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Trail cameras for hunting  – Buying guide, Reviews, and Comparison


We can perfectly understand if you can’t spare some time to go over our detailed buying guide and product descriptions but allow this short paragraph to assist you in your search for quality hunting gear. For us to find the best trail camera, we looked at expert review sites for hunting and tracking equipment as well as consumer surveys. Based on sales figures, the popularity of the Moultrie A30 is irrefutable because of its ability to deliver maximum coverage in total darkness. This is thanks to the 850nm nighttime infrared technology and 24 LEDS. Customers love its efficient management of image quality and storage by employing low and high-resolution settings, along with the ability to capture high-definition, 15-second videos. Great for pre-hunting surveillance and animal behavior pattern evaluation, it can be used with SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher while handling up to 32 GB of memory. If the Moultrie A30 (2017) is not easy to find, get the second best option, the ZenNutt HD.



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5 Best Trail Cameras (Reviews) in 2019


1. Moultrie A-Series Game Camera All Purpose Series


The Moultrie A30 is a distinct improvement on the older and popular A-20 model in terms of better detection speed and range, and nighttime image quality while keeping the same easy and reliable configuration that seasoned hunters expect from this kind of device.

This model comes with 24 LEDs aside from the 850nm nighttime infrared technology. Both components work together to light up a distance of 70 feet away that is in total darkness. This gives a broad coverage and with reduced intrusion at that.

Image quality and storage are effectively managed using two resolution settings of high and low, along with 15 seconds of high-definition video. To enable you to enjoy expansive image storage, the camera lets you use separately purchased memory cards such as SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher for up to 32GB maximum capacity.

This means more images and videos captured for the study of the behavior of your prey to help you plan your hunts better.

The unit runs conveniently on 8 easy-to-find double-A batteries, capturing approximately 16,000 images, depending on the degree of use. To get the optimal life during harsh weather conditions, use lithium batteries.

Transport, storage, and outdoor functionality are not concerns because this model comes with a weatherproof plastic exterior and a sturdy case.


Capable of handling a maximum of 32GB, this model supports the use of separately bought SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher to capture more images.

This model has a 24-LED flash and comes with 850nm nighttime infrared technology to shine a light up to a distance of 70 feet even in total darkness for a wide area of coverage plus minimal intrusion.

The trigger speed of less than 0.7 second makes this model a suitable scouting tool to help you use your hunting equipment, resources, and skills optimally.

You will love the Image Mode options that enable you to make the most of the image capturing capabilities of this model. They include the Motion Detect Delay that aids in battery life conservation, and the Multi-Shot Mode for taking snapshots at a 0.7-second trigger speed,


One customer who seems to have used other Moultrie cameras is unhappy that this model doesn’t show the temperature as well as how many pictures the memory card can still accommodate.

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2. ZenNutt HD


The ZenNutt HD has so much going for it, you would probably not look at another brand or model ever again. This device delivers an impressive trigger speed at an exceptional 0.2 to 1 second, along with zero-second delay between triggers to capture up to three pictures in a snap. With the Multi-Shot feature, there’s no excuse for missing any of the action at all.

If you want quality day and night captures, this is the camera to get. It delivers 12 MP still images by day along with black-and-white photos at night. That’s beside the 1080p HD video with sound for comprehensive observations. Enjoy crystal clear day pictures, with a degree of clarity, color, and lighting that you will really appreciate.

Thanks to the 120-degree, wide-angle detection and flash range, you can make the most of the onboard multiple zone detection sensors for broad monitoring and shooting scope to better get a good study of the subject. For impressive night functionality, you can certainly optimize the Night Vision covert infrared flash LED that provides a 65-foot flash range in the dark. This enables stealthy target surveillance without spooking the creature out of its natural habitat.

Furthermore, the user-friendly setup comes with a 2.4-inch LCD screen display so there’s no need for complicated installation procedures.


Optimize the fast trigger speed to capture more activity with a zero-second delay between every trigger, along with as many as three pictures per activation.

Day and night captures are exceptionally clear and bright, with 12MP snapshots plus 1080P HD video with sound.

This wildlife camera has earned an IP54 rating for a waterproof quality that allows outdoor use, while the wide angle detection and broad flash range enable the hunter to see a broader spot.

Thanks to the user-friendly setup, there’s no need to guess what settings will work best because the system is already adjusted to the ideal observation levels for most wildlife applications.

