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Telescopic Rod and Reel Combos – Buying Guide, Reviews and Comparison


If you want to save time by not going through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our experts, this paragraph will tell you all you need to know about the best telescopic rod and reel combo. The best product is the PLUSINNO 2 Count because this kit comes with everything a beginner needs to start fishing in fresh and saltwater, and has the performance an experienced angler expects from his gear. The telescopic rod is constructed from lightweight fiberglass, and can even be collapsed for easy portability. The rod and reel are both resistant to corrosion caused by saltwater exposure, and they have the necessary power to land heavy fish. If the PLUSINNO 2 Count is not available you can consider the Eagle Claw Pack-It as your second best option.



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6 Best Telescopic Rod and Reel Combos (Reviews) in 2020



1. Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber


A.1 Best telescopic rod and reel combo 1000It is not hard to see why this is often considered the best telescopic rod and reel. This kit from PLUSINNO comes with everything a beginner needs to get started, except the bait.

Even the aluminum reel comes pre spooled so all you need to do is bait the hook to start casting. The telescopic rod is constructed from a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass so it is durable and lightweight, and the stainless steel reel seat is resistant to corrosion.

It can be easily folded down for convenient storage, and comes with a handy carrying case. The rod is rated for medium action, which means it is perfectly suited for a variety of fishing applications.

With a gear ratio of 5.2:1 you can enjoy a smooth and reliable performance from the reel. It is also capable of holding large amounts of line, so there is very little you can’t catch with this combo.


If you are looking for telescopic rod and reel combo to take on your fishing trips, then you will be pleased to find out that this model is often considered worthy of that title.

Even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to fret because this setup comes with all that is needed, except the bait. And bait is all you’ll need because the aluminum reel comes pre-spooled and ready to fish.

The telescopic rod is as sturdy and lightweight as it can be because it is made of a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass and the stainless-steel reel seat is resistant to corrosion.

Being telescopic, it is easily foldable, and it comes with a convenient case.

It seems that it is very little that you won’t be able to catch while using this product thanks to its gear ratio of 5:2:1 which means that you’ll enjoy a smooth performance.


One user said that this setup feels stiff, having no flex, although he also said that everything seems high quality.

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2. Eagle Claw Unisex’s Pack-It Spin Combo


2.Eagle Claw Pack-It SpinThis telescopic rod and reel set is perfect for anyone that loves to fish when they travel. The medium action one piece rod is capable of providing you with the power and control you need to make accurate casts, and land bigger fish.

The rod also comes with a EVA handle that is comfortable to grasp even when you are fighting to land a big fish.

Even though it is a one piece rod, it collapses easily down to a manageable size so you can pack it with the rest of your gear when you travel.

The lightweight fiberglass rod is paired with an aluminum reel. The pre spooled reel is capable of using test line from 4 to 10 pounds so you can even go after some species of saltwater fish.

It is also backed by a one year warranty for additional confidence with your purchase.


If you are a fisherman that likes to travel to its fishing sweet spot, then you might enjoy using this telescopic rod and reel combo which is designed for that.

You will cast more accurately and catch bigger fish thanks to its medium action one piece rod that provides power and control, as well as an EVA handle for a comfortable grip.

Despite it being one piece, this rod can be folded down to a manageable size meaning that you can pack it in with ease.

You can even go after some saltwater fish thanks to the pre-spooled reel that comes with a test line from 4 to 10 lbs.

The rod is made of fiberglass, making it lightweight, coming with an aluminum reel and a 1-year warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.


Some users felt that it doesn’t provide good enough quality for its money.

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3. Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod Graphite


The Sougayilang Black Hawk is an excellent choice if you are interested in doing some saltwater surf fishing. For lake or pier fishing, it is a fine choice, as well, and many anglers who have already tried it have words of praise for its performance and overall construction. Because it has a lightweight construction, it provides excellent balance, and it is not heavy on your hands.

It must be said that the manufacturer spared no superior materials in the making of this combo. The rod is made from high-density carbon fiber, and it is durable and sturdy. The immediate result is that you will feel the increased power and control from the first time you are casting your line. Another significant advantage is represented by the machined aluminum reel seat that is resistant to corrosion.

