the sensitive skin in this area. Because of the large brim, your neck and ears are also well protected against the harsh action of UV rays.

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Unlikely to lose its shape over time

It is very important to get proper fishing clothing when you are planning a trip outdoors. The fabrics used for this hat make it a solid choice, because they provide you with everything you need when you are embarked on such a trip. The cotton absorbs moisture and ensures that you have a comfortable time when fishing, while polyester makes the hat durable and unlikely to lose its shape. Because it is stain resistant, polyester is often chosen for fishing clothing.

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4 ventilation holes

When you spend a lot of time exposed to sun rays, it is essential to prevent overheating. This hat comes with four ventilation holes that ensure plenty of air flow so that you do not suffer a heat stroke.

You no longer have to worry about winds blowing off your fishing hat. This one comes with its own drawstring that you can adjust to prevent your hat from being taken away by the wind.



The Camo Coll Tactical Outdoor Fishing Camouflage Bucket Boonie is a cool choice for both men and women. Offering great protection against the sun, the hat is made of durable fabrics and it manages to provide good ventilation so that you feel comfortable all the time.


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