Top Waterproof Hunting Pants Reviewed in 2018
Top Waterproof Hunting Pants Reviewed in 2018

Best Waterproof Hunting Pants. Comparison & Buying Guide

If you’ve come here to find out what the best waterproof hunting pants in 2018 are, you are in luck. In this short paragraph, we have gathered the results of our extensive research where we looked at numerous reviews of waterproof hunting pants, consumer reports, and more. We’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the Rocky Men's Venator. If you want to handle the unpredictable weather, this is an option that offers the ultimate protection against water, cold, and wind. Unlike other alternatives available on the market, this unit features an ultra-soft and fabric that will remain quiet even when wet. What’s more, it also features waterproof pockets which means that you’ll be able to use them to store your water-sensitive equipment such as your capable hunting GPS. If you are unable to find this model available for sale, we recommend you consider getting the ScentLok Cold Blooded.

Our top choices

If you are short on time and you are unable to do a prospecting of the market, or if you are simply baffled by the numerous models available on the market, perhaps you should take a peek at our selection. These models are critically acclaimed, and if you are looking for good waterproof hunting pants, this is the perfect place to start.

Rocky Men's Venator

Treat yourself to an affordable and high-performance pair of pants that are designed to handle even the harshest weather conditions. You will never have to let the weather dictate what you can and can’t do because once you put the Venator model on, you’ll immediately be greeted by comfort and protection.

This is a fully taped and seemed pair of pants, and it features the proprietary Venator camo that is designed to keep you dry even when it is raining at an angle. This means that you won’t have to worry about the wind taking raindrops to places that are not well protected as this is a 100% waterproof unit.

Pair this item with some cozy and warm hunting socks to get the ultimate experience. What’s more, unlike other waterproof alternatives that tend to get noisy when wet, the Venator uses SilentHunter suede fabric. The micro-denier fibers wick moisture away, and they will also keep you as silent as a mouse.

This is a lightweight product that uses 4-way stretch fabric. What this means is that it will not hinder your mobility in any way so that even when you’re carrying a high-capacity hunting backpack that is full of gear, you will be able to enjoy the best freedom of movement.

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ScentLok Cold Blooded

If you’re looking for quality and you don’t mind spending more for a truly premium option, the ScentLok pants live up to their name. They are built specifically for hunters that don’t want anything to stop them which is why it comes with numerous killer features that will help you emerge victorious from the field.

The brushed tricot construction is extra-durable so that you can traverse even the most difficult terrains. This rugged fabric is combined with the acclaimed Carbon Alloy odor absorption technology that will reduce your scent signature in the field so that the game will never know you are coming for it.

If you like using your nifty fishing bow, you should be glad to know that you won’t have to worry about water and sweat weighing you down. The moisture-wicking inner liner will keep sweat at bay so that you can keep yourself focused on what matters. The waterproof membrane will guarantee that no downpour will get through your pants.

The improved design is also worth talking about as this variant features a gripper waist and elastic buckles that will produce a tight and comfortable fit for your body. The seven pocket design is another awesome asset that will allow you to store all your essentials so that you don’t have to carry your utilitarian tackle box with you at all times.

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Wildfowler Men's Outfitter

The Wildfowler Men's Outfitter is another affordable option that works great for both amateur and more experienced hunters. If you want to keep yourself dry, warm, and comfortable, there’s no better choice as this unit features a 100% waterproof design with taped seams that will manage to keep water out.

This option will not only keep you dry as the windproof construction will prevent cold wind from getting inside the fabric. The use of cutting-edge fabrics ensures the breathability of this unit, making it a perfect choice for both warm and cold environments as the breathable material will wick moisture and sweat from the inside of the garment.

The Wildfowler unit also uses soft tricot outer material which is great for all types of hunting as it will keep you silent. When you want to stay one step ahead of the game, sound is an important factor. The quiet textile that this model uses will keep you silent even when wet.

Another great feature that these pants offer is the quality camouflage design. The patterns used by Wildfowler are highly effective and have been created by concealment specialists and which are constantly tested on the field to ensure that what you get can perform just as advertised.

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Buying guide

Finding a pair of quality waterproof hunting pants is not an impossible task, as there are many worthy options available for you, but it can definitely be a bit frustrating. With so many options on the market that offer similar features and prices, it can be quite hard to know what to pick.

There’s also the fact that each customer has his or her own personal preferences that can make the purchasing process that much more difficult. We want to make things easier for you which is why in our buyer’s guide below we have selected some of the key features that customers and experts alike consider to be essential when purchasing such an item.

A comfortable fit

Finding the perfect material requires a lot of research since manufacturers keep inventing new fabrics to use for their hunting and outdoor gears. Hunting pants can be constructed from various types of materials, but the most important thing you have to consider is the amount of comfort they can offer.

In this scenario, there seldom is a wrong choice. Comfort is not universal and each person can have his or her own definition of what comfortable hunting pants feel like. As a general advice, we recommend you pick pants that are soft to the touch and that can stretch enough to allow for a large range of movement.

Breathability is also crucial as hunting apparel needs to keep you properly ventilated so that you never overheat or start to feel uncomfortable due to the accumulation of sweat. The lack of breathable hunting gear can end up making you feel miserable and will considerably shorten your hunting sessions.


When you undertake this harsh and unforgiving hobby that hunting can sometimes be, you can’t afford to get gear that is not up to the task. Hunting pants need to be durable since you are going to traverse varied and sometimes bleak environments.

When you will have to face mud, wind, dirt, and rain, sometimes over the course of a single day, your pants need to be of the highest quality. It’s not just about keeping your pants in one piece but also protecting yourself from the elements.

Choose the right pattern

You probably noticed that each model has its own unique pattern. Some show the image of leafs, snow, or tree branches. The pattern is an important feature, and it can help you score a kill if you chose it carefully.

Choosing the right pattern should be made with the place, season, and game that you intend to hunt in mind. These patterns can help you blend with your environment and make the prey notice you much harder and because of that they are a must for any hunter that wants to emerge from the field with a trophy in hand.

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