Bushnell BS454164B Elite Review

The use of the exclusive Rainguard HD lens coating will prevent the external fogging and moisture from interfering and ruining your shot.

The multi-coated lenses now also feature the proprietary Ultra Wide Band coating which helps boost brightness at dawn and dusk.

The excellent DOA crosshairs make it easier for hunters to strike the killing shot.

The use of high-quality materials ensures you get a durable product that is capable of handling itself in any condition.

While not necessarily a disadvantage, customers should be aware that if they want to use this scope with non-magnum calibers, they will want to calculate ballistics for the loads.

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Don’t let the elements affect your performance

As any hunter knows, you should never expect good weather, and you should always be prepared for the worst. The Bushnell model seems to be the embodiment of this mantra since the use of the exclusive Rainguard HD lens coating will have the user prepared for any weather condition.

You will no longer have to worry about external fogging and moisture ruining your shot. Customers love this feature as it helps them get the same viewing experience in rainy conditions as they do when sunny.

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A clear image at any time

The use of the new Bushnell Ultra Wide Band coating will help boost brightness at dawn and dusk. For hunters that like to surprise their prey and want to hunt in low-light conditions, this rifle scope is just the right product for them.

We looked at what the customers had to say, and we were not surprised to see that this is one advantage of the Bushnell scope that enjoys universal acclaim. Users reported that the unit is super bright at dusk and it allows them not to lose the prey.


Strike the killing blow

While most customers put a lot of emphasis on the viewing experience (as they should), they tend to miss the importance of quality crosshairs. Even if you have the best image quality, if you lack good crosshairs, you risk missing the shot.

The Bushnell BS454164B Elite makes use of great DOA crosshairs that will allow you to gauge the distance between you and the target so that you can make adjustments accordingly. You may even estimate the antler size of a potential trophy deer.



Spending your hard-earned money should only be done if you are sure that the product you intend to get can handle intense use for years to come. With the Bushnell model, we are glad to report that the manufacturer has only used high-quality materials and optics.

The product is manufactured in the USA, and it even comes with a limited lifetime factory warranty which just goes to show how confident the manufacturer is in the quality of its offerings.



The Bushnell BS454164B Elite is a rifle scope built to enhance the performance of the hunter. It can handle any weather condition or time of day, and the use of high-quality optics and crosshairs will ensure that you never miss a shot.


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