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Waders for women – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Choosing the best women’s waders is a difficult task, especially since there are so many great products available on the market. It even gets more complicated if you are a woman and are looking for a close-cut fit specifically designed for your body shape and needs. Based on our findings, it looks like the LoneCone Deluxe is the model that you ought to consider as it enables the user to remain dry and comfortable. The product features adjustable suspender straps and a belted waist so you can work around excessive fabric even if you are petite or thin. The lightweight material it’s made provides plenty of flexibility. If the LoneCone Deluxe is no longer available, do check out the Allen Company Brule River as it is a good alternative.



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After analyzing numerous products available, we came up with some of the highly recommended alternatives out there. Based on popularity, price and favorable reviews, these models are worth looking into.



Lone Cone Women’s Deluxe


These women waders come in plenty of sizes to choose from, so you’ll always get to buy the perfect fit, whether you’re a size 6 US or 16 US.  The product is flattering and will provide a comfortable fit. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps to create the perfect fit for you, no matter how tall or curvy you are.

In addition, thanks to the provided chest belt, water will stay out, and excess fabric won’t get in your way when you’re using this pair of waders. The item is 100% waterproof but also allows your skin to properly breathe. This pair of waders is made of a polyester-nylon fabric that is durable, waterproof, and lightweight at the same time.

The triple-layer reinforcements on the knees will prevent friction and will keep you protected. In addition, the product also comes with a pair of durable neoprene foot socks that are thin and will easily fit into your fisher boots to keep your feet warm and protected.


The shape of this pair of waders is designed to fit the body and shape of women for a closer and more comfortable fit.

The fleece-lined kangaroo pocket is a nice addition if you want to keep your hands warm or have your essential fishing or ponding tools with you.

The product is 100% waterproof but will also help your skin breathe properly to maintain the optimum body temperature and keep you dry all day long.

These waders also come with a pair of neoprene foot socks that will prevent leaking and keep your feet dry. The included socks are thin enough to fit in your boots too.


The item is not exactly wide in the calf area so if you have thicker legs, you might want to size up or choose another product. Keep in mind that if the waders don’t suit you properly, you won’t be able to flex your body as much and conduct your daily work in comfortable protection equipment.

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Allen Company Brule River


If you’re looking for a classic pair of waders, you might want to take into account this pair from Allen Company. The item is available in seven different sizes so you can get the perfect fit according to your size and weight.

The rugged nylon construction provides a lighter feel than rubber which allows you to easily move even during long working hours. The product is comfortable to wear and will keep you dry, whether you’re fishing, clamming or cleaning the ponds.

It comes with a pair of adjustable web suspenders to ensure a closer body fit, and the drawstring top allows you to add as many clothing layers as you want underneath. This means this pair of waders can be worn all year-round.

The integrated pair of booties will keep your feet dry and warm for the entire day. Make sure to order the size that corresponds to your regular shoe size or a size up for a more comfortable and loose fit.


This regular pair of waders is suitable for a hustle-free day ponding or fishing.

The product is made of a rugged nylon construction that is lighter than rubber to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort while wearing it.

It comes with adjustable web suspenders on the top so you can easily fit as many clothing layers as you want. As a result, this pair of waders is suitable for wearing year-round, including during the summer or winter if you add an extra layer of warm clothes.

The waders come with an included pair of insulated boots that will help you conduct your business without getting your feet wet or cold.


Some of the customers complain about the fact that these waders run small. They are not designed for tall people or those with large calves as they are rigid and won’t allow you to move freely while wearing them.

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Caddis Deluxe


This wader is one of the critically acclaimed choices we have come across. If you are looking for a less traditional women’s wader suit with a more vibrant color than the traditional green scale, this one’s a keeper.

The wader is made out of superior quality fabrics and will ensure a long lasting even in harsh weather conditions. Wear this all-year round while performing activities such as bird watching, fishing, clamming or working in your pond. This pair is complete with a set of neoprene booties perfect to keep your feet and legs warm no matter the temperature outside.

Moreover, due to their soft and flexible outer the booties can easily be worn underneath regular water boots without having to worry water might break in. Do not wear this wader if you are a bird watcher because it will easily distract attention and reveal your camouflage.


Made from a lightweight, breathable fabric with gravel guards, stocking foot, enforced knees and adjustable suspenders, as well as a large pocket with gravel guards. Everything you could ever think of putting in a pair of good women’s waders is enclosed in this Caddis wader pair.

Complete with Caddis Dry patented technology to keep water out while also allowing perspiration through. In other words, while wearing this wader, your skin will have enough room to breathe while all the water will be kept out for a dry and warmth feeling all day long.