Enjoy a wide range of functions for a truly comprehensive evaluation of animal behavior, from the Time Lapse feature to the Timer, Password Protection, and Timestamp, among many others.


When the flash is used, there tends to be a bit of noise, which might spook the animal being taken a photo of.

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The TEC BEAN 12 MP HD game and trail camera is a good way of capturing photos and videos of the animal you intend to catch during the hunting season. It enables you to perform surveillance and observation so you can monitor the target animal’s movements and behavior. This helps you plan your hunting activities for greater success.

Get quality, full-color resolution with up to 9 photos captured for every trigger, all thanks to the powerful 0.6 to 0.8-second trigger speed. Videos are rendered in 1920 x 1080P so you virtually lose no details. Photos and videos can be taken in full color during the day while black-and-white ones can be obtained at night.

What is even more remarkable is how the camera captures motion up to 75 feet or 23 meters away so nothing escapes you. When you’re observing reptiles, amphibians, and cold-blooded animals, the patented Motion Freeze feature can be very useful. This element reduces the unnecessary photo capture of the grass and leaves so all of the camera’s power and memory are optimized for animal observation.

To ensure a dependable functionality in the outdoors, this model comes with a two-level protection. It has earned an IP66 rating to ensure a waterproof build that shields it from moisture, rain, sand, corrosion, dust, and other potentially damaging elements.


If you are serious about observing animals in their natural habitat, you truly need this high-definition, 12MP, 1080P camera to serve as your eyes and ears on the trail.

This unit offers good quality, full-color resolution and captures images fast for serial motion observations, taking 1 to 9 photos for every trigger response.

It is equipped with a long, night vision range of 23 meters using 36 pieces of 940nm black, infrared LED for full-color photos and videos in the daytime plus black-and-white ones at night

You won’t miss critical details and only capture what is essential thanks to the patented Motion Freeze capability of the device.

To ensure genuine protection for outdoor use, this camera has an IP66, two-level protection that makes it resilient against snow, water, moisture, sand, dust, rain, corrosion, and many others.


In the same manner as other devices in this category, this trail and game camera exhibits late triggering at times, which may be attributed to extended instances of zero activity that takes the warm-up process longer.

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4. Leshp Game and Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD With Time Lapse


Providing an efficient means of surveillance and observation of animals without forcing them off their normal existence, the LESHP 12MP 1080P HD is a revolutionary tool that no hunter or animal scientist can go without. It is equipped with a 5MP CMOS sensor that detects movement and takes photos as well as videos with sound.

Thanks to the special sensor design, you can enjoy a 120-degree wide angle of detection so a broader spot can be observed to help you get more detail from your photos and videos. The trigger time is pegged at 0.4 second, which is speedy enough to capture plenty of images with one impulse so nothing is missed.

You have 66 feet of night time vision using nothing less than 42 pieces of LED so there is greater distance covered and illuminated adequately. This is both a waterproof and dust-proof model that has earned an IP66 rating so it is suitable for outdoor applications.

The low battery power alarm enables you to replace the batteries promptly so you miss nothing. This model comes with a number of other convenient features for a truly scientific performance. The features include Timestamp, Timer, Time Lapse, Interval, Multi-shot, and Password Protection, among many others.


Thanks to the 66 feet of night time vision, this device allows you to observe a larger expanse of area on the hunting trail so you don’t miss critical details.

The IP66 rating makes this model suitable for a range of outdoor applications where water/moisture or dust and dirt are a part of the observation setting.

This scouting camera is able to provide 12MP photos along with 1080P high-definition videos plus audio for genuine outdoor surveillance applications.

The 0.4-second trigger time enables the unit to capture plenty of action with every impulse to enable you to see more detail every time.

You also get a wide, 120-degree angle of detection to enable you to observe how the target behaves in its natural habitat without getting spooked away.


While this device ships with all you need to get started on the animal surveillance, only a few settings are available to choose from. There’s also a 1-second delay at startup but the unit works as it should.

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5. BlazeVideo HD


Boasting a high 16MP resolution, the BlazeVideo HD captures clear and compelling images to make it easy to observe the animal you are after in its natural settings. You won’t have to worry about spooking the creature away since you can just let the camera obtain footages and photos outdoors, which you can then view on your computer once you have collected enough.

The Night Vision feature is powered by 40 pieces of infrared LEDs along with Passive Infrared (PIR) for exceptional motion detection at night. The 2.36-inch LCD Screen simplifies the navigation of the camera menu and also allows you to have a sneak peek of what has been obtained so far.

