Caddis Men’s Attractive 2-Tone Taupe Deluxe Wader Review

If you’ve been worried that waders might be too heavy or awkward to easily move in, you might want to try on this lightweight and breathable pair from Caddis.

You will appreciate not having to deal with water getting inside the waders due to the durable construction and doubled taped foot stockings.

Whether you are in a freezing stream fly fishing or casting from the shore in the cold, these waders will keep you warm and dry so you can concentrate on your line.

Designed to be versatile, functional and attractive, these waders make a great fit for male and female anglers.

The only main issue with these waders is the waterproof design. Some consumers have noted that when they are in water that is chest high it can start to leak in. This is not a problem with the product, only the buildup of pressure underwater is forcing some moisture into the breathable holes.

Some consumers have mentioned that the sizing for the stockings and waders can be confusing, but a complete chart can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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Can enable you to remain comfortable all throughout a fishing day

Even though these waders are constructed from a durable polyester material you will find that you can still move easily. This is because they are designed to provide you with a comfortable fit, without being too tight or restrictive. The breathable polyester will also help you stay warm and dry. Using innovative technology the fabric is designed to allow moisture and sweat to escape, while preventing water from leaking in. This ensures that you will stay dry and comfortable even when it is cold outside.

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Stockings made of neoprene

There is nothing worse than having cold wet feet when you are fishing, but this won’t be a problem with these waders. The attached stockings are constructed from durable neoprene, which is also great at keeping heat in. To ensure that there is a water tight seal the feet are doubled glued, taped and stitched so you never have to worry about cutting a trip short due to painfully cold feet.


Waterproof and durable construction

Constructed from durable polyester that is designed to be breathable and waterproof you can easily stay warm and dry in a variety of settings. Wade confidentially into ponds without feeling the chill of water on your feet, and you can even wear this pair when you are fly fishing in a freezing river. To ensure that you stay comfortable, along with improving durability these waders also comes with guards that are designed to protect your knees when you are kneeling on the rocks.

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Designed with conveniently adjustable suspenders

Caddis understands that all anglers are not built the same, which is why you can find these attractive two tone waders in a range of available sizes. Men and women can both benefit from the protection, and when you are comfortable you can also become a better angler. To ensure that the waders fit comfortably the convenient suspenders can be easily adjusted.


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