Best 3 Upland Hunting Pants Compared in 2018
Best 3 Upland Hunting Pants Compared in 2018

Upland Hunting Pants – Buying guide, Reviews and Comparison

If you want to find the best upland hunting pants in 2018 and you don’t have the time to read our upland hunting pants reviews, this short paragraph contains all the information you need. After doing our research where we weighed criteria such as durability, comfort, and quality, we’ve concluded that the model you should consider is the Wrangler Men's ProGear PG101AN. This unit is built to last, and each pair is ready to take on the rigors of the field so that you can enjoy a comfortable and efficient hunting session. The proprietary room2move fit ensures that you get a custom-fit in the seat, knees, thighs, and cuffs. You’ll be able to move freely so that you never miss a shot due to a stiff garment that limits your range of movements. In the unfortunate event that this unit is not available for sale, we recommend you consider the Wrangler Men's ProGear 086L44.

Our top choices

If after doing your research you are still finding it hard to pick a pair of good upland hunting pants, you ought to take a quick look at our selection. These are the critically acclaimed models that have won the satisfaction of customers and critics.

Wrangler Men's ProGear PG101AN

Upland hunting is an intensive activity that requires you to wear a fitting garment since you don’t want ever to miss a shot with you awesome compound bow. You need a pair of pants that are built to last and to offer increased mobility, features that the Wrangler alternative comes with.

This unit is ready to be taken on the field as it can successfully withstand any rigors you might encounter on the way. No matter the type of terrain your trek on or the weather you face, the ProGear model lives up to its name and provides you with an experience that will make even the amateur hunter feel like a professional.

The 100% cotton construction will make you feel incredibly comfortable so that you can hunt for longer without having to take breaks and without getting your skin irritated. When hunting in the scorching heat of the summer, this breathable alternative will prevent you from sweating even when hauling your hefty bow case and other pieces of equipment.

What’s more, the straight-leg design with contrast canvas paneling at the front and back of the legs look incredibly good. You can wear these pants in any season and place as they are built to make you feel great.

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Wrangler Men's ProGear 086L44

Finding a great rugged pair of upland hunting jeans can be quite difficult and the Wrangler model stood out due to the excellent customer reviews. The people that tried this model were impressed with how well it can handle various hunting conditions and weather but also how rugged and durable this product is over the years.

These pants are made from cotton which ensures a comfortable fit that will not affect your skin in any way. If you have sensitive skin, choosing this option is a no-brainer as cotton is extremely gentle to the skin and it provides a proper protection for all seasons.

The room2move proprietary fit design offers a custom-like fit in the seat, thighs, cuffs, and knees. This is a great addition since you want to get the best freedom of movement while hunting. With this unit, you’ll be able to handle your new monocular for hunting and find your prey in no time.

What’s more, the leg opening fits perfectly over your comfortable hunting boots which means that you get a pair of jeans that offer a seamless experience so that you can enjoy the benefits of the water-repellent Teflon finish that will keep you dry in the field.

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Browning Field Tan

With a 100% cotton canvas, this great pair of pants will offer outstanding durability and a traditional design so that you feel comfortable and safe while wearing them. The briar-resistant overlays on the legs provide increased protection from tears and any other kind of damage that could occur while you’re traversing rugged terrains.

This unit is designed in the USA and uses only the highest-quality materials which means that you can be sure that purchasing this unit will mean that you get an amazing value for your money. All the Browning products are tested extensively to high standards of durability so that the customers get exactly what they paid for.

While this model is designed specifically for upland hunting, it can also be used by any avid outdoors person as these pants are designed to handle any possible environment. The work-pant-style cut allows for improved freedom of movement so that you can perform better while wearing the Browning solution.

The flap-rear and deep hand pockets will not only work as great hand warmers, but they can also be used to store crucial hunting equipment. You can even store your portable hunting GPS in the pockets so that you always have it within arm’s reach.

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Buying guide

Finding the ideal upland hunting pants can be a real adventure, as the number of choices available can make the buying purchase seem quite daunting. What’s more, there are also different designs, materials, and other features that need to be considered and they can make an amateur hunter feel more confused than ever.

With all these details aside, one also has to keep in mind the value that they get from the product. To make things easier and to simplify this whole process as much as possible, we have compiled the following buyer’s guide just for you.


No matter the type of hunting that you want to pursue, one constant factor that you should always bear in mind while purchasing hunting gear is the durability that the particular product can offer. Hunting is an intense activity that can put any garment to its limits and this is why a durable construction is a must.

Your clothing should be able to withstand the numerous obstacles that you might encounter in the field. You will have to climb hills, walk through shrubs, and not to mention that you will also have to handle the ever-changing weather. All these can take a toll on your new hunting pants.

Whether you go for a premium option or you want to settle for cheap upland hunting pants, always make sure that the model you choose can handle the activities you want to pursue.


The best pants are the ones that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, and comfort is one of the most important factors when upland hunting. A good fit will allow you to maneuver better so that you can outpace your prey and get that perfect shot.

A suitable hunting gear is also one that is breathable. Sweat and overheating can drastically affect your performance which is why pants that come with breathable fabrics can give you an edge. When you feel clean, cool, and dry, it is much easier to enjoy yourself.


When hunting, maintaining silence is essential and it can make the difference between a successful hunting session where you can outsmart the prey and one in which all the game evades you.

Your upland hunting pants should be soundproof in both wet and dry conditions. A soft fabric is the best option you can choose as it does not produce sound when you’re walking or when it is hit by raindrops.

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