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Last Updated: 22.08.19

Walleye spinning reels – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


If you are short on time and you just want to find what the best spinning reel for walleye is, the following short paragraph should gather all the useful information you need. After considering the opinion of both customers and expert anglers, we have come to the conclusion that the Pflueger President is the best option available for sale right now. This quality option is the perfect choice for catching walleye due to its durable and sturdy design that will allow you to fight even the bigger fish without ever feeling underpowered. It uses nine stainless steel ball bearings that allow for this choice to be operated smoothly and the balls are guaranteed never to get corroded. The pulling power that this tool offers is also impressive mainly due to the reel’s multi-disc drag system. If the Pflueger President is unavailable, we recommend you consider the Quantum Accurist Pti as a second option.



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Because we know that picking the best walleye spinning reel is not an easy task, we have compiled a list of some of the commercially and critically acclaimed options available today. When drawing this list up, we have analyzed the walleye spinning reel reviews that have garnered the best customer ratings, as well as the quality, reliability, and affordability of each product.



Pflueger President


The best mix of quality and affordability is the one thing that every customer seeks in a product, and with the Pflueger President, it looks like customers are about to get what they want. This tool offers a class-leading performance at a price that is tempting even for novices, which can make this option a great starting point for amateur fishers.

This does not mean that this product is only limited to beginners as the extreme durability and the smooth drag are exactly the features that seasoned anglers seek in a product. The on/off instant anti-reverse bearing gives more control to the user allowing for people to customize their experience accordingly.

Smooth operation of the reel is ensured by the nine stainless steel ball bearings that combined with the anti-reverse bearing provide an improved crank control. The body is made out of graphite which makes it quite light while maintaining the overall integrity and strength of the device.

The handle uses a military-grade aluminum which is as impressive as it sounds. The commitment that Pflueger President has to provide their customers with only the best quality products really shows in the long run as this product can be expected to last for many years of use.

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Quantum Accurist Pti


If you’re looking for a premium device and you don’t mind having to spend more money to get it, the Quantum Accurist Pti is an alternative that is worth thinking about. This durable tool comes with an aluminum frame that allows it to have a light body without losing any of its strength.

The gear side also uses a custom machined aluminum that is strong enough to create a solid foundation for the gears drive, bearings, and shaft. The employment of a full-aluminum body gives the product a polished look, as well as the guarantee of a device that will last longer and be able to withstand a greater amount of force. An ideal tool to aid you in catching large walleyes.

When chasing an elusive fish, you won’t have to worry that your line or the mechanics inside the spinning reels will break. This option uses ceramic drag washers that can dissipate the extreme heat that can occur when a hard running fish pulls away.

Because durability is the selling point for the Quantum Accurist Pti, the bail wire is made from a flexible and durable nickel titanium so that you won’t have to worry about this moving piece ever breaking.

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Fin-Nor Mega Lite


If you are looking for an affordable alternative that will not only help you save money, but that will also give you the power and durability you need to succeed, the Fin-Nor Mega-Lite is exactly what you require. The 60-size of this option makes it a versatile product that can be used for numerous types of fishing, including walleye but also bottom fish or mahi-mahi.

Despite the low price, get ready to receive some really cool features including the Fin-Nor MegaLock infinite anti-reverse clutch system and a changeable right/left hand retrieve. These features help make the Fin-Nor Mega Lite a device that is easily customizable, and that can adapt to a wider range of users.

Due to the use of light materials, this alternative as the name also implies it incredibly light. This makes it easy to cast for a long period of time without getting tired which is ideal for when you want to spend most of your day fishing.

Even if this is a lightweight tool, you must not confuse this with lack of durability or strength. The Fin-Nor Mega Lite has a rigid body that is ready to face even the bigger fish. Similarly, the spool is made out of strong aluminum spool which makes it great for bottom fishing.

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Shimano Spirex RG


The Shimano Spirex RG offers a line capacity of 4 pounds/140 yards and a maximum drag of 6 pounds. These specifications make it great for walleye fishing as you’ll be able to catch even the bigger ones without having to drop a sweat. Similarly, the 140 yards casting area is more than enough to please even the more experienced fishermen.

Speaking of casting, this device uses the latest QuickFire II One-Handed Casting System you will be able to cast with just one hand without having to sacrifice distance for comfort. By using a graphite frame, side plate, and rotor, the Shimano Spirex RG is an extremely lightweight alternative that is ideal for people that enjoy being able to fish for long periods of time without feeling tired.

