Caddis Northern Guide Grip Sole Neoprene Wading Shoe Review


Excellent support is among the top traits these wading shoes from Caddis come with.

The wading shoes are strong and resistant, thanks to their rugged design which should cope well with lots of abuse.

Many anglers appreciate having a zipper, instead of laces, because better resistance to water is provided.

You will surely love how durable these wading shoes are, and you will be able to go on many fishing trips with them.

The cushioned insoles provide extra comfort, so you can enjoy the best conditions, even when you have to walk for a lot of time.



One buyer mentions that taking these shoes off after a day spent fishing can be difficult, so a shoe horn may be required.

Finding the right size can be tricky, since one reviewer says that these shoes tend to run smaller than expected. 1.Caddis Northern Guide Grip Sole Neoprene Wading Shoe


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Designed for all types of slippery situations

When you are spending hours in the great outdoors, fishing or being involved in other physical activities, you need to know that your shoes can be counted on. The Caddis Northern Guide Wading is the type of shoe you should get if you want to enjoy maximum stability and support. You will be able to walk on all kinds of terrains, but you will be amazed by how great these shoes are when walking through mud. The side ankle straps are designed to make sure that your feet will not come out when you least expected.

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Can withstand the test of time

Everything about these shoes spells that they were built with strength and resistance in mind. Besides the general construction that is very sturdy, you will surely appreciate the reinforced upper mesh that is there for added durability. The manufacturer offers one year warranty, so you can enjoy your shoes without fearing that they will come undone.

These boots do not have laces, but a zipper that makes putting them on really easy. The material used for the zipper is of high quality, so you will not experience the annoyance of having to replace the zipper before the shoes become worn out.

2.Caddis Northern Guide Grip Sole Neoprene Wading Shoe


Reinforced toes and heels

The Caddis Northern Guide Wading is built with durability in mind. The soles are quite thick, so you will not have a worry when walking on sand or mud. The toes and heels on these boots are reinforced, as well, so you will get to enjoy your wading shoes for a long time.

No matter for how long you need to walk in these shoes, you will not have to worry about experiencing too much discomfort. The insoles are cushioned for increased comfort and you will be able to use your boots for as long as you need. This is one of the most important aspects that the Caddis Northern Guide Wading is known for, and why these wading boots are so popular among anglers.



What do you need most in fishing footwear? If you need comfort, stability and support, the Caddis Northern Guide Wading is exactly the model you need, because these wading shoes will not let you slip and fall when walking on tricky terrain, nor will they hurt your feet, even when walking in them for several hours in a row.


Buy from for ($52.44)



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