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Topwater lures – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Comparison


Time may be limited for you to read our buying guide below but we assure you this short paragraph has the needed information to help you find the best lures for surface fishing. We have assessed some of the market’s popular products and found that the Heddon Super Spook Jr. makes a good choice because it is suitable for targeting all freshwater game fish. It is ideal for executing ‘walk the dog’ casts and retrieves, displaying an erratic action that simulates a wounded baitfish. Recommended for use from early spring all the way to early summer, this angler-endorsed lure boasts the good looks and tough construction of the full-sized Super Spook but in a more diminutive yet no-less effective design. With reliable hooks and line tying, it can withstand the energy from an explosive fish strike because of how it also mimics schooling fish. Because most of the anglers that have chosen this alternative seem to prefer the Heddon Super Spook Jr. over others, stocks can run out quickly. You still have a second best option, though, the QAZZ Set with Tackle Box.



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It is not going to be easy to find a good bait for surface angling. However, we have undertaken to present some of the heavy consumer favorites below so your buying journey will be less stressful.



Heddon Super Spook Jr.


Suitable for all freshwater game fish, the Heddon Super Spook Jr. supports the innovative “Walk the Dog” cast and retrieve. It presents an erratic action that simulates a wounded baitfish or even schooling fish, which will surely incite a fish strike. It works best with double loop knots using an 8 to 10-pound test line.

Featuring a tough construction and good looks just like the full-sized Super Spook, this smaller version still delivers a remarkable, fish-capturing capability. It is able to withstand food-seeking charges from a whole school of fish.

You will truly appreciate the realistic finish it comes with, which gives it the proper look to make it ideal for almost any topwater fishing situation. If you want a presentation that is as realistic as possible, this is the lure to invest in.

The mouth loop makes the bait easy to attach to the fishing line. The two treble hooks enable the easy capture of the fish from any side while delivering decisive hook setting. The realistic paint job is designed not to fade with constant use, so it can be cast over and over for many fishing seasons.

If you plan to have successful fishing outings, you ought to invest in this topwater lure that lives up to its promise.


Delivering your dream catch to you as it is engineered to do, this topwater lure makes a good choice for performing ‘walk the dog’ casts and retrieves.

The erratic action it exhibits on the water simulates a wounded baitfish or even schooling fish, which entices the catch to rush toward it and take a nibble if they can.

Thanks to the two treble hooks, this topwater lure is bound to capture the target with ease. The hook design enables catching the fish on any side so once it bites, at least one of the three prongs is going to be embedded in the fish’s mouth.

Ideal for all freshwater game fish, this bait resembles a wounded baitfish that is a sitting duck to the target fish, just waiting to be devoured.

The realistic action coupled with the natural paint work makes this a great addition to any tackle box during the early spring to early summer.


You will want to enjoy optimal functionality with this lure using 8 to 10-pound test line plus a double loop knot.

Buy from for ($5.99)





QAZZ Set with Tackle Box


Providing a great option when fishing in weed-filled areas or lily pads, the QAZZ Set with Tackle Box offers real value for the money. You get an entire box of frog baits made from plastic for easy maintenance and cleaning after use. There’s also a popper, crank, and rattling lure to match the realistic movement.

Choose from hard and soft lures or spoon lures as well. Each lure in the set comes with a weedless design that enables use in heavy cover without getting stuck. The soft and flexible lures in the set have a hollow rubber body. Every piece features high-resolution body detail and swims with lifelike motion in the water.

They all have a hidden two-hook rig that goes into action when the fish swallows or bites into the piece. The hooks also contribute to keeping the pieces resistant to snagging. Throw each piece right over the weed beds and lily pads to get the fish excited to capture one in the mouth, and thus get hooked.


You can aim for barra, cod, bass, perch, jacks, saratoga, and a variety of other saltwater and freshwater fish that find the frog lures enticing.

Each piece in the set is designed with a weedless body for use in heavy cover without getting snagged by the brush.