The use of graphite will also allow you to use this reel for saltwater fishing as unlike plastic or aluminum, graphite is not affected in any way by salt. The six shielded stainless steel ball bearings make operating this option a smooth and straightforward experience.

Unlike other alternatives on the market, the Shimano Spirex RG uses a rear drag which customers love due to how convenient it to use as opposed to the front drag.

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PLUSINNO HongYing Series


If affordability is what you seek, you will find it close to impossible to find an alternative that will help you save as much money as the PLUSINNO HongYing Series. This inexpensive product is perfect for people that either just starting their journey into the world of fishing and even for more experienced fishermen that just want a good product that will not have them break the bank.

By using an aluminum design, you can be sure that this option is one that will not be taxing to your hands even when fishing for long periods of time. In fact, with a weight of just 8 ounces, this is one of the lightest alternatives in this price range that you will be able to find.

Additionally, the product is equipped with a power drive gear that will improve the strength of your reel in order to allow you to catch even the most aggressive fish. The s-curve oscillation system improves the line winding which means that casting the line will be easier and you’ll be able to reach further distances.

Unlike other reels that will sometimes turn back before the anti-reverse kicks in, the PLUSINNO HongYing Series features an instant anti-reverse system that does its job properly.

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Buying guide


Selecting a good spinning reel for walleye nowadays is a daunting task seeing as the market is flooded with options that you can choose from. But how can you know which one works for you or which one has the higher quality? That’s what we seek to find out in our buyer’s guide below.

By using the information we’ve gathered from other fellow fishermen as well as specialized websites, we will show you the features that your ideal product should have. By using this information, you will be able to narrow your searches so that you only settle for the very best.


Consider your fish, location, and technique

With the number of options available today, finding the best reel can be a never-ending quest for less experienced anglers. Before we go about presenting some of the features a spinning reel should have, we think that it is important for you to consider carefully when, where and how you intend to use your product.

Having these questions answered can really help narrow down your searches by a lot, it can save you time, but it can also make it so that you have the guarantee of a product that meets your criteria and that performs well. First, you need to know what kind of fish you want to catch.

Will you only be catching walleye or do you want a versatile tool that can lend itself to more types of fishing? Consider the angling techniques that you want to use because it is crucial that you verify that your purchase does not limit you in any way. Another question that you should ask yourself is the locations that you want to fish in, just how far do you want to be able to cast?

Once you have answered these questions, you will see that the list of potential products has diminished considerably. You will also have the guarantee that the product you choose can mold perfectly to your needs because having the biggest and most expensive product out there is not what you should look for, not unless your needs demand it.


Size and weight

The size and weight of your spinning reel play a big role, and it can even affect your performance. Spinning reels these days come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and weights, you can find an option that can meet the preferences of pretty much anyone.

A lightweight alternative, for instance, can be the perfect choice for people that spend many hours fishing and waiting for those elusive fish to bite the bait. When you need to hold the rod for hours on end, the lightest option can be of real help. A lighter or a heavier option, depending on your preferences, can also help you cast better.

What you need to be extra careful about when choosing a light product is that you never sacrifice durability and strength. As such, even if you want the lightest device available, you should be certain that it is sturdy enough because there’s nothing worse than having your newly bought acquisition break after just a few uses.

Another crucial thing to consider is that for the best performance your reel needs to balance with your rod. So, for example, you can’t use a reel that weighs too much for the rod as it will remove a lot of the sensitivity that the rod tip has in feeling a fish strike. The same is true if you choose a reel that is too light as your hands will feel in fact more tired due to the uneven weight distribution.


Line capacity

Knowing the line capacity of your product is crucial as it can dictate the type of fish you can catch as well as just how far you will be able to cast. Finding the line capacity of your purchase is quite easy as you will find it printed on the product as well as on the manufacturer’s website.

The chart will comprise two number, and it will look similar to this: 10/(155). The first number indicates the lbs the line has been tested to work with correctly without it showing signs of stress or making it difficult for a fisher to use it.

The second number shows you the length of the fishing line in yards. Unless you spinning reel comes equipped with fishing line, you need to make sure that you only use line capacity mentioned by the manufacturer. If you use a 30lb line on a reel rated for 8lb, the increased line thickness will make it difficult for you to cast.



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