The stainless steel guides come equipped with ceramic inserts, allowing you to use both braided and mono line for maximum versatility. They are also resistant to corrosion, and they offer you superior power so you can fight a more stubborn fish without feeling like you are coming in short. Because it is telescopic, it is highly portable and easy to fit in the trunk of your car.


Only the best materials were employed on this telescopic rod and reel combo. Made with carbon fiber and E-glass composite, this combo is lightweight and convenient.

The combo is created to ensure superior balance so that you will not experience any fatigue while you are using it.

The machined aluminum used for the reel seat is resistant to corrosion, which means that even after years of use, you will still discover that it is as good as new.

You can use this telescopic combo for a wide variety of fish, be it that you want to go fishing for bass or trout, saltwater fishing or inshore fishing.

The guides serve as improved power control, and you will experience an improvement in your fishing skill.


The bottom of the rod is particularly heavy, according to some reviewers, so you may feel like you are fighting a bit of an uphill battle when using it.

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4. Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod


A telescopic rod can be considered a godsend if you need to travel by car to fishing destinations and you constantly worry about breaking the rod tip on your way there. This model is made from six sections, and it is easy to pack in the trunk of your car so that you do not have to have any concerns about damaging your fishing equipment.

The rod is made from fiberglass, a lightweight, yet durable material, now often used in the making of fishing gear. You will enjoy all the advantages offered by a lightweight, portable rod and reel combo. Not only the rod but the reel, too, is made from sturdy materials that are not heavy on your hands. The cushioned hoods are made from stainless steel, while the reel seat is made from graphite.

Comfort is of particular importance when you are searching for a rod and reel combo. While providing you with enough power, the combo must be easy to handle. The Hurricane Mako offers everything you need and even something extra. The EVA handle is ergonomic and fits well in your hand, while the overall light weight of the rod and reel prevents any fatigue from ruining your fishing adventure.


Everything about this combo spells quality, from the fiberglass rod made from 6 sections to the ceramic guides that ensure extra power for the user.

The reel seat is made from graphite, a type of material known for being lightweight and durable at the same time. You will get to enjoy superior power without adding more weight to your combo.

The EVA handle is built for comfort, and you will enjoy the excellent ergonomics provided. This is an important aspect when you are spending a lot of time casting your line.

The overall construction of this combo is durable and resistant to plenty of action. The stainless steel hoods contribute to this aspect.

The telescopic combo is easy to carry around, and portability is one of its biggest assets.


The main line guide is a bit of the small side, according to some reviewers who mention that this can become a problem when you want to use a bigger line and cast it at greater distances.

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5. Sougayilang Fishing Rod with Reel Combo H-Shark


This is one of those fishing rod and reel combos that are certainly worth your attention. A kit contains everything you need for a great fishing experience: the rod, reel, lures, line, and accessories. This product was specially designed for the novice angler, but the rod is light, sturdy, and also highly sensitive. 

You will soon discover that the Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod is hard and durable thanks to the blend of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass that was used in its construction. Moreover, the stainless steel hooded reel seats are anti-seawater corrosion which is a great advantage for anglers who like this type of fishing. 

The EVA Fore Grip makes the rod comfortable to hold even for longer periods. What is more, the fishing rod is telescopic, and the closed length makes it very convenient to carry in your backpack. The fishing reel is no joke either! It comes with an instant anti-reverse feature, while the power drive gear is designed for high strength. 

Also, the deep aluminum spool provides smooth drags and retrievals each time you decide to go fishing. This model can also make a great gift for someone who is thinking about starting a new hobby.


These portable telescopic fishing rod and reel combos come with everything an angler needs for a successful fishing trip. You will get the rod and reel, lines, lures, and other accessories.

For this reason, the kit is ideal for beginner anglers, but also for traveling. Since the fishing pole is telescopic, the closed length is just right for easily carrying around in a backpack.

Since it is constructed from a mix of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, the fishing pole is durable, sturdy, but also highly sensitive.

Also, the reel comes with a power drive gear that can support high strength. The instant anti-reverse feature is also appreciated.

Besides the performance offered by this combo, many customers are also impressed by the low price. Some of them even ordered more kits.


A few users mentioned that the rod can sometimes get stuck in the open position and it is rather hard to collapse it.

