Best Thermal Sock for Hunting in 2018. Reviews & Analysis
Best Thermal Sock for Hunting in 2018. Reviews & Analysis

Top Thermal Socks for Hunting Reviewed and Compared

If you are shopping for the best thermal socks for hunting in 2018 and cannot find what you are after, you can always rely on the research we have already conducted. After looking at pricing options, sales figures, and reviews, we saw that the Heat Holders Women's Original deserves to be named first, due to its excellent utility and features. As a thermal sock, this model outperforms many other socks on the market, and it is said to keep your feet seven times warmer when compared to cotton models. The design of the sock contributes to its excellent performance; the inside is brushed so that it traps warm air between the sock and the skin of your feet. The long pile cushioning ensures that these socks are exceptionally comfortable. In case you can no longer find the Heat Holders Women's Original, you should consider the Arctic Extreme Heat Trapping, as it is a thermal sock just as good as our first pick.

Our top choices

We know that choosing a single model from the many thermal socks for sale can be a real hassle, and it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with picking something randomly. That is why you will have a greater chance to identify an awesome model by checking out the next recommendations.

Heat Holders Women's Original

When you are shopping for hunting socks, there are a few aspects to bear in mind. One of them is whether you should get good insulation or not. The Heat Holders Women's Original is a model designed to trap heat and keep it inside so you can enjoy your hunting trip to the max, without having to change your socks or find a warm place to rest. Due to their particular design and construction, these socks are excellent at keeping your feet warm, no matter how inclement the weather might be.

Most of the thermal hunting socks reviews highly recommend this model for its excellent abilities to maintain proper body temperature in the feet area. Compared to cotton socks, they are seven times warmer, and you should not be surprised to learn that many people prefer to wear them in cold weather, even when they don’t go hunting. Made from a blend of acrylic, nylon, elastane, and polyester, they are excellent thermal socks.

The superior comfort they provide is another solid reason why you should prefer them over others. The brushed inside is soft and cozy and does a great job at trapping heat. The long pile cushioning contributes to the overall comfort, as well.

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Arctic Extreme Heat Trapping

Hunting gear comes in all shapes and sizes, and you need to focus on what you need. When comparing bow hunting clothes available on the market, you look at factors such as concealment features, but when you pick thermal socks, you look at heat trapping capabilities. The Arctic Extreme Heat Trapping  is, as its name indicates, an excellent choice if you are after a pair of thermal socks to take you through the thick and thin.

The excellent features of these socks will convince you that they are an optimal choice for your next hunting trip. Made from thermal yarn, they are made to trap heat next to your skin and keep it there. They are good at wicking moisture, too, which means that you will not have to worry about chafing and sweaty feet, either.

If you read the reviews of thermal socks for hunting written by users and experts alike, you will notice that they all consider comfort to be paramount. These socks have a brushing lining that is soft and comfortable for your feet. The ribbed top will not let the socks slide down on your legs, and makes this model an optimal choice for various outdoor activities. They can be cleaned in the washing machine, on the cold cycle, for easy maintenance.

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Pembrook Wool Trail

If you need to embark on a hunting adventure that will take you through snowy lands and cold weather, the Pembrook Wool Trail is a recommended choice. The toes and insoles are reinforced to ensure that the socks are durable and they will sustain the rugged activity associated with climbing mountains and navigating difficult terrain. Made with merino wool, as the main fiber used for the blend, they are cozy and warm.

Depending on what weather conditions you will have to face, you may need your hunting rain gear or warm clothes, including socks that can keep your body heat without a problem. This particular model is great because you can wear it regardless of the season. If you want to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, picking these socks will surely help you.

No matter what sort of outdoor activity you want to engage in, you will be prepared if you count on these socks. Made by a company with over 40 years of experience in making socks for hunters and not only, they are comfortable, and they will help you enjoy your outdoor adventures more. Machine washable, and durable, they are a recommended choice.

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Buying guide

Are you looking for the best hunting thermal socks you can find on the market, but you don’t know where to start? We have here an excellent buying guide that will give you all the information you need for an informed decision.

You will find here what aspects are the most important when you go shopping for such items and how to tell the models that are worth the money apart from the rest.

Insulating abilities

As we are talking about good hunting thermal socks here, it is important to focus first on the insulating properties of the models that are currently available out there. This will tell you everything you need to know about how much heat they can retain.

Thermal socks need to be able to trap heat between them and the skin, for excellent temperature preservation. The best models are much better than cotton socks and other types available, and the difference lies in their heat trapping properties.

They must be made from a blend of fibers that will not allow your feet to overheat. They should be able to wick moisture fast, as sweat can become cold and make your feet feel uncomfortable.

Comfort features

Everything you wear when you go hunting, from a tactical vest to the socks on your feet, should be comfortable. You should not overlook this aspect for the sake of other features.

In the case of thermal socks, there are a few things you will find as main contributors to the comfort level. For instance, if the socks are properly cushioned, they will feel soft on your feet and they will also be capable of absorbing shocks.

Overall, your hunting experience will improve tremendously. A brushed fuzzy lining can also greatly contribute to the feeling of comfort.

Reinforced construction for durability

As a seasoned hunter, you will need many various items, such as a skinning knife, proper clothing, and, of course, proper socks. Thermal socks are great because they retain heat and they are usable throughout the year. As they are used extensively, they need to be durable.

Check the model you want to purchase, to see if it comes with reinforced areas, which should be the ones that will rub the most against your footwear, such as the heels and the toes.

A reinforced construction makes durable socks and, consequently, a sound investment. Bear in mind that it is better to spend money on a few pairs of durable socks, than just throw money off the window on cheap models that get worn out quickly.

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