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Ultralight spinning rod and reels – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


Looking for the best ultralight spinning combo? If that’s the case, perhaps this paragraph might be able to enlighten you. After having considered the user feedback, the sales figures, and the value offered for the price of hundreds of critically acclaimed choices, we have decided that the Ugly Stik GX2 is the unit you should bear in mind. The one-piece build is something you should look for if you’re in the market for a durable ensemble that can last you for many angling seasons. Plus, this particular model boasts a 4-bearing reel which gives a pointer as to whether or not you’ll enjoy perfectly balanced retrievals. Besides, the series is available in multiple sizes, thus being tailored to the needs of many fishers. Should you be unable to choose the Ugly Stik GX2, perhaps you should consider the Pflueger President as it came second on our list.



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10 Best Ultralight Spinning Combos (Reviews) in 2020


If you are going after smaller fish or need plenty of control when you are casting you might want to consider an ultralight spinning combo, and there are several setups for anglers to choose from. While we can’t pick the right gear for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best ultralight spinning rod and reel combos showcased below.



1. Shakespeare USSP481UL Ugly Stik GX2


This combo comes with most of the features you might be looking for. It’s convenient, versatile, and can put up with a lot of abuse as many fishermen and women alike argue that it’s one of the most durable settings ever to have been invented. The 1-piece design of the pole has something to do with that, and there’s no doubt about it.

As an ultralight combo consisting of a 1-piece rod and a reel boasting 4 ball bearings, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to cast and retrieve both easily and efficiently, as long as you choose this alternative. The 5:2:1 gear ratio ensures that your retrieves are steady and enjoyable all throughout your fishing trip.

Because more than two hundred anglers have taken the time to review this product, we had the opportunity to see whether or not it’s worth every penny. Based on what we found about it, it appears that the GX2 is indeed worth the investment, especially as it doesn’t cost a fortune and is entirely capable of doing what it’s supposed to.

What a difference a well-balanced spinning combo can make when it comes to catching more fish. Fortunately, the GX2 can do just that.


Suitable for anglers of every skill level, this product is a rod-and-reel set that provides the basic elements you need to enjoy a day of fishing.

The rod boasts a laudable combination of graphite and fiberglass in its construction, which means you get the strengths of both materials while canceling out their weaknesses.

Durability is assured by the innate strength of the materials. Sensitivity is a given because of the effective transmission of vibrations to your hands.

Thanks to the Clear Tip design, the combo provides the strength and responsiveness you need to execute decisive hook setting.

The single-piece rod build provides no points of weakness where the unit could suddenly fall apart when there’s a prolonged battle with the fish. The rod has an ergonomic, lightweight design for all-day handling comfort.


A customer was disappointed to receive the rod with scratches and scuffs on the handle but concedes they will not affect performance.

Buy from for ($39.96)





2. Pflueger President Spinning Combo


2.Pflueger President Ultralight Spinning ComboIt is easy to see why this spinning rod and reel combo from Plueger is a popular choice with anglers looking for a reliable ultralight setup. The ultralight spinning rod is designed to be easy to control, and you will also appreciate how sensitive it is when you are casting for smaller fish.

It also comes with a cork wrapped handle to ensure a comfortable grasp. The spinning reel is constructed from oxidized aluminum so rust won’t be a problem. The nine ball bearings ensures a smooth and reliable performance, and you will appreciate the automatic anti-reverse bearing.

What really sets this spinning reel apart is the carefully machined holes that help to reduce its overall weight.


With its 9 stainless steel ball bearings, the reel in this spinning combo enables easy casting and retrieves for consistently smooth operations.

The instant anti-reverse one-way clutch bearing enables you to gain easy control when you inadvertently release the line too quickly so there are no knots and line breakages.

The anodized aluminum spool is ported and machined to ensure remarkable durability and ease of use. It has a distinctive hole pattern to reduce its overall weight. The component is also braid-friendly.

The two-piece design provides value for the money to cut down your shopping time by half because you get two components in a single purchase.

Enjoy the Ultra-Light setup that provides effortless control and good sensitivity when angling for smaller fish.


The rod-and-reel combo components have to be affixed securely to each other to ensure nothing comes apart when you cast vigorously. Make sure everything is properly attached.

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3. 2PC Shimano Spin Combo


3.Shimano IX SRS Spinning ComboEvery aspect of this spinning rod and reel combo is designed for performance. The graphite rod is lightweight and sensitive which is just what you need when you are casting for smaller fish. It also comes with an EVA handle that is comfortable to hold and it won’t slip easily out of wet hands.

