Camo Coll Outdoor Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie Review

Last Updated: 04.08.20


This one size fits all fishing hat is a must have for anglers of both genders, since it easily accommodates any head size.

The materials used are good quality polyester and cotton that offer the perfect combination for a product that is comfortable, as well as easy to wash and maintain in top notch condition.

Proper ventilation is ensured by a mesh section, so you will never have to deal with overheating when you are spending days in the sun, chasing after fish.

An adjustable string makes this versatile fishing hat perfect for any angler wishing to try it on.

The range of colors available makes it a good choice for both genders.



One of the biggest complaints from reviewers refers to the fact that the headband is not capable of absorbing moisture, so you may want to get an additional headband.

Another issue brought forward by buyers is that the fishing hat is not machine washable, so it is not particularly convenient in this respect. 

2.Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap


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Universal size can accommodate both males and females

The fishing hat reviewed here has only one size, which is an inner diameter of 7 ½ inches and an outer diameter of 13 ½ inches. This size is enough to accommodate anglers of both genders, regardless of the size of their heads. Unless the buyer has a really large body frame and a head size to match, this fishing hat is a universally good choice.

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Fully functional mesh section

When picking fishing clothing, it is very important to learn a bit about the materials used. In this case, the hat is a combination of polyester and cotton, each fabric with their own advantages and downsides. Polyester is highly durable and ensures that the hat will not lose its shape. It is also resistant to stains, so you do not have to worry about various spills and accidents that may dirty your hat. Cotton, on the other hand, is good at absorbing moisture, which is something polyester cannot do. All in all, this is a very comfortable fishing hat that will keep your head cool and comfortable during fishing days.

The mesh section this hat comes with is not just a design element. Actually, it has quite an important functionality, since it is geared towards providing good ventilation so that your head does not overheat and you do not risk suffering a heat stroke.

1.Camo Coll Outdoor Sun Cap



Adjustable string

Anglers who have already bought this fishing hat like the adjustable string that lets them choose the best fit for them. Such simple additions make an already good product an excellent one, and the Camo Coll Outdoor Camouflage Bucket Mesh Boonie is a good example in this respect.

You will find this hat in many attractive colors that cater to anglers of both genders.



This great looking fishing hat is a great choice if you are looking for a one size fits all kind of product. The hat fits well on any head and it comes in various colors. Extra comfort is ensured by the combination of polyester and cotton the hat is made of.


Buy from for ($12.98)




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