Attractive to bass, trout, salmon, and a variety of fresh and saltwater catches, the pieces in this set produce a rattling, popping, and cranking sound that calls the attention of the fish.

Throw a lure in the set over the weed beds and lily pads and wait for the fish to snap it up quickly. Choose from soft and flexible or hard lures to suit your preference and that of the target.

The hollow rubber body produces a popping sound that engages the hidden two-pronged hook for embedding into the mouth of the fish.


The colors of the set cannot be chosen by the buyer but are sent at random. However, this will not impact the quality and the quantity of the pieces.

Click to see the price on Amazon!





Livetarget FGH65T500


Ideal for seasoned anglers or just those looking to try out frogs as bait, the Livetarget FGH65T500 was easily declared the ICAST “Best of Show” winner 2010, and with reason. While some manufacturers tend to go overboard with the color patterns in their lures to make them loud and no longer attractive to fish, this one is built differently.

It entices even frogs because of its natural-looking design. As one reviewer said, if this looked any more realistic, it would hop right out of your tackle box.  Its weedless configuration allows its use in both open water and heavy slop situations, preventing it from getting snagged. The subtle, textured details are complemented with the strong and ultra-sharp hooks to bag the catch.

The soft, plastic body easily compresses to facilitate good hookup capacity. The skirted legs even pulse with every motion the lure makes in the water, mimicking that of an actual frog. The belly is virtually the same across all the color patterns the frog comes in. The throat is accented with vibrant, realistic hints of coloration on the pale, white stomach to resemble a real frog.


Made realistic in all aspects without going over the top, this frog lure has skirted legs that appear to pulse with every movement in the water.

The fish are sure to come in droves when they see the pale, white stomach accented with realistic hints of vibrant coloration on the throat.

You’ll appreciate the subtle details on this model, starting from the overall design down to the textured, tiny details such as the forearms and ears tucked really close to the body and the skirted legs.

Thanks to the weedless design, this frog lure can be utilized in heavy slop and open water conditions.

Raising the bar on lure resemblance to the actual prey, this frog bait can be cast over grass mats, over lily pads, and other vegetation. Even a real frog might jump up to catch it.


This bait may get knocked around a bit more because of its small design and because it is perhaps too lightweight. It is also not easy to cast, according to a customer.

Buy from for ($10.88)





Buying guide


When it comes to fishing lures, topwater baits seem to be heavily favored by freshwater anglers out for their share of bass catches. Working well in warm to cool waters, topwater baits come with plenty of choices on the market. To be able to determine which ones are the best for your needs, look intensely at these aspects.


Similar to a spinnerbait, a buzz bait comes with a triangular delta blade that makes it squeak, spit, sputter, and lift on the surface. This produces an explosive reaction from the bass feeding along shallow covers. The significantly weedless design of buzz baits enables fishing in the thick and heavy brush.

Chuggers or poppers are wooden or hard plastic plugs that have a concave or flat face. They splash, pop, and chug when pulled with suddenness and the motion resembles prey that thrashes on the surface. For target fishing, this type makes good topwater bait. Casting a popper can be done accurately.

Walk-the-dog stick baits or the more popularly known spooks are surface stick baits with a body resembling a cigar and that swaggers back and forth enticingly in a walk-the-dog motion, which is a skill that every serious bass angler should have. They resemble dying baitfish attempting to get off the surface. Once baitfish form large schools, this type of bait generates explosive fishing action among bass that goes after minnows.

Frogs used to be small players in this arena a short time ago but there has been a decisive shift toward them by anglers who have noted their huge potential for capturing big fish. Frogs entice bass ensconced in dense and heavy vegetation. The best topwater lures reviews often highlight either hollow-bodied plastic frogs or soft plastic toad replicas.


