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Last Updated: 12.08.19

Trout fishing reels – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


Once you decided to find the best trout fishing reel, you may not have enough time to go through all the reviews and buying tips we prepared for you. That’s why we condensed our research results into a single paragraph to help you find exactly what you need. Our analysis has on feedback from both amateur and professional fishermen has concluded that the Sougayilang Interchangeable is the best because it works smoothly, it provides a great cast and it has the right strength. The smooth operation and nice, quiet retrieve are encouraged by the 13 ball bearings. Using an S-curve system as well as a suitable spool, the cast is long and offers good line winding, of major importance when fishing for trout. Since it’s well built, the balance between reeling power and construction preserves the necessary strength to handle the fish. If the Sougayilang Interchangeable is out of stock, you should consider buying the Piscifun Aoka as it is a reliable alternative both in terms of performance and quality.



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Our top choices


Making a selection is always difficult as there are plenty of good reels on the market, but the ones that caught our attention are showcased below. You should dare to make your own choice after considering the strong points and drawbacks.



Sougayilang Interchangeable


The Sougayilang Interchangeable reel is the result of better design and technological improvement promoted by the brand.

It’s a medium sized well-built product that uses adequate materials to reach its purpose. The body is made of corrosion-free stainless steel, making it capable of saltwater operations. That is a versatile feature that saves both time and money.

The collapsible handle is interchangeable so that users can switch from left to right. You can lend it or use it in the family, so everyone can enjoy fishing.

The high gear ratio is beneficial. For most types of fishing quick retrieve is needed. In the case of reels with a small spool, high ratios are one way of compensating the inches per crank.

The adjustable cast control with specific sounds is a top feature when precision and powerful cast are necessary. For trout fishing, cast control is just what you need.  


The reel was designed with an ultra thin body, and that is well suited for the light action and balances well on most freshwater rods.

It’s a powerful piece of gear, with durable quality. Good materials, as well as sound build, are the reason why you’ll enjoy this product without complaining about any wiggle or play in the parts. You can get in a fish fight without worries.

You can carry it around conveniently. Thanks to the slim design and collapsible handle, this reel doesn’t get in the way so you don’t have to dismount it every time you need to get going.

The Sougayilang Interchangeable has an excellent line oscillation system. Embedding the new S-curve system for better results, this piece keeps the line well winded and makes it easier to control.


Some users have stated that their reel has jammed. Using it extensively could lead to such a malfunction.

The reel foot is made of a less enduring material.

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Piscifun Aoka


The Aoka reel series is what fishermen have in mind when they’re searching for a reasonably priced fly fishing reel that has a strong frame, efficient drag and medium spool size and weight.

Piscifun Aoka has been provided with a fully machined frame and die-cast spool that makes it both lightweight and incredibly strong. When durable metal gears are recommended, this choice should be on your mind.

It also offers a way to comfortably reel in the line. Oversized handles are easier to maneuver without affecting the style.

The use of cork and Teflon on the disc drag is one of the main ingredients to success. Studies show that cork is on top when it comes to reduced inertia and maximum drag, while a combination of cork and Teflon has higher chances of lowering startup inertia even more.

Releasing the spool is easy to do. Changing the retrieve from left to right will immediately let go the spool.  


The Piscifun Aoka series has the smooth drag you’ve been looking for. It combines a fully machined frame with a cork/Teflon disc drag system. The one-way clutch bearing engages the drag right away.

It has mid-arbor design which contributes to a better line spooling and reduces line memory. It’s also more convenient for quick line pick-up. The mid-arbor is a safe bet for fast retrieve and smaller weight.

The reel is provided with an oversize handle. It makes it more comfortable than the standard fly reels and gives you better control when you have more pounds to land.

Just like the Sougayilang Interchangeable, it has click drag and silent retrieve. The fast and silent retrieve is so efficient that it follows the hand move effortlessly.


It seems there are no directions as to how to change the retrieve from left to right. It’s simple to do, but people would be glad to see it on paper.

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TICA SB800 Cetus


The TICA SB800 Cetus is built with good materials. It employs an aluminum alloy spool and solid aluminum bail wire.

It’s light and small-sized, making it the perfect match for light sensitive rods dedicated to trout fishing.

The rotor is computer balanced. Using the latest computer technologies for the construction of reels is a way of making sure human errors don’t interfere with product quality.

Just like the other options we’ve presented you, this reel has an interchangeable handle. It also relies on 2 ball bearings that make it run evenly and without effort.

The manufacturer added an extra spool to the package, which gives, even more, value to the product. Using spare spools is quite usual when the game varies and you need to adapt.

Small and light, the reel can easily balance most freshwater rods, which is a thought you should hang on to. It is also comfortable when casting and easy to transport.


This small and fashionable reel has surprised buyers with a fine, smooth drag. For trout fishing, this is important as the fine line and sensitive rod tip relies on drag capacity for greater performance.

The anti-reverse works flawlessly. By using impact absorbent one-way clutch roller bearing, the reel is able to prevent any pull-back. A slip could mean a lost capture, so proper functioning of the anti-reverse is worth the investment.

Line retrieve is ideal. Smooth operation of the TICA SB800 Cetus is ensured by the 6 stainless steel ball bearings.

As it is small-sized, the reel is good enough for the 4-6 lbs test line, the preferred type when it comes to trout fishing.


Customers are dissatisfied with the second spool, saying it is made of low quality plastic.

A customer noticed that the line doesn’t always spool in evenly and it reduces casting distance.

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Buying Guide


One of the keys to an angler’s success is selecting the right reel for the type of fish and water. When he matches it with the right rod and line he is on the track to better experiences. In determining what the right reel is, the following lines are the helping hand we can give you.

Reel type

There are basically three popular types of reels. There’s the conventional, the spinning and the spin-cast. Then there are fly reels, electric reels, mooching reels and others that are less typical.

Conventional reels (which also classify as baitcasting, low-profile baitcasting, trolling and ocean reels) are not what you would normally be looking for.

Spin-cast types are mostly favored by kids or beginners, but they’re not recommended by the best trout fishing reel reviews.

The spinning reels, on the other hand, have useful features for trout fishing. The line capacity and casting performance are on the list, as is the line maintenance.

For some fast action enthusiasts, fly fishing reels will seem even better. Fly fishing is less versatile and more challenging, but it is successful and rewarding.


Features that matter

Essentially, you have to search for gear that can support at least 100 yards of 4 to 6 lb test monofilament. Since there will be some fighting, it is advisable to have a reel with infinite anti-reverse.

The material is also important and you’ll notice that plenty reels that are now for sale have integrated carbon fiber and composites into their construction. The metal parts are better as a rule and you should choose them if you can.

The best trout fishing reel reviews show that a smooth drag is important when choosing the right instrument. If it’s set in correspondence with the strength of the target fish it should preserve the line and make the best of rod’s action capability.


Spinning reels

A spinning reel is arguably the best fishing reel for trout. It allows much lighter lures and line has rare backlashes and allows finesse techniques.

Ultra-light spinning reels are small and compact and can be loaded with 2- to 6-pound test line. They’re a good choice for small streams and panfish and trout.

Light to medium spinning reels are mostly standard sized and can load 8- to 15-pound test line. They are the multi-purpose reels suitable for all freshwater fishermen.

Heavy spinning reels are rarely used for other than saltwater fishing. If you’re searching for the best reel for trout fishing you should search for a ultra-light or light spinning reel.



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