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6. Goture Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber 


In case you need a rod and reel combo for bass, salmon, or trout fishing, we suggest that you keep this product in mind. The kit comes with a high-quality sword telescopic spinning rod and a GT-V spinning reel for a great fishing performance. The lightweight and portable body is very convenient to travel with and store.

The Goture Fishing Rod and Reel Combo comes with a rod that is made for 24T high-density carbon fiber combined with E-glass composite making it powerful, tough, lightweight, and very durable. The impeccable workmanship and elegant design with anodized treatment make the rod corrosion-resistant which is an important feature for seawater fishing. 

The GT-V spinning fishing reel comes with double-shielded bearing systems which include six ball bearings as well as a gapless one-way clutch bearing that provides smooth and consistent operation. Moreover, the stainless steel shaft, the brass gears, and the CNC machined aluminum spool make this reel sturdy and very durable. 

Another great thing about this item is that you can change the position of the rocker for a more convenient right or left-hand use. Also, the beautiful color scheme with metal and glass luster will catch the eyes of every angler you meet.


Improve your fishing experience with this high-quality spinning rod and reel combo. You will get a telescopic carbon fiber fishing rod and a lightweight and smooth spinning reel.

This combo is ideal for trout, bass, and salmon fishing, and, since the rod is telescopic and lightweight, you can easily carry it around in your backpack when you travel.

The rod is made of a combination of 24T high-density carbon fiber and E-glass composite. For this reason, this fishing tool is extremely powerful, tough, but also lightweight and sensitive.

You will also get a sturdy and durable spinning fishing reel, thanks to the brass gears, the stainless steel shaft, as well as the CNC machined aluminum spool.

Regardless if you are right or left-handed, you can change the position of the rocker to use it as you please.


The only complaint we found so far is about the reel that is smaller than some anglers would like.

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Buying guide



Since most telescopic rod and reel combos are intended for use in saltwater it is important to pay close attention to the construction. Constant exposure to saltwater will take a toll on your gear so you want to choose a set that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Fiberglass rods are easy to care for, and are only slightly heavier than ones made from graphite. They are resistant to corrosion and have the necessary strength to fight large fish. These rods are also more flexible than graphite so there is less chance of them breaking.

Graphite rods are lightweight and extremely sensitive, which is why they are often preferred by experienced anglers. They can often feel the vibrations of fish nibbling at the bait, which gives them a few extra seconds to securely set the hook. Even though you do get more power with a graphite rod, they are less flexible which makes them more likely to break. You can also find telescopic rods constructed from a combination of graphite and fiberglass so you get some of the advantages of both materials.

Telescopic Rod and Reel Combo


The power is determined by the type of reel and the weight of the rod, and it is classified as light, medium, heavy. This also determines where the set is best suited for use. Telescopic rods and reel combos are typically categorized as “medium action”. This gives you the power you need to fish from a boat, pier or even from the shore. SInce these sets can use 6 to 17 pound test lines you can easily land fresh and saltwater fish. If you are going for bigger saltwater prey you will probably want to choose a combo that is rated for “heavy” action since it can take test line up to 20 pounds.



You also want to consider the rod’s “action” and this determines control, along with accuracy and casting distance. Slower action rods provide you with more control, but exert less pressure on the fish so you have to work harder to reel it in. These rods also have the most bend and are not always suited for longer casts. Most telescopic rods are rated for medium to medium fast action which still gives you control, but you don’t have to work as hard to land bigger fish. This ensures that you won’t wear yourself out after catching your first fish of the day.




Products which are no longer available


Shakespeare Travel Mate


3.Shakespeare Travel MateIf you are looking for a telescopic rod and reel combo that is always ready to travel, then this set from Shakespeare might be exactly what you need.

The spinning rod and reel are rated for medium action so you can make accurate casts and have the power needed to bring in larger game fish. Both components are resistant to rust and corrosion so you can take the Shakespeare Travel Mate saltwater fishing.

The 6’ 6” rod can be collapsed down to an easily manageable 15 inches, and this  fits perfectly in the included carrying case.

The case comes with 6 sections designed to hold your tackle, and the clear lid makes it easy to see what is inside.

The spinning reel even comes pre-spooled with 6 pound test line so you can get started fishing as soon as you reach the water.

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