To ensure convenient portability the rod can be broken down into 2 pieces, and it is just as easy to reassemble when you are ready to start casting. The spinning reel is resistant to rust and corrosion so you can depend on a smooth performance every time.

Since it comes with a gear ratio of 4.1:1 and rear drag you can use this setup for a variety of fishing applications. Designed to provide you with a reliable performance this ultralight combo might be just what you need.


Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use, this combo kit lets you enjoy the fishing style you are used to and is designed not to disappoint.

For a lightweight yet strong configuration, the reel features a graphite frame, rotor, spool, and side plates. Graphite is known to withstand the elements of fishing.

The graphite elements also enable the efficient transmission of vibrations so you can feel the actions of the fish at the end of the line in the water.

This particular option is rated for use with monofilaments, braided lines, and fluorocarbon lines for that versatility you want in your fishing rig.

If you seek nothing less than fast and easy casting with your angling setup, this choice provides the solution. It features an exclusive Quick Fire II system to deliver in that aspect.


Probably owing to its lightweight graphite construction, the reel has been noted by some buyers to feel rather cheap.

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4. Shakespeare 2-Piece Micro Spinning Combo


1.Shakespeare 2-Piece Micro Spinning ComboThis spinning rod and reel combo is designed to be used by amateur and professional anglers. It comes with a graphite spinning rod that is lightweight and sensitive so you can feel every nibble on your line.

Since it is also rated for light power you have the control you need to cast in confined spaced. The durable spinning reel comes pre-spooled with 4 lb test line so you can get started fishing right out of the box.

The reel also comes with a handy anti reverse system that can be turned on and off as needed. Tested to ensure durability and easy to use, this spinning combo might be just what you need on your next fishing trip.


Ideal for anglers of various skill and experience levels, this micro-spinning combo enables different anglers to make the most of the Shakespeare fishing technology known all over. Because it is a combo kit, you won’t have to shop separately for the two components in the package.

This combo kit offers durability and reliability while being easy to use and boasting high-quality craftsmanship and performance.

The supplied reel features a Selective On/Off anti-reverse system that enables you to release the fishing line fast without getting stuck or knotted.

The underspin model features a clicker, which allows you to leave the rig unattended. The clicker alerts you to the presence of fish biting or nudging the line in the water.

You won’t have to make a separate purchase for the fishing line because the reel comes pre-spooled with 4-pound test line. Just set the unit up with your favorite tackle and you’re all set.


As what has been proven by one buyer, the reel in the combo kit needs to be retightened periodically to ensure a secure attachment.

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5. KastKing Calumus Ultra-Light Spinning Fishing Rods


A lightweight rod may be just the only thing you need to bring out the genuine angler in you. If that’s something you prefer, you will be happy with this spinning combo from KastKing. The company puts all the necessary effort to make the rods in this series as light as possible, but without sacrificing strength and durability.

Made from graphite, this rod will provide you with the means to fish for crappie, bass, and many species that prefer warmer waters. You will appreciate how sensitive the rod is, despite being lightweight. That happens because the manufacturer employed the means to keep the added components at minimum weight.

For instance, the reel seats are also made from graphite. Even more, the EVA handle adds comfort, without adding weight, as well. As you cast your line, you can appreciate the superior balance this model provides.

One thing to remember is that this model is available in multiple versions, from the ultra-light option that is ideal for small trout, to an MH rod that is perfect for fish that can put up a fight such as walleye and bass. There are no fewer than nine versions, so it will be easy for you to get the right one for you.


Fine-tuning your fishing techniques is easy when you have such a plethora of rods to choose from, as offered by this series.

Made from graphite, this model is indeed lightweight, but you will not feel any loss of sensitivity, as it sometimes happens with rods that fall into this category.

Comfort is essential for anglers, as they may have to cast the line for hours until they catch something, so the EVA handle is an excellent addition to this design.

Ideal for warm water species, this combo is great for catching small fish to those that are quite strong and can fight you until you pull them out of the water.

The spigot ferrules provided by the manufacturer will let you keep your combo in good shape when you must travel.


Although the model is advertised as being ultra-light, some buyers say that they found it heavier than expected.

Buy from for ($59.99)




6. Daiwa 942062-SSI Minispin System Travel Kit


If you want a combo you can take with you everywhere you need to travel for your fishing adventures, the Daiwa Mini System is an option to consider. For starters, it has a hard case for storage and transport, and you will surely appreciate how compact it is, which means that it will not take up a lot of room in your luggage. (check out the best spinning reels from Daiwa)

This tackle setup is an option you shouldn’t overlook if you like to move a lot. Yet, even anglers who are more used to fishing close to home can appreciate the convenience offered by this combo. The reel is equipped with a ball bearing drive and has multiple features that qualify it for a place on top of your shopping list.