Due to the integrated Motion Sensor, the camera can detect movement up to 65 feet away from it to ensure you don’t miss any details within that perimeter. Impressively, any sudden change in the ambient temperature triggers the camera to start taking photos and videos since the heat variances are attributed to animal motion by the sensitive PIR.

High-definition video clips are recorded automatically as well, in clear 720P format. This model runs on 8 pieces of double-A batteries for convenience. It can do its job in extreme temperatures ranging between -22°F and 158°F, making it ideal for outdoor applications.


This digital trail camera has an extra-sensitive Passive Infrared sensor that triggers the unit to start capturing photos and video when an abrupt change in the ambient temperature is detected, for automatic activation.

High-definition pictures up to 16MP and clear and vivid 720P video clips are obtained automatically to facilitate wildlife observation and surveillance.

The 2.36-inch LCD screen allows you to navigate the camera menu, change settings, or view footages without a computer.

You can set the unit to constantly capture videos and photos at specific intervals, which is quite useful when observing flowering plants, nest building, or simply when monitoring open yards or parking lots.

Be able to gain plenty of information about animal behavior in the wild with this device that can do its job in extreme temperatures between -22°F and 158°F.


With the mounting screw found on the front cover bottom of the camera body, you can’t open the unit once it is mounted on a tripod.

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Buying guide


Among all hunting equipment for sale, the trail or hunting camera has made the greatest impact compared to others. Nowadays, you might even find a cellular hunting trail camera that sends pictures to phone users for on-the-go surveillance. How do you distinguish good quality models in this class from the less popular ones?

Pick a product that can offer a good trigger speed

The trigger speed refers to the elapsed time beginning when motion is initially detected to the point at which a photo of the moving object is captured.

While it is largely influenced by the application for and location of the device, the trigger speed is not always an inconsequential aspect in a hunting camera. For instance, if you intend to place the camera over the target’s food source, trigger speed is not crucial at all.

You don’t need a good trigger speed just to observe whitetails feeding over a bait pile or in a field, as the creatures are bound to hang around for a time before leaving the observation spot. Lightning-fast trigger speeds wouldn’t be extremely important here.

The situation differs when watching the game trail. With the prey moving quickly through the area, a slow trigger speed will make the camera unable to capture even a fleeting glimpse of the buck in hot pursuit of a doe. With a fast trigger, you will be able to catch full sight of it and see how big and fleet-footed the animal is.

You won’t need to shell out the extra money for lightning-fast trigger speed if you are not going to need it in the first place. This is an element you should definitely consider when reading the best trail camera reviews.

Another critical element is the amount of time for the unit to prepare for another shot after capturing the first photo, or simply the recovery time. While plenty of models require around 1 to 5 seconds before being able to take the next photo, some really lousy ones take as long as a minute for that. This will mean missing out on countless photos. You might even miss the trailing buck completely if it is following from a distance.


The best trail cameras for hunting offer good performance

A high megapixel count can drive hunting camera prices up so consumers may sometimes fail to realize there are lots of options on the best inexpensive trail camera models on the market. Do not let high numbers fool you since the manufacturer might have cut corners in this aspect by using low-quality lenses, which deliver low-quality images.

It is best to check out the picture quality by comparing day photos based on resolution, clarity, contrast, and color.

The onboard motion detection circuits should be of reliable quality as well. Hunting cameras automatically start taking photos the minute a combination of motion and heat is detected.

The Detection Zone should be generous enough so the sensors trigger the photo capture with sudden changes in temperature even from several feet away. Take note of the Detection Range and Detection Width to make sure the coverage is not just a few paces away from the device.

To gauge the performance of the top-rated models, ascertain that they are considerably configured for the outdoors

You can’t have the circuitry or electronic components of the device giving out with exposure to the elements. Thankfully, many models in the best game camera reviews are sensibly encased in waterproof, dust-proof, or rugged cases to withstand the elements.

The ideal battery life would be based on your needs and the application. If the tool is positioned in an easily accessible spot, battery life might not be that critical but if you intend to leave the gear out for prolonged periods of time, it will be. This factor is also essential if you want the camera to capture numerous images before you plan on viewing the footage and still photos.

Night pictures are affected by the camera flash. You can choose from white or regular flash, red glow and no-glow infrared flash, and no flash. For black-and-white photos, infrared cameras are ideal. White flash choices are for color photos at night. Bear in mind that bucks tend to react differently to a camera flash.



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