This particular model of waders comes in no less than ten different sizes for women.


Although the color is a bright one and clearly outshines the vast majority of regular waders out there, some customers may not consider the color to be appropriate for all water-involving activities.

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Caddis Queen Size Green


This Caddis Wader designed specifically for women is an online hit. With more than an affordable price and featuring a strong, long-lasting neoprene fabric with adjustable suspenders, this pair of waders is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry throughout the year, no matter the season.

Thanks to its loose fit it can help you store as many layers of clothing underneath as you would want and still be as efficient during the summer with just a t-shirt under. Moreover, the adjustable suspenders allow for a closer cut and a better fitting altogether.

However, if the lower part of the waders is too long for you, we suggest you also purchase a bigger size for your water shoes/ boots to use the extra room to store the layers of the waders. Nevertheless, this is a great and long-lasting product you should definitely give a shot.


A highly affordable wader which can be easily worn during the hot season or winter. The true-to-size fit allows you to wear as little as a shirt underneath or even several layers of clothes if you are due to work during the winter season.

Made from high-quality neoprene with 3.5 mm thickness to ensure a dry climate all day long. Wear it comfortably, and you won’t have to worry about a thing in a world whether you are fishing or clamming.

Features double-taped glued and stitched feet for a warm and dry sensation no matter how high the humidity is outside.

The product is sold in four different sizes, to accommodate just about any type of female body for a closer cut to the body and a better fit.


However, some customers claimed the product was rather long in the pants area and had to be cut for a better fit. However, this is a great and qualitative wader which will last you a long time from now on. If your size doesn’t quite fit you can alter it.

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Frogg Toggs Hellbender 


The Frogg Togg women’s waders is also an online hit with thousands of purchases and good reviews received from certified buyers. Although the price is high, we suggest you invest a bit more in a qualitative design which will bring your body into prominence while still keeping you warm and dry throughout the day.

This wader is perfect to store a few layers of clothing underneath but thanks to its hard outside shell you will not probably require more than a sweater. The product also comes with a drawstring wader bag for easy storing and cleaning.  In addition, this Frogg Togg pair of women’s waders is fully equipped with numerous pockets of different sizes and thicknesses to store all kinds of useful things, including tools or personal items.

The neoprene booties will keep you warm and dry too, and we suggest you order your usual shoe size. The overall waders do run a bit loose and baggy, so we suggest ordering a smaller size.


These ladies waders are made from a very resistant and strong nylon microfiber outer shell to ensure a long lasting design which will not alter its shape even after years of hard use.

The DriPore registered technology can allow for a waterproof and, at the same time, breathable fabric to keep you dry and warm throughout the day, no matter the activity you are performing.

Features an adjustable elastic wading belt with loops for a great fit, closer cut to the body. The suspenders are also adjustable to perfectly accommodate each size of torso and ensure an overall close fit to the body.


This product is significantly more expensive than the previous one, but it does come with superior quality in terms of fabrics and overall fit. If you are looking for a long term pair of women waders which will not wear off or degrade in time, you should try this one out.

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Buying guide


Finding the perfect set of fishing accessories and clothing could prove a quite difficult task to accomplish, especially if you are a woman. Most fishing clothing features large and baggy sizes, mainly designed for men or for super large women, thus finding a pair of women’s waders that actually fit is more difficult than you could imagine. Here is what you should take into consideration while looking for best women’s waders for sale.


Choose breathable and lightweight fabrics which will not narrow down your possibility to walk, breathe and work comfortably throughout the day. Choose a pair of ladies waders with reinforced knees since most of the body’s pressure is in that area. Also, look for waders which are specifically designed for women, following the anatomically right shape of the body for a closer, better fit. A good design should also be adjustable through its accessories – belts, suspenders, straps, etc.



Before going shopping establish a budget for your further purchases. Depending on your own expectations regarding a wader, you will have to pay anywhere between $50 and $150 and more for a good pair of ladies waders. Read our best waders for women reviews to ensure you picked the product that will best match your description. If you are not overly pretentious in terms of color, design or fitting, a good pair of waders shouldn’t cost you more than $70.


Choice of fabrics

Again, depending on your own requirements, there are plenty of options when it comes to women’s waders. The most durable fabrics are nylon microfibers and neoprene and are within a decent price range as well. As previously mentioned, opt for a design with reinforced knees and an overall design with at least three layers of fabrics to ensure a good insulation and protect you from wind, bad weather and excessive humidity.



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