For instance, the GyroSpin balancing feature provides you with the means to be in control of your combo all the time. Also, the Twist Buster is another feature you will love; it reduces line twist so that you don’t have to worry about something taking from the pleasure of catching a big fish.

The matching rod is a 4.5-foot model made from five pieces, and it can accommodate different lines and lures, giving you plenty of convenience and versatility.


The reel is equipped with a ball bearing drive for smooth operation and includes a plethora of features that come in handy when you are in the field.

Great balance makes the reel from this combo a great option, and it is all due to the GyroSpin feature available with it.

Also, you will not have to worry about your line getting twisted because, again, there’s a feature that deals precisely with that, called Twist Buster.

The rod accommodates an extensive range of line weights and lures, which means that you will be able to use it in many different situations.

A hard case completes the picture of this great combo; compact and hard-sided, it will keep the tackle in pristine condition until you need to use it.


The box supplied with your purchase is not as roomy as desired since you might have to work a little to make everything fit inside.

Buy from for ($39.18)




7. Eagle Claw Featherlight Combo


This combo carries a very suggestive name, and it is no wonder that many appreciate its ultra-light design. Even anglers who don’t have a lot of strength will discover that this rod and reel will help them score a fantastic catch on more than one occasion.

It is essential to notice that the manufacturer paid attention to the components, too, and not only to the rod and reel themselves. The handle style is cork, and therefore lightweight, just like the rest of the combo.

As far as line weight is concerned, you will be pleased to discover that this rod can accommodate anything from 2 to 6, and it can work with lure weight that goes from 1/16 to 3/8. What does this all mean for you as an angler? For starters, it means that you can catch panfish and trout without an issue.

It is well known that these species of fish require ultra-light action so that you can catch some. The strong body of the rod is made from graphite, keeping weight to a minimum. Also, the spool and the handle are made from aluminum, and the drag is particularly smooth. The six ball bearings present only contribute to its overall smooth operation.


A graphite body makes the rod lightweight and helps you control your tackle the way you are meant to.

Its ultra-light action makes this combo ideal for fishing trout and panfish, which allows you to bring home a good catch every time you go fishing.

The spool and handle are made from aluminum, so they are resistant to rust and corrosion; at the same time, they are lightweight, as well.

A smooth drag system is a must-have in a good quality spinning combo, and it’s a great thing that this is precisely what this model provides to the user.

There are six ball bearings present on this model, which adds to the overall smooth operation; they are another sign of a well-made product.


Some issues with the screws falling off have been reported, but, otherwise, no significant flaws seem to mar this product.

Buy from for ($73.76)




8. Cadence CC5 Spinning Combo Lightweight


The overall excellent construction of this model is what recommends it most and foremost. For starters, it is made from graphite and outfitted with stainless steel inserts and guides, for maximum resistance to corrosion. Also, the frame and side plates are made from carbon composite, while the EVA handle knob only adds more comfort, while keeping the entire setup lightweight.

The strong, durable materials employed on this model are just part of what makes it such an excellent choice for any angler, regardless of his or her level of expertise. For instance, the 8+1 ball bearing anti-reverse creates the ideal conditions for fishing. The operation is smooth, and there will be no resistance to fight when you have to roll back the line.

It is essential to mention that this model represents a series, and you can pick from a wide variety of actions and sizes. The spinning combo you need for your next fishing trip must be part of this series, and you only need to pick the one that is most suitable for you.

There is a one-year warranty included with your purchase, and overall, you will be pleased with the high value this series offers for the price.


Available in different actions and sizes, this series is one of the most versatile on the market, helping you pick the right one without a glitch.

24-ton graphite is used in the making of this model, so you can rest assured that the combo is both lightweight and durable.

You will appreciate that the frame and the side plates are resistant to corrosion, as they are made from carbon composite.

Furthermore, the guides and inserts are made from stainless steel so that they can take a lot of wear and tear without a problem.

This model is built with the user’s comfort in mind, so the 8+1 ball bearing construction for the anti-reverse creates the best conditions for smooth operation that is resistance-free.


Some customers talk about the fact that the drag setting could have been better, but they would not trade this combo for another product.