Ease of use

Any topwater lure for sale should be simple to fish. Buzz baits just need to be cast and wound back while ensuring the bait stays on the surface. Although you need to make sure it runs slowly, a buzz bait should be able to drift as close to the cover as possible. Buzzbaits can be used around the edges of pad and grass fields, along shade lines, along the sides of laydowns and shallow docks, and over submerged vegetation.

A popper should only be cast and the rod jerked with the tip down in jerking, short motions to cause the lure to pop, making it susceptible to fish strikes. Poppers should be fished around shoreline cover so go for docks, overhanging brush, seawalls, and laydowns.

Walk-the-dog stick baits appear to be difficult to masterfully retrieve when bass fishing but it should be easy to learn to use. A long cast should be made and the rod twitched with the tip down at a regular cadence. The slack then has to be reeled. This should enable the bait to prance back and forth like it should. Stick baits deliver great pulling power and are suitable in open and deep water.

Frog baits are cast and then twitched back slowly to the boat, frequently pausing at points where the fish likely are. Frog lures are suitable in matted vegetation, lily pad fields, and duckweed or slop but they can also be engaged around docks. The weedless style makes them glide over the surface.

However, hook setting can be a challenge as abrupt jerking after a blowup can be exasperating.


Color and size

While some of the best lure reviews emphasize that colors and patterns are critical in fishing topwater lures, there are anglers who disagree. Those who beg to differ say that bass looking up at a surface lure can’t tell if the object has frog or perch colors. The fish only sees light or dark. Thus, these anglers use only two colors and rely more on their performance and technique and not on a specific hue.

The proponents of the opposite concept theorize that specific colors do matter, particularly with easily spooked bass that looks at the lure for 10 to 15 seconds.

Now, whichever side you go with, remember that those concepts were put forth by masters of bass fishing who believe in their methods and the pros and cons of each.

In terms of size, smaller baits seem to be favored early in the year, with smaller shad fry and other forage. When common sense dictates, use larger ones.



People have the wrong idea that fishers can’t be environmentalists. If you consider yourself to be one, or if you would like to be more eco-friendly, one clever way you can guarantee that is by making sure the lures you buy are made from non-toxic materials, which don’t harm the fish nor the waters.

Furthermore, high-end topwater lures dissolve if left in water for more than twelve hours in a row. They are still unknown to the public and might be quite hard to find. You don’t need to go that far to make sure you respect the environment, because the lure itself is hard to lose.

But it is nice to know you have the option. Luckily, even if the fish swallow the traditional lures, they are non-toxic and can be safely eliminated. As an alternative, you could use live bait, but that comes with limitations of its own, as not all species will fall for that.



Another trick is to buy products that are somewhat universal. Of course, there isn’t one that is suited for all species of fish, but with a bit of hard work, you can find plenty of lures that are compatible with more than two kinds of fish families. This will hopefully save you a few bucks and will make your bags easier to pack.

The great thing about topwater models is that they mimic dead or stunned little fish, and the similarity to one particular species is not that important. What you have to double check is that the lure floats the right way, so you can always catch the desired prey.

A topwater lure, especially if it comes from a trusted brand, has a unique appearance that features a mix of both a small and flexible protruding end and a solid body. This is ideal for shallow conditions and species, but it can also work for pads and ponds where there’s a lot of vegetation.


Price and other concerns

Sometimes we have to worry about cost since not all of us have the luxury to spend a massive amount of money of lure. Luckily, from this point of view, topwater lure manufacturers have our back. It is usually the cheapest type of bait, which is surprising considering that it is made from top-notch materials.

Also, when it comes to paint quality, make sure you buy from a trusted seller. More often than not, you will come across inexpensive lure that is painted with equally cheap paints that get discolored from the first time you put the products to the test. Which is a disappointment, since these are meant to be reusable items.

Another thing buyers seem to love is when the sellers add a case or some sort of a bag where to keep the pieces so you won’t lose them. It is not mandatory, as you could buy one yourself, but if the manufacturer is generous and the bag is included in the price, this is good news for you because it means you will save a couple of bucks.



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