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9. Cadence CC4 Spinning Combo Lightweight


Cadence is a company with an excellent reputation, and this series of spinning combos will make it clear to anyone looking at it why it is so. For starters, these combos are made from 24-ton graphite, a type of material meant to resist a long time, while being lightweight. You will be satisfied with your choice right from the get-go.

Only the best materials have been used in the making of this spinning combo series. You can notice the attention to details by looking at the different components included in the construction of each combo. For instance, you will get an EVA handle knob, as well as a main shaft made from stainless steel. Down to the minutest detail, the combo is built to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

The guides and inserts are made from stainless steel, too. Also, the pinion gear is made from aluminum to make the overall construction durable.

You will be able to take this tackle with you for freshwater fishing, as it is ideal for catching bass, trout, or walleye. Inshore species won’t be a match for you, either, and you will be able to catch flounder, redfish, and other, without a problem.


You won’t have to worry about rust and corrosion being issues with this combo since the materials used in its making were precisely picked for this.

Another overall advantage that this model presents is its lightweight action that is also sensitive so that beginners can use it without a glitch.

In case you want to catch from freshwater species like bass and trout, but also inshore species, you will discover that this model can help you in every situation.

Created with the user’s comfort in mind, this combo comes with a large EVA handle knob that is particularly ergonomic.

Smooth operation is another trait of this combo, guaranteed by the 7+1 ball bearing system for the anti-reverse system.


It is not suitable for braided filament out of the box, one reviewer mentions as the only reason he or she would knock off a star from this product.

Buy from for ($69.99)




10. SouthBend ML210/502UL


This rod and reel combo is ideal for most situations, and its straightforward design and many useful features contribute to its popularity. The rod blank is made from fiberglass, so you can expect it to be lightweight and easy to use. In case you’re looking for a no-frills type of combo, you’re looking at it.

There are several great things about this model that will convince you it deserves a second look. For instance, the aluminum spool is corrosion resistant, but also lightweight, so your hands won’t become fatigued after spending too much time casting your line.

The overall excellent quality of the materials used recommends this model. The chrome guides, along with the reel seat made from graphite come to support this statement. Also, the cork handle makes using it very comfortable, while the stainless steel hoods will resist in water without catching rust.

Details such as the fact that the rod is made from five pieces will tell you how easy it is to store it away and carry it with you when you need to travel for your next fishing adventure. The maximum line weight allowed is 6lbs, and lure weight goes from 1/16 to ¼ oz.


Top grade materials are used in the making of this combo, making it durable and a sound investment for anglers of all levels of experience.

Because the rod is made from fiberglass, it is lightweight and provides sensitive action so that you can feel right away when fish are biting.

The user’s comfort appears to be an essential aspect for this manufacturer as the cork handle is ergonomic and lets you cast the line and retrieve it again and again without experiencing fatigue.

Fishing in saltwater conditions is not a problem as the stainless steel hoods, and chrome guide won’t corrode with time and won’t catch any rust.

Even more, the ultralight action, facilitated by the ball bearing construction of the reel, will make you feel super comfortable when using the combo.


Some customers mention that they love the rod, but cannot say the same thing about the reel which they find less convenient.

Buy from for ($19.99)




Buying guide


An ultralight spinning rod and reel is the perfect choice when you are going after bait fish or for casting in tight spaces. With so many spinning rods and reels on the market it is easy to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to choose the right setup, which is why we have included the following tips in this buying guide.

Best ultralight spinning combo


The best ultralight spinning combo reviews recommend deciding on a budget before you start shopping. Not only will this help narrow down your possible choices, it will also prevent you from spending more than you can comfortably afford. It is important to note that the materials used in construction can and will affect the price, and you don’t want to buy a cheaply made spinning rod and reel combo that breaks after a couple of uses.



Ultralight spinning rods constructed from graphite are lightweight and durable. They are also versatile and responsive, which is a necessity when you are going after smaller fish. You can also find ultralight rods that are constructed from a composite material, but they are slightly heavier than graphite models and are not as sensitive to small bites on the line.

Most spinning reels are constructed from aluminum to ensure that they are sturdy and lightweight. If weight is truly a concern you can find spinning reels that have holes carefully cut out of the body. This helps to further reduce weight without compromising the reel’s strength or performance.



A good ultralight spinning combo will either be rated for ultra light, light or medium power and the right one for you will depend on the type of fish you want to catch. If you are trying to replenish your supply of bait fish you will probably want to choose a combo that is rated for ultra light power since this will give you the control and responsiveness you need to cast in confined spaces. If you are casting from the shore or back of a boat a spinning rod with light or medium power will give you the versatility you need. (here you can find the best spinning reels